FATE (completed)

This is my first fan fiction my name is Danielle and I'm from Hawaii.
My cousin and I are huge One Direction fans.
When I graduated I moved to New York and I can't believe who I meet there.


17. summer fun

maryroses pov 

i was sleeping when i felt somthing went  somthing went on my face i opened my eyes and saw kona licking my face then running over to harry who was still asleep

i checked the time and it was already 10. me and danielle are supposed to go running i got out my phone and texted her to see if she was awake

rosie/me: hey dani r u up

dani:yah i am now

rosie:okay well get ready so we can go running

dani:okay ill meet you at the car in 10 minutes

rosie:okay bye


i got up and threw my phone on the bed i walked over to my drawer on the side of the bed harry was at and started grabbing my clothes then i felt somthing grab my hand i looked down and saw harry holding my hand "morning babe" i said squeezing his hand "baaabbe where are you going" he whined i laughed "im just going running with dani ill be back soon" "okay" he smiled and went back to sleep i got ready and walked down stairs and met up with danielle and we left to the park 

when we got there me and danielle stretched for 5 minutes then started running


after the 4th lap around the 13 acre park i was having a hard time breathing i think my asthma was kicking in i thought i grew out of it i walked to the bench and took a seat and danielle followed "are you okay are you having a asthma attack " she asked worried i nodded and she ran to her car i saw her grab an inhaler she ran over and handed it to me i inhaled it and nothing came out " its... em....pty" i tried to make out she helped me up and helped me in the back seat of her car she started the car and we headed to the hospital on the way i found a box of old scrapbooks i looked threw it and found one called summer fun and i held on to it tight and slowly blackes out


harrys pov

me and the lads were chilling at the flat when my phone buzzed

dani: harry meet me at the hospital NOW

thats all i needed to hear me and the boys ran to the car and headed to the hospital 

*skip car ride

when i got to the hospital i saw danielle on the chairs crying 

"what happened wheres maryrose" i yelled "we were running and she had an asthma attack its all my fault i never refill her inhaler when it ran out" she cried "its not your fault you didnt know that would happen " liam said patting her back she looked at him "no it is my fault its my job to keep her safe im her older cousin i should be prepared for these things" niall hugged her and we waited for any news an hour later the nurse came out "anybody here for maryrose palafox" she asked we all stood up and walked over to her " we are " lou said " okay well maryrose is fine it was an asthma attack and when she blacked out she went into shock  luckly we got to her in time she wouldnt of made it but shes awake and healthy now but she dosent want to see anybody right now" the nurse smiled than walks away " okay well just wait till she wants to see us" niall said walking back to the chairs we sat for half an hour and then the nurse said we can see her we all ran into her room and hugged her she had i book in her hand we all sat down and she looked through it she was glowing she smiled then looked at danielle "hey dani remember when we were young we went to a summer camp in london called summer fun" she smiled "yeah kinda" dani answered all the boys looked at each other " i remember going to summer fun when i was young" liam smiled "me too"went around the room i geuss we all went their maryrose laughed "okay let me finish my story so when me and danielle were young we went to summer fun they gave us plane tickets to go to london we saw people from all over the world me and danielle signed up last so we got put into the last cabin with the rest of the people that signed up last we walked in our cabin and saw 5 boys and 3 other girls we all got along really well we took pictures together i have them in this scrapbook we were the best of friends and when summer was over we promised to always keep in touch but we all went our seperate ways " she said with tears in her eyes somthing about her story seemed familiar she motioned for us all to go by her and she showed us the scrapbook named summer fun i looked at the picture on the front it was of us young niall and young danielle were under a tree eating away same old same old me and maryrose were playing in the water with liam and danielle peazar, lou and eleanor sitting in a tree and zayn and perrie playing with fun house mirrors we all looked at each other remebering each moment as we looked threw the scrapbook there was pics of all of us together we were all with who we are with today and i was with maryrose i geuss i was her first boyfriend niall was in the corner laughing "i remember when i tripped lou into a mud puddle then lou pulled me inside and we ran around hugging you guys and thats when i had my first kiss.... with danielle "she smiled we all talked about are old memories for hours then the nurse came in "maryrose we have your inhalers full and your all set to go we packed up our things then headed home still talking about those great memories. : D



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