FATE (completed)

This is my first fan fiction my name is Danielle and I'm from Hawaii.
My cousin and I are huge One Direction fans.
When I graduated I moved to New York and I can't believe who I meet there.


13. happy aniversary

a year later

nialls pov

we were back in new york and it was me and danielles aniversary and harry and maryroses aniversary

me and harry woke up early today to get our gifts 

me and harry knew that maryrose and danielle like dogs so we decided to get them puppys

when we got to the pet store we saw to little puppies near the back of the store we walked over to them they were pugs and they were sisters the plain shy light brown pug was younger and reminded me of maryrose the other lug was light brown and had dark brown faded highlights and she was hyper clumsy and older than the other pug which reminded me of danielle i smiled at harry "perfect " we bought the dogs then brought them to the house and tied a bow to there collers that said who it was for me and harry waited down stairs and played with them until the girls woke up

an hour later

the girls finally came down

the puppies ran to them and started playing  danielle was with her puppy and maryrose was with hers

they were all perfect matches

the girls were in tears 

" happy 1 year aniversary" me and harry yelled as we went and sat down by them

" what should we name them " harry smiled  

" i wanna name me and nialls puppy hershey" she laughed  " i love it" i said as picked up hershey

"harry how about we name our puppy kona" maryrose smiled " she will remind me were we are from" she said looking at danielle 

"thank you guys" danielle smiled giving me a kiss then continued playing


maryroses pov

while me and dani were playing with the puppies harry and niall disspeared we searched the whole house they were no where to be seen

a few minutes later i got a text from harry

hazza <3: hi babe

rosie2000: where are you we looked every where for you guys 

hazza<3: calm down and you and dani get changed then come down to mcdonalds 

rosie2000:fine bye

hazza<3:bye see you soon 

i put away my phone then me and danielle got ready then drove to mcdonalds the parking lots were empty and i didnt see anyone in side i pushed on the door and it opened we walked in and sat in the back where we sat the first time we met the boys we looked across from us and saw the boys there 

they smiled at us then stood up and sang 'truly,madly,deeply' after they finished the boys said bye and harry and niall cane and sat bye us it was the most romantic thing that happened to me at mcdonalds i loved it we stayed there for hours soon we all left then went home and played video games till we fell asleep on the living room floor with our puppies and boyfriends laying next to us.

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