FATE (completed)

This is my first fan fiction my name is Danielle and I'm from Hawaii.
My cousin and I are huge One Direction fans.
When I graduated I moved to New York and I can't believe who I meet there.


20. sick

danielles pov

i felt a cool breeze over my body and saw that i was naked i remembered the best night ever i remembered every moment as i looked at niall who was sleeping and naked still i laughed at my thoughts and got up to put some clothes on after i was done i headed down stairs and started watching tv soon everyone came down stairs and we ate breakfast together "soo did you guys have fun last night with me not there" i asked as i bit into a piece of bacon "it was fun but we were missing you and niall" zayn pouted "oh and we saw that bitch that you fought" louis growled i rolled my eyes "ugh whatever that girls not worth my breath" after that it became silient i shrugged and took another bacon then went to me and nialls room and just layed there and played temple run niall soon walked in and sat on the bed he looked worried "whats wrong babe" i asked sitting up and hugging him and he sighed "can we not tell anyone what happened last night not yet i dont know how they will react " he then turned to me and bit his lip "but i loved it" i kissed him we laughed and started playing hide and seek niall counted and i ran out room is to small so i ran down stairs and bumped into louis "woah slow down" he chuckled "sorry lou gotta hide" i smiled and ran to hide in the living room i heared niall "ready or not here i come" i ran to zayn and told him to stand still he posed in a corner and i copied him i heared niall run in and start laughing " zayn perries on the phone she sound sad " i felt zayn tense up and he ran to the kitchen to get the phone i covered my face and stood still hoping he wouldnt notice i felt a tap on my nose i peeked threw my hand and saw niall smiling "found you" he laughed i was about to laugh to when i felt sick  i ran to the bathroom and threw up like crazy niall ran in and held up my hair "whats wrong" he asked concerned "it was probally from all the running around after i just ate"i said standing up i washed my mouth and walked out and decided i should take a nap i feel like i have a fever ill just sleep it off

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