FATE (completed)

This is my first fan fiction my name is Danielle and I'm from Hawaii.
My cousin and I are huge One Direction fans.
When I graduated I moved to New York and I can't believe who I meet there.


12. good to be back

danielles pov

i were back in chicago and we just got to the hotel and i walked in me and nialls hotel room

and maryrose ran up to me " please dont leave like that again i was worried " she cried "im sorry ... im sorry to all of you i over reacted i just needed space" i said tearing up they all brought me in a group hug "i love all of you" we broke out of the hug then decided to have some fun " lets play hide and go seek"i screamed " okay but where" lou questioned "how about the penthouse" zayn offered i forgot we each have our own hotel rooms but we got a pent house to so we could all hang out in it "lets go then" lou said as he ran to the elevator

when we got in the pent house it was huge 

"whos it " liam asked looking at everyone

me and maryrose looked at each other "kaboose" me and her screamed at the same time after that everyone else screamed kaboose the last person was harry he took to long because he was laughing at me and maryrose " aww sorry babe but your it" maryrose sincerly laughed "fine " he pouted and went in the hall to count  i hid in the kitchen pantry and maryrose ran in the pantrt connected to mine "sorry the boys took all the other good hiding spots" she whispered i was about to answer when i heared the door open "ready or not here harry comes " harry yelled 


harrys pov

after i came inside i turned to the closet right next to the door " gotcha i said as i opened it nobody was there i searched three the living room and found nobody. then i heared some body sneeze in the bathroom i ran in and looked around i found liam hiding in the bathtub " nice try mate" i laughed liam walked to the living room couch and i searched the rest of the house i found niall in one of the penthouse bedrooms hiding under the bed, zayn behind a plant and lou inside a laundry basket then we all headed to the living room 

" where are the girls" zayn asked i wondered the same thing "i dont know i havent found them yet" i looked around somemore then i stopped in the kitchen to get a drink when i heared giggling and i knew that cute giggle anywhere i sat down on the ground right in front of the kitchen pantry silently for a while just waiting " do you think hes still looking for us " i heared maryrose whisper " i dont know hes taking forever maybe he gave up come on" danielle said as they opened the pantry i sat their smiling 

once they completely opened the pantry they screamed and threw flower at me then we both started laughing the rest of the boys ran in to see what happened then started laughing to after danielle and maryrose got out i noticed there was baggs of flower in there arms and a lot more on the kitchen table we all looked back and forth at each other danielle and maryrose ran while me and the boys grabbed our own bags we wound up having a food fight for an hour then it started getting late so we went back to our rooms  we all took a group picture " somthing to add to your scrapbook" i smiled to maryrose "yup" she laughed then we all got cleaned up and went to bed 

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