FATE (completed)

This is my first fan fiction my name is Danielle and I'm from Hawaii.
My cousin and I are huge One Direction fans.
When I graduated I moved to New York and I can't believe who I meet there.


9. suprise

harry pov we arrived in london at 6am and we were all staying at my flat it was a 2 hour drive to my house from the airport.once we got in the van maryrose and danielle went straight back to sleep.maryrose was sleeping on my lap silently she slept like an angel as i ran my hand threw her smooth silky light brown hair. when we got to my flat i saw my mom anne waiting out side i helped maryrose out of the car then held her hand "hi everyone " my mom said as she greeted us i walked up to my mom and gave her a big hug " i missed you mum " "i missed you too harry arnt you going to introduce us " i smiled getting the idea " oh this is my girlfriend maryrose " maryrose blushed " maryrose this is my mum anne " my mum walked over and gave maryrose a big hug " nice to meet you your a beautiful young lady and from what harry tells me i can already tell you too are good food each other " "thank you your very beautiful too " maryrose smiled and we all walked inside me and maryrose went up to pack are stuff while my mum got introduced to the danielle. when we finished unpacking everybody was down stairs "wheres danielle?" lou asked "shes upstairs sleeping she has a headach from when she got hit with the rock" niall said sadly maryroses face lit up " okay great whats today " she asked in a hurry "um its march 8th " zayn answered confused "k i just remebered that danielles birthday is on march 14th thats in 6 days we should throw her a suprise party" we all looked at each other " okay we were going to suprise both of you buy in 4 days we planned on going to hawaii, maybe that can be danielles suprise " niall smiled thats a great idea "omg you guys are the best but pretend you guys kno nothing okay not even that her birthdays coming up" we all nodded to maryroses command then we heared foot steps coming down stairs then a huge thud "owwww nialll" danielle called we all ran to the stairs and saw danielle laying down on it smiling "i fell down " she tiredly laughed " are you drunk " lou smiled "Noo i just woke up and i was all alone so i wanted to come down stairs n i slipped" she said as niall lifted her up "okay calm down lets go eat" her and niall held on to each other as they walked down stairs " niall have i ever told you i like eating" danielle giggled i dont know she was high on something. i loved how maryrose and my mom were getting along when ever me and the lads would be at interviews and concerts they would always hang out but it was sad it was our last day we were heading to hawaii we all told danielle we were going to japan. she was clueless. nialls pov "ugh i hate airports there always full of vicious people" danielle whinned we were all diguszed so nobody would recognize us. when we got in the plane we gave danielle earphones so she couldnt here the flight attendent talk about hawaii danielle was fine with using the earphones she said the flight attendents always talk about the same things all the time. we were all excited even though it was a long boring 18 hour flight when we got there it was the 14th we all got our luggage and heade out of the plane danielle was so tired she didnt even recognize we were in hawaii she was holding onto me the whole time n she was wearing dark glasses i was pretty sure she was sleep walking we got into out rental van and headed to their flat " where are we" danielle groaned "we are almost there " danielle didnt even look out the window shes a bad observer 15 minutes late we got to there flat a huge crowd was there " is this your whole family " harry whispered to maryrose she nodded we got out of the car and we all screamed " suprise happy birthday " danielle took of her glasses and looked around she was im tears she looked at all of us and gave us big hugs " thank you you guys are the best " maryrose and danielle grabbed are hands and inteoduced us to everybody there family was great there were all so joyful and silly then they gave us a tour of there home first was danielles old room we all ran in there and looked around there was pictures of us everywere " oh my carrots" lou said suprised " shut up remeber im a directioner" " ehh niall look theres a big poster of you" liam called me over the poster was covered in lip stick kissy marks so was harrys poster "oh so u liked me too " harry smirked " Nooooo maryrose did that " she screamed "well you guys dont need to kiss posters any more you can kiss the 3 dimensional us now " i smiled as danielle kissed me on the cheek after we saw one direction lala land ate dinner and took pictures with some people. while danielle and maryrose took care of the little kids me and the lads went n talked to there family " you better take care of them they have been obsessing over you guys since they found out about you" danielles mom jenny laughed she was just like danielle and maryrose was just like her mom " we will " harry smiled after we all got to know each other and everyone left we stayed the night at their house me liam zayn and danielle slept in her room and maryrose harry and lou slept in marys room it was weird sleeping with one direction every were but at least danielle got to wake up to me even when we hadnt met when i was about to go to bed danielle whispered to me " i hoped one day i would be looking at the real you instead of a poster" kissed me "i love you and i promise to never hurt you" i promised her and went to bed

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