FATE (completed)

This is my first fan fiction my name is Danielle and I'm from Hawaii.
My cousin and I are huge One Direction fans.
When I graduated I moved to New York and I can't believe who I meet there.


6. This Means War

Maryrose's POV

Danielle and I were staying in the boys' flat. IN the morning we went downstairs and sat on the couch watching TV as I flipped through the channels until I heard something interesting. "Here it shows Danielle and Maryrose, Niall and Harry's girlfriends in a car accident last week". It showed a pic of Danielle and I getting pulled out of her car unconscious, and then getting pulled into the ambulance. "Reports tell us that they are okay and out of hospital, but do the two cuties actually like these small town girls? Stay tuned for more One Direction gossip!" I switched off the TV, trying not to think about the situation if they liked us or not. Danielle and I shot each other a nervous glance. I went on Twitter - I hadn't been on since I came to New York City. 

I already had 11,000 followers and 200 mentions

I scrolled through my mentions nervously. 

@niallslover25: @danigirl314 and @2000mroses you guys don't deserve to go out with Niall and Harry. You guys are just a bunch of ugly clutz from that dump they call Hawaii I'll kill you both so Niall and I can be together and my best friend can have Harry. 

That made me angry. I replied, my fingers nearly slamming on the screen keyboard. 

@20000mroses:  @niallslover25 One, your user name is wrong you're not Niall's lover second don't hate on Hawaii it's beautiful and peaceful unlike you. I don't understand why you have to hate on a person you don't even know. Why even hate on a place I doubt you have ever been  lastly don't you dare come near me or my cousin

I read through the rest of my tweets. Most were mean and hateful. Only a couple were actually worth reading. 

I turned off my phone and looked at Danielle, who was reading her tweets with a sad look on her face. I guess she saw what niallslover25 wrote too.

We were sitting in the living room when all of a sudden the lights shut off. Danielle and I screamed and hid in the corner of the living room. The first thing I thought of was the girl that threatened to kill us and she'd found out house. I held onto Danielle hoping she knew what to do. She's bigger than me, and obviously a lot stronger. I started shaking, scared about what was going to happen.
"It's going to be okay", Danielle whispered. We sat there for another minute. The lights turned on and Harry appeared with the rest of the boys. They popped up at threw water balloons at us. Danielle screamed and they noticed I had tears in my eyes so they stopped and Harry ran up to me. 
"I'm so sorry, it was just a prank", Harry said sadly giving me a hug. Danielle and I went upstairs and changed into dry clothes. 


Danielle's POV

We walked downstairs and saw the boys playing a video of us screaming. I gave them an evil glance. "We will get you guys back you just started war. Maryrose and I were the prank champions in our family", I told them bravely. The boys looked back and forth at each other they just got themselves into big trouble.

We got into bed and pretended to go to sleep. The boys came in and figured the coast was clear. An hour after they were deep in sleep. I texted Maryrose.

To Mrose: The boys are asleep commence mission playback meet me in the hall

I slipped out of Niall's arms and walked quietly out of bedroom. Then Maryrose and I started setting up.

"Okay, we draw on all the boys' faces, we set all their alarms for 7:00 AM, we set up the trap so when the boys come out of their room they get a bucket of ice cold water poured on their head with powder on top, we hang up all the black face towerls and covered it with black ink so when they wipe their face it turns black, we switch around their clothes and lastley we have surveillance cameras in each of their rooms and the hallway between all their doors. On the way downstairs the middle step has a button on it, so once they step on it they will get their picture taken", I smiled.
"Okay let's get to sleep. Wake me up at 6:30 AM so we can sit downstairs and wait until our beauties wake up", Maryrose laughed. 

Niall's POV
I heard my alarm go off at 7. Danielle was gone she was probably up already. I went to my bathroom to wash my face. I looked in the mirror and saw that it said I Love Danielle on my face with a heart. Wow. Mature much? I wiped my face and looked back in the mirror. My face was BLACK. I rinsed it in panic and wiped my face with my shirt. I walked out of the room and got a bucket of cold water poured on my head, then powder on top. I wiped my face and saw the boys standing in the hall wet and covered in powder too, with black faces. "They're good", Louis said as we all walked down. One by one we were getting our pictures taken as we walked down the steps. We went into the living room and saw Danielle and Maryrose sitting on the couch watching TV. "Morning sunshines', Maryrose smiled sweetly at us. "Is that it?" Harry asked. 

"Yes, we're done". Danielle smiled. The boys and I went upstairs and dried off while the girls sat downstairs and watched a video of us getting pranked. After I showered I checked my Twitter. Danielle had just posted the pictures of us walking down the stairs wet and covered in powder with our black faces. 

@danigirl314: That's what you get when you mess with the prank masters

I saw Lou's reply. 

@louis tomlinson: Yes master I bow down to you and @2000mroses

I smiled and walked downstairs. We ate breakfast and watched the video of our reactions to the prank.

They truly are the prank masters  

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