FATE (completed)

This is my first fan fiction my name is Danielle and I'm from Hawaii.
My cousin and I are huge One Direction fans.
When I graduated I moved to New York and I can't believe who I meet there.


22. stretched out

danielles pov

we were practicing the dance we almost have it. we decided to take a break i grabbed my phone and saw that i had 5 messages from niall

from:babe -  hey beautiful are you coming home yet

from:babe - im lonely

from:babe -  are you still at dani's house

from:babe - babe Hershey peed on your shoe

from:babe - its late come home already :(

oh my i looked at the time and it was 10 pm i guess it is late i should call niall 

i pressed his contact and the phone rang 

instantly i heard a happy voice

"HI BABE!!" niall screamed threw the phone i pulled it away from my ear and laughed silently then put the phone back to my ear "hi ill be home soon" i smiled he sighed " ugh what are you even doing there you have been gone for 5 hours" i need to think of something i cant tell him about the dance " oh yah um were just  ... bonding we need some uh girl time...were watching chick flicks and stuff yup .. thats what were doing " i stuttered trying to think of an excuse i could tell he wasnt buying it " oh.. i see well ill see you when you get home bye love you "  "love you too" i smiled an hung up phew that was close.

i put away my phone and we went back to practicing 


2 hours later

we got back to the flat and the lights were still on me and maryrose gave each other a confused look " there still up " she asked i looked at her and we still had our harry and niall shirts on  we took it off then walked in the boys were sitting on the steps staring at us " where have you too been do you have any idea what time it is " liam scolded while the other boys shook there heads " get to bed now " louis said making a angry face me and maryrose pouted and slowly walked upstairs with the boys behind us

i got in my room and threw my bag to the corner of the room then layed carefully on the bed remembering i was pregnant so i have to be careful niall came and wrapped his arms around me we layed in slience for a while hershey came up and layed by our feet i looked at her then remembered something niall texted me " why did you let hershey pee on my shoe" i whispered to niall he started fiddling with my fingers " um i didnt me and the lads were playing around and um trying on you and maryroses clothes and i put your shoe and it was wet and i smelled it and uh it smelled like pee then i looked at hershey and she had a guilty look on her face so yah" he said i could feel him smile on my shoulder "did you wash it" i asked he nodded and fell asleep i grabbed his phone and took a picture of him so cute i went on twitter and posted it -aww look at my babe sleeping @nialloffical love you- i pressed post then put away his phone and went to sleep.


next morning 

maryroses pov

i woke up at 12 and saw that everyone was still sleeping i usually was the one that woke up last i went in my closet and looked for something to change into 

when i opened the closet my clothes were all on the floor what?!?! how did they get there i found my favorite shirt it was a tang top that had the philipino flag on it i put it on and it was stretched out i grabbed my phone and texted danielle 

me: hey you up?

dani: yup but cant get out of bed yet

me: why too lazy?

dani: no niall trapped me in his arms and i cant get out

me: haha okay

dani: yah so what did you need

me: oh did you use my clothes yesterday

dani: no but i know who did 

me: what who used my clothes 

dani: these idiots (she sent me 20 pictures of all the boys posing in our clothes)

me: oh my goodness they stretched out my clothes

dani: mine too niall told me they were playing dress up in our clothes and thats not even all the pictures they took like 200 pics

me: wow how did you get those pictures 

dani: when i woke up i remembered what he  told me and i checked nialls phone to see if they took pics n i found all of this

me: ohhh imma check to see if harry has 

i put down my phone and grabbed harrys i unlocked his phone and found a video 2 hours long i clicked on it and it showed them in my room trying on all my clothes and taking pictures with nialls phone i could tell harrys phone was against the mirror recording them then they finished, shoved all my clothes in the closet then zayn picked up the camera and then they went in dani"s room and did the same thing.

i sent it to my self then grabbed my phone and sent it to dani

me:look what u found (video)

dani: kk wait imma watch it

** 2 hours later**

dani: omg they broke my bra its not a sling shot ugh

me: i know right the broke my only pair of heels

dani: that sucks okay well im going down stairs niall rolled over and let me go 

me: kk im coming down 

i put on my clothes and went down stairs

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