FATE (completed)

This is my first fan fiction my name is Danielle and I'm from Hawaii.
My cousin and I are huge One Direction fans.
When I graduated I moved to New York and I can't believe who I meet there.


26. pie my waterbroke

danielles pov

**4 months later**


 "niall im up" i said tapping him. he quickly got off the bed and helped me up it was hard to stand up on my own my stomach looked like a large basketball. i made it up and walked out the room "ill come down soon babe"niall shouted out the door i nodded to my self and started walking down the stairs i looked and saw harry walking up i wasnt paying attention to the steps and fell forward i panicked oh no i closed my eye then felt arms holding me i opened my eyes and saw harry holding me he set me down on the bottom of the stairs and saw tears in his eyes i wrapped my arms around him and cried with him "i was so scared i thought i wouldnt catch you" harry cried i lifted up his face and looked at him "but you did catch me and i thank you for that i dont know what would have happened if you werent there" i closed my eyes trying to not think about what would of happened "Danielle" niall shouted and ran down stairs to me and harry causing everyone else to run in. they all stared at us "w-what happend "niall cried "i fell down the stairs and harry caught me" i stuttred looking at harry and squeezing his hand "thank you harry"niall tried to smile he gave harry a huge hug i saw harry was still shaking i understand i was shaking to that was the scariest moment of my life .zayn and liam came and helped me up i hugged harry again "its okay now" i whispered in his ear he nodded and he and everyone else walked into the living room.

i stared at my stomach in silence niall wrapped his arms around me "im sorry i wasnt there to keep you safe " he kissed my shoulder "i love you guys so much" i smiled "we love you too niall we really do"



we just finished dinner and decided to play a game you say a word and the next person says somthing that has to do with it "okay the word is pie "zayn laughed and my stomach started to tingle "apple"louis smiled all i was thinking about was that feeling it felt strange "your turn danielle" he laughed "my water just broke" i whispered "what was that " louis asked i looked at niall who was sitting next to me he was pale "h-her water broke " he screamed everyone ran and started preparing harry and zayn helped me to the car and niall had it started maryrose hopped on the back with me "we will meet you at the hospital love" harry smiled and gave maryrose a kiss. then we drove off 


"niall hurry up danielles breaking my hand back here "i heared maryrose squel i screamed in pain "its okay danielle breath"she said rubbing my back i kept taking deep breaths the roads were clear i was really grateful for that niall sped to the hospital once we got there paramedics were waiting outside i layed on the gurney and we all went into the hospital room they hooked me up to some wires and needels i wasnt fully dilated yet and the docter was on his way i looked at niall "is this really happening" i smiled  he nodded ad gave me a kiss on the forehead  "wheres ahhhh maryrose" i tried to say "shes waiting outside for the lads " i nodded and closed my eyes trying to handle the pain 


two hours later 

"okay your fully dilated lets get these babys out of you"the doctor smiled "okay now 1.2.3 push!!" he shouted i pushed with all my might i thought i was going to break nialls hand i was happy he stayed with me "okay i see the head come on" i pushed more and then felt a little relif "okay first ones out next " 


the doctors took the babys to get cleaned off i layed on the bed out of breath i just had our children niall was sitting on the bed next to me "i love you" he smiled "i love you too" just then the nurse walked in with my babies there so handsome she handed them both to me " what are we going to name them " i asked niall  "can we name this one darren li"he begged "i love it and can we name this little man daylen noa" he nodded his head "ofcourse" niall laughed. everyone walked in maryrose started crying once she saw the babies they all looked at them and smiled "whats there names" liam asked "this is daylen noa " i smiled holding up the chubby baby with light blue eyes a head of brown straight hair i handed him to maryrose "and this is darren li " niall smiled looking at liam then handed him the brown haired brown eyed baby everyone was in tears by then we all took some pictures with the babies and of them in their hospital cribs i then noticed maryrose had a wrap around her hand " did i do that to you" i asked she nodded "its fine it just hurts a little brusied thats it" i smiled "thanks for being here thank all of you, you guys are the best" we all huddled in a group hug with the twins.


a nurse came in and handed us the birth certifacits it said born 4/1 at 12:00 am

wow i gave birth exactly on april fools haha best day of my life

soon everyone left niall put the babies to sleep and then came and layed with me and we fell fast asleep


the next morning heared on of the babies crying i quickly got up and saw daylen crying a held him then looked at darren he wasnt moving i felt his pulse and there was nothing No No No "NIALL" i screamed he saw darren and ran to get a nurse they came in and took him away

30 min later

the nurse walked i with her head down " your son died over night his heart failed all of a sudden he was to weak" " how" i cried " did you do any fast movement or any sudden movements?" she asked i thought for a while " the stairs " the nurse nodded and walked out "its all my fault... i should have been more ..careful and watched my.. step" i choked threw tears " its my ...fault our ..baby died ..im sorry niall ...im a horrible person" niall hugged me "its no ones fault you couldnt help what happened everyone trips" i nodded my head and grabbed daylen " i love you i promise too forever and always all of you" i cried daylen was grinning showing dimples i laughed and gave him a kiss 

i will always love my two little boys

darren and daylen



ahh i cried thinking of this chapter i love the names darren amd daylen

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"your my world"


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