FATE (completed)

This is my first fan fiction my name is Danielle and I'm from Hawaii.
My cousin and I are huge One Direction fans.
When I graduated I moved to New York and I can't believe who I meet there.


24. is it a girl or boys

nialls pov 

me and danielle walked into the cold room danielle sat on the bed as the doctor walked in "hi how are you i'm dr.jasmin pediatrician i will be checking up on you today are you having any problems" dr.jasmin smiled danielle immediately answered " other than morning sickness no problems" " okay now lets check on your baby please lay down and i will set everything up " dr.jasmin smiled then turned off the lights and put some gel on danielles stomach i grabbed danielle's hand as we looked at the screen i saw TWO BODIES 

i saw danielle looking wide eyed at the screen she then smiled "wwe'rre having tttwins"  she looked so happy i smiled and squeezed her hand as my eyes returned to the screen and examined it i saw little weiners "yup and there going to be boys " i smiled danielle looked to the screen and saw our boys our twin boys




we were almost home all i could think about was telling everyone and having twins that our boys.

me and niall smiled the whole way home we  just pulled up in the driveway i slowly climbed out of the car and headed towards the door me and niall walked in then went to the living room we saw all the boys sitting with there girlfriends me and niall sat down and looked at everyone they all had huge smiles on their face "our you guys okay?" i asked " we have a surprise for you" maryrose smiled i got excited i sat and they didn't move an inch except for perrie who was texting someone after she finished she put down her phone and started smiling i cocked my eyebrow then felt a hand cover my face and giggling i stood up and took the hands of my face i saw jesy, jade, and leigh-ann from little mix i screamed and gave them a hug "oh my gosh i missed you guys so much" " wait what" i heard maryrose say i turned around and saw everyone looking confused " you guys met" lou asked " yah remember that one day you all went to the beach and i didn't want to go and let everyone see my pregnant stomach while me and niall were home josh wanted to hang out with niall and he didn't want me to be alone so niall asked them to come over and we all bonded n yah" i smiled they all laughed " well its still a surprise " i told them and hugged all the girls again " okay whatever sooo danielle is it a boy or girl" eleanor smirked me and niall smiled at each other he gestured for me to say it " okay its boys"  i smiled " wait boys or boy" jade said wide eyed niall laughed " boys" they were all silent and stared at me i held my stomach and smiled " we're having twins" " ahhh congratulations danielle"leigh-ann screamed every one ran up and hugged me "okay now on the way hear me and niall were talking and we want all of you to be godparents even jade, jesy, and leigh-ann because they asked me if they could be when they visited haha" i laughed " yes ha niall now we're all parents " louis screamed in nialls face then ran and grabbed a camera " lets all take a group picture to remember this day when i became a god parent " we all laughed and everyone gathered around me and niall . lou setup the camera then ran over to us and posed 3 2 1 "CHEESE!!"

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