FATE (completed)

This is my first fan fiction my name is Danielle and I'm from Hawaii.
My cousin and I are huge One Direction fans.
When I graduated I moved to New York and I can't believe who I meet there.


18. i said im not in the mood for drama

maryrose pov

when we got back from the hospital every one was happy we were all happy just thinking about those old memories i was only lunch time when we got back home so we decided to  look threw all my scrap books and see what else we forgot we looked threw scrapbooks for 2 hours then we decided to just sit and watch tv we were all watching scooby doo 

"hey we should all go out tonight and go to the club" zayn said as he fixed his hair in the mirror "yah lets go" harry shouted  and i covered my ears because i was sitting on his lap "i dont want to go to the club im tired" i said taking my hand off my ears "please babe" harry said while pouting and using puppy dog eyes i really dont want to go but how can i say no to that face "ugh fine " he smiled "yay"  i looked over at dani and she had her arms crossed and she looked at us " ill only go if theres no getting drunk i dont wanna fight with my nialler again im seriously not in the mood for drama i already had enough drama this morning" she said looking at niall he kissed her on the cheek "i promise" "yay so are we going" louie shouted "yes were going" i laughed  and we all went to get ready 


i showered and put on a  black long sleeve shirt with a blue scarf gray skinny jeans and my red vans they i brushed out my wavey dark brown hair and let it down over my shoulders after i was done freshing up i went down stairs and saw all the boys waiting on the couch with dani she was wearing a a gray tang top that had some ruffles with ripped up denim skinny jeans her blue vans and her hair high up in a pony tail she looked amazing and so did the boys when they saw me they all stood up "finally lets go "dani laughed and they all headed to the van i watched them walk out and i felt strong arms around me "you look beautiful" harry said grabbing my hand and walking out the door " i dont look so bad your self" i laughed as we got in the van and headed to the club


we got to the club and it was packed everyone wondered off and me and harry started dancing then soon went to sit down i felt so stuffy and i let out a quite sneeze " aww even your sneezes are adorable " harry laughed "shush up" i smiled punching harry playfully in the arm "hazza imma go freshin up real fast" i said and went to the restroom i washed my face and fixed my hair in the mirror and just stood there for a while and looked at my scar that i got from when me and danielle got in the car accident then i heared shouting from outside i walked out of the bathroom and saw a crowed of people shouting "fight fight" i ran over and saw niall and the boys trying to get inside and see whats happening right when i got to the front i saw bouncers pulling danielle and another chick fighting and danielle looked pissed once the bouncers got them apart they kicked danielle out we all ran out and met up with danielle there was paparazzi everywhere i ran up to danielle " what happened" i asked she just ignored me and got in our van we all followed then headed home it was a long silent car ride


we got to the flat and danielle was still pissed she ran in the house and punched the wall creating a hole we walked in behind her and sat on the couches  "dani tell me what happened" i pleaded she just slid down the wall and sat down putting her head in her hands and niall sat besides her and comforted her she whispered somthing to him the he looked at all of us "niall what happened mate"louis asked niall looked at us "danielle went to get a drink and told me to stay were i was so i stood in the back corner of the club after a while and a girl came up to me and started kissing me i pushed her away but she kept trying to kiss me then thats when dani walked over and saw the girl trying to kiss me she walked up to the girl and asked why she was kissing me the girl just  smiled and said it was because i like her dani got mad and she grabbed me and we were walking away then the girl started calling danielle a slut an whore and said she was a bitch danielle let go of me then i got lost in a crowed and i couldnt see them any more and i guess they were fighting because everyone was shouting fight fight fight " we all looked at him shocked danielle stood up and started pacing back and forth "i said i wasnt in the mood for drama tonight and she was getting on my nerves so i let go of nialls hand knowing he would get lost in the crowed because i knew he wouldnt let me fight her so i went over to the girl and aske her what she said about me she just spit in my face and started laughing that did it for me and i punched her in the face  she then fought back but all she did was pull my hair and scratch me instead of using my claws i used my fist and leaving her something she will feel in the morning i left her with a black eye and a loose tooth i would of done worse but the bouncers had to pull me away" she said gritting her teeth she looked more mad "hoooo scrapper" zayn laughed and i saw danielle crack a small smile and sit down between me and niall "wanna watch some tv" liam asked her "whatever i need to get my mind of it if i see her face again i swear she will need plastic surgery to get it fixed" we all laughed and turned on the tv we flipped threw the stations and then we heared danielles name zayn quickly changed the channel danielle ran over and took the remote and changed it back   we all watched scared of what it will say the reporter started talking  "a new trending video on youtube of niall horans from one direction's girlfriend danielle jennings fighting with a girl at a club tonight lets watch (they played a video of the fight) woah looks like danielle kicked the other girls butt danielle threw punches and the girl just clawed and pulled hair" there was a picture of the girl she did look like a bitch and she had a swollen eye her lip was bleeding and she had a missing tooth  she looked like she got mobbed by a whole gang of people the they showed a picture of danielle being escourted out of the club "danielle had no cuts or bruises she still looked beautiful as always just some messed up hair niall has a tough girl here the girl danielle fought" they showed her outside of the club crying the reporter started talking " hi are you alright" he asked she wiped a fake tear "im so scared and hurt"she said pouting the interviewer gave her a hug "its okay can you tell us what happened" he asked " i was in the club and niall kissed me i told him to stop because he has a girlfriend and then danielle saw us and niall told her that i kissed him and she started calling me names and she spit in my face then started beating me up i tried so hard to defend my self" she whined the tv turned off and danielle threw the remote and punched the wall again creating another hole then she stormed upstairs "that bitch" i heared her yell niall ran up following her and told us to wait we all sat and waited for him to come back half and hour later he came down "shes asleep" he sighed " i have never seen her this mad before " liam said fiddling with his hands i looked at them "not the first time for me" they were all suprised "why did she get mad like this alot "zayn asked "yah she used to fight alot to" i said as my mouthed dropped to a frown and harry hugged me "she so nice and sweet though except for tonight " louie pouted "well thats when people hurt her or the ones she cares about"i said tearing up " when did she start fighting" zayn asked i didnt even have to think about it "8th grade " i felt tears coming i remember that day they all were shocked " what happened"niall asked  " she was always kind and friendly to people and when ever someone would make fun of me or are family or her friends she would get mad and we would see a diffrent side of her it started when some girl kept picking on me i was only in 7th grade and i didnt want to get in trouble one day she got to me and i went home crying danielle came over and saw me she made me tell her what happened the next day at school she confronted the girl and the girl started saying mean things about me danielle got mad and started fighting her thats when she told me she promises to always stick up for the ones she cares about and loves everytime she would get mad like that if one of our younger relatives got picked or her friends and she loves and cares about niall thats why she got mad tonight" i blurted out in tears already "okay thats enough lets just all get some rest " harry said lifting me off the couch and i cried in his shoulder as we all went upstairs and went to bed



i feel like my story is boring i have only 2 favorites n 1 like if this is boring tell me and im open for ideas  you can tell me on twitter my twitter is:@danigirl314808 name Dani Horan

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