FATE (completed)

This is my first fan fiction my name is Danielle and I'm from Hawaii.
My cousin and I are huge One Direction fans.
When I graduated I moved to New York and I can't believe who I meet there.


23. preformance

danielle pov

i went to the kitchen and i was craving pickles i hate pickles i looked at my stomach and started rubbing it " baby i dont like pickles its sour and yucky"i pouted to my child in my stomach i was still craving it so i grabbed the jar and ate a pickle "ewww i hope your enjoying this im doing this for you "i said grabbing another pickle and trying to eat it fast so i dont taste it i grabbed another one and took a bite then spit into the sink "okay thats all baby no more pickles " i said and put away the jar i turned around and saw maryrose by the kitchen door looking at me amused " what baby wanted pickles " i shrugged she laughed and we sat and ate some cereal " so how long were you standing there " i asked " the whole time i saw you once you walked in the kitchen" she laughed 


night time

all the boys were in the living room watching tv me and the girls got ready in my room we put on our shirts and short shorts and covered are selfs with giant coats we walked down and turned of the tv dani turned on the music and we took of our coats all the boys were laughing and smiling like crazy we danced to these 3 words by elise estrada

when we finished all the boys were clapping i was out of breath and tired i layed down on niall he looked down at me and smiled " i like your shirts" everyone laughed " so whats the ocassion" lou asked  " best boyfriends day" perrie laughed giving zayn a kiss "it was all maryrose and danielles idea" eleanor said we blushed " we couldnt of done it without you guys" maryrose smiled we all started talking it was getting borning "lets play halo" i asked they all nodded " the boys in a team and the girls in a team" zayn said " your on get ready for us to kick your butts " dani smiled  we all got our controllers and started playing 

4 hours later

" WE WIN" eleanor shouted all the boys pouted all us girls ran around and high fived each other then we all calmed down " okay well were going to bed i have to go to the doctors tommarow you guys can sleep over if you want " i said grabbing nialls hand and walking upstairs i heared them all yell " good night" 

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