FATE (completed)

This is my first fan fiction my name is Danielle and I'm from Hawaii.
My cousin and I are huge One Direction fans.
When I graduated I moved to New York and I can't believe who I meet there.


11. sorry

maryroses pov i woke up and went to danielle and nialls room to see if they were a wake yet when i walked in niall was asleep and danielle was no where to be seen i looked at the coffe table and there was a note on it ~im sorry i left and didnt tell you guys i got in a fight with niall last night and i dont want to be were im not wanted im sorry.and maryrose i will call you im on the first flight to newyork bye i love you all -danielle~ i felt tears forming in my eyes i ran in nialls room and threw a book at him "what was that for " he whinned "living room now" i yelled and went to get the other boys when we were all in the living room liam read the note to everyone they all had shocked expressions on their face niall looked depressed " what happened last night lad"liam ask niall concierned "i dont remember anything last thing i remeber was getting a phone call then drinking" niall said sadly "well even though you were drunk dosent mean you can hurt my couisn " i yelled "im sorry"niall said dissapointed in his self "well dont tell me tell danielle" i said slightly cooled off as i walked out of the room.

danielles pov after the plane landed i walked to luggage check out after i turned around i bumped into somebody i looked up and saw a familiar face " mason " i screamed and gave him a hug he was my ex but we still were friends i havent seen him since we graduated high school "hey shorty " he laughed "shut up mason what are you doing here " i asked " i got a football scholarship so im starting collage here in new york " " thats great" i smiled "whats wrong you look like youve been crying " he said putting a hand on my cheek i forgot i was crying the whole plane ride here " oh its nothing" i smiled weakly " come on lets talk about it over some mcdonalds" he offered i nodded and grabbed my luggage. when we got to mcdonalds i started to cry again i couldnt get niall out of my head exspecialy at the place where we first met. i asked mason if we could take it to go and hang out at my place we arrived and i got all my stuff out of the car then. sat down stairs with mason "so whats wrong " i had to tell him so i could get it off my chest "well im going out with niall horan.." i stopped because i saw his shocked face " continue " he pushed "we were on tour and we stoppes in chicago he had some pints and got drunk and. brought him home when we got there he tried to grab beers from the fridge i took it away from him and he got mad he pushed me to the ground and said he never loved me and i should go home and never come back so i left " i cried threw the whole story mason put his arm around me and comforted me hes so sweet niall pov after maryrose lectured me i sat in bed trying to remeber then it hit me ~flash back~ i was dancing with danielle then i got a phone call from a blocked number i told danielle i would be right back i answered the phone " hello " i asked couriously " no one loves you you dont deserve to be in the band you ruin it you should die in a hole " the stranger yelled at me threw the phone i hung up and went to get a drink to calm down i always get hate i need to get things of my mind danielle walked over and i had a couple drinks after about 6 danielle told me to stop i remember yelling at her when we got to the house and pushing her down i told her to leave and never come back ~end of flashback~ i walked into the living room to tell everyone i remebered but they had theor eyes glued to the tv " hi this is teen gossip last light in chicago niall horan and his girlfriend danielle jennings owere seen fighting at a club the other night this morning we spotted danielle with another man at mcdonalds did niall and danielle break up toon in next time to see" the lady on tv bragged there was a picture of me and danielle at the club then a picture of her and some dude hughing at mcdonalds i stormed out orf the room i need to get my love back"im going to get danielle " i said while grabbing all my things "well im coming with you " liam demanded "i need to make sure you dont do anything youll regret" liam said as he started packing his stuff  to

" ill call danielle and try to find out where she is " danielle said hurriedly we eaded out the door and were on our way to new york

i will find and gey back my princess no matter what 


danielles pov

me and mason were sitting on the couch watching movies when maryrose called 

" hey look im sorry i left its just.." maryrose stopped me " its okay calm down but just so you know niall is on his way to find you" she whispered hurriedly i sighed " great just great " " oh and one more thing are you back together with mason " she questioned how did she know i was with him " what are you talking about "i said pretending to be confused " there was a picture of you and him on tv at mcdonalds this morning " she answered " ugh stupid paparazzi  after i got off my flight i ran into him and we went to mcdonalds to catch up he noticed i was crying so he. gave me a hug and now we are at my house watching movies " i sighed 

" okay well i have to go harrys calling me ill text you later bye cuz" she said as she hung up i sighed "bye" 

i walkes back into the living room and me and mason continued watching the movie an hour later we started another movie mason went to go get some popcorn and i heared a knock on the door.


nialls pov

when we got to danis house i knockes on the door while liam  stood behind me " hello " danielle said  opening the door i imediatly hugged her " im sorry please forgive me i was drunk and upset" " come and sit down" danielle said grabbing my hand and brought me inside we sat on the couch "niall do you remember what happened" she asked " i do i remember now i was just upset because after we finished dancing somebody called me and told me i dont deserve to be in the band and other things so i got upset then i just remember getting really drunk so i could get it off my mind " i answered quickly i saw her in tears but you hurt me and you promised you never would " " i know im sorry please you know i wouldnt hurt you intentionally " i begged " i forgive you niall " she smiled " i love you " " i love you too" i looked into her eyes and kissed her pationetly i felt fire works like our first kiss " hey danielle " some boy said then trailed off " oh niall this is mason my ex , mason this is niall my boyfriend."

she smiled " nice to meet you " he said shaking my hand "well danielle i have to go nice to see you" he gave her a hug then walked next to me " i will get her back no matter what it takes and i wont let you stop me " he whispered in my ear then left .

" okay guys sorry to inturrupt but we need to get back to chicago we have a concert tonight  and a interview in 2 hours " liam rushed danielle grabbed her things that she hadnt un packed yet and we rushed to the car we were going in our private jet so we could get there faster. finally i got my princess back.

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