FATE (completed)

This is my first fan fiction my name is Danielle and I'm from Hawaii.
My cousin and I are huge One Direction fans.
When I graduated I moved to New York and I can't believe who I meet there.


2. The Concert

Maryrose's POV

I woke up this morning, as happy as could be. I couldn't wait for the concert tonight. I love Danielle so much she's always there for me and we have a lot in common - she's like my twin. I got up, brushed my teeth, put on some sweats and hurried down stairs. I could smell breakfast cooking. Danielle always wakes up before me and she's an great cook. I walked in the kitchen and sat down at the table. "Whats for breakfast?" I asked. 
"Bacon, eggs, rice, and sausage", Danielle replied. Yum my favorite that's our usual Filipino breakfast. 
"Okay hurry up and finish I'm hungry". 
"I'm already done calm down". She handed me the plate and we sat down and ate.
"Maryrose go wash the dishes since i cooked!" Danielle shouted as she left the kitchen.
"Okay, fine!" I shouted.

Once I finished, I was in the mood to explore New York. Danielle and I headed out and she showed me around the big city. I saw the statue of liberty, a Nandos I never even knew they had in New York, and time square.

When we got home, we got ready for the concert so we could get in early. I just put on my usual One Direction accessories, a red tank top and light brown shorts with my white converse. Danielle wore her One Direction accessories, a blue tank top, blue shorts and her blue vans (she loves blue.) We got in her truck and headed to the concert listening to One Direction the whole way there. We got in line and waited to go in.

I saw the 5 most beautiful faces step outside. Danielle and I screamed, and so did the rest of the Directioners in line. They had back stage passes in their hand and they were looking through the crowd. Danielle and I just continued to talk to each other and fangirl silently.  "Danielle the boys are walking towards us!" I whispered. She turned around and there they were.  "Hi", Niall smiled.
"Hey" Danielle and I said in sync.
"The lads and I are giving out two back stage tickets would you like to have them?" Liam asked politely.
"Of course! Thank you so much", Danielle said and grabbed the tickets. Then the boys walked off. I just stood their star struck. I probably looked like an idiot. Danielle snapped me out of it by screaming once the boys were out of sight.

We walked into the stadium and got our seats. The concert was amazayn, I loved it. During Harry's solos, he kept looking at me. After the concert ended, Danielle and I headed backstage and there stood the one and only 1D .

"Hey want some McDonald's?" Louis laughed. Danielle and I gave confused looks. 
"You're the girls that we saw at McDonald's the other day, right?" Zayn half asked half laughed. Niall pointed at Danielle and said, "You were the girl yelling at us for laughing at you when you were grinding on your double cheese burger". Danielle laughed. "Yup that was me". After Danielle and I properly introduced ourselves, Danielle and Niall disappeared. Zayn, Liam and Louis went back to their hotel and it was just Harry and I.


Harry's POV

Maryrose was so beautiful. Her chocolate brown eyes shined and she was perfect and easy to talk to. She didn't only talk about the band, she wanted to know the real me. Her laugh was cute and I could tell she was very shy and insecure but I don't know why she was great. Niall and Danielle walked in laughing. "Would you girls like to come hang out at our hotel?" Niall suggested. The girls nodded and we were off.


Danielle's POV

We walked into their room. Zayn, Liam and Louis were sitting down and watching TV. We sat down and talked for a while until Louis suddenly jumped up and screamed, "LET'S PLAY TRUTH OR DARE!!!"  We all sat in a circle and Louis was first
"Liam truth or dare?'

"Dare", Liam answered nervously.
"I dare you to sniff Zayn's armpit", Lou evilly laughed. Zayn was all sweaty from the concert. Liam didn't move.
"Come on Li be a man". I laughed as Liam leaned in and took a quick whiff of Zayn's stinky armpit.

Everyone burst out laughing. It was now Liam's turn. "Niall truth or dare?"
"Truth", he answered.
 "Who do you have a crush on in this room?"
Niall quickly answered, "I have a crush on Lou". I was disappointed.

Later during the game, Zayn dared Harry and Maryrose to kiss. They did and that was Maryrose's first kiss. I was happy it was with Harry.

After we finished the game, Maryrose and I had to head home. The boys all gave us their numbers and said goodbye.

When we got home, Maryrose went straight to bed and I layed on my bed thinking of the great day I'd had. Suddenly my phone buzzed meaning I had a text from Nialler <3 I had changed his name on my phone after he gave it to me because I had the biggest crush on him.

Nialler <3 - Hey you still up?

Danigirl - Yeah what's up?

Nialler <3 - Are you busy tomorrow?

Danigirl - Nope I'm as free as a bird.

Nialler <3 - Can you meet me at the park?

Danigirl - Sure.

Nialler <3 - Okay I'll meet you there at 11 am.

Danigirl - Okay bye goodnight Nialler

Nialler <3 - Bye good night

I shut off my phone with excitement and fell asleep with a smile on my face. 



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