FATE (completed)

This is my first fan fiction my name is Danielle and I'm from Hawaii.
My cousin and I are huge One Direction fans.
When I graduated I moved to New York and I can't believe who I meet there.


28. first day

danielles pov

5 years later

me and maryrose woke up daylen and darcy to get them ready for  school . oh yeah well a few weeks after i gave birth maryrose and harry told us maryrose was 3 months pregnant she gave birth the same year on october 5 to a beautiful green eyes curly hair girl named darcy . 

anyway i shook daylen and gave him a kiss "come on day time to wake up time for your first day of school" i smiled he instantly jumped of the bed and ran to darcys room i followed him and saw him and darcy jumping around screaming i grabbed daylen and brought him back to his room "come on you have to get ready you dont want to be late on your first day" i laugh putting on  his clothes he brushed his teeth then ran down stairs i walked down and saw eleanor fixing darcys hair while maryrose cooked breakfast. daylen ran up and grabbed my hand "mommy wheres daddy i want him to make my hair like him" he cried i wondered that to he wasnt in bed this morning i looked at maryrose hoping she give me an answer "dont look at me harry was gone this morning too" darcy widened her eyes and looked at maryrose "wheres daddy and uncle ni ni then" she asked just then i heard the door open darcy and daylen ran to the door "Daddy" i heared them both scream they all walked in and they had shopping bags in there hand niall took out a small snap back and put it on daylens head then harry grabbed a bow and tried to put on darcy but then gave up and let maryrose put it in. 

We all piled in the car then drove away to the school


we got to the school and brought darcy and daylen to their class the found their seat with their names then we went up and introduced are selfs to the teacher she  shook me and maryroses hand then froze when she saw niall and harry standing next to us "h-hi nice to m-meet you" she smiled they shook her hand then she looked back at me and maryrose "can you fill this out it is a behavior contract write your kids name then sign your names at the bottom " she asked we did as she said then walked over to the kids "okay babe we gotta go daddy and uncle harry are going to pick you guys up after school" they nodded and gave us a hug we said goodbye then left

i hope they have fun


maryroses pov

i hate leaving darcy she comes every where with me now i she will be gone every morning 

i could tell danielle missed daylen she kept looking at photos of him on her phone they dropped me off at the mall harry and niall had to go to the studio and danielle had to work she lives her dream and opened a pet daycare with hershey and kona. 

i shopped around for about an hour then walked over to the daycare it was so hecktic i saw dogs running every where i walked in and danielle ran into me " maryrose i need your help all the dogs got out of the pen" she screamed i helped her round up the dogs then i grabbed a chair and sat next to her "okay so how the fudge did they get out?" i asked she sighed " a new dog came in today and the big dogs were picking on him and i went to help him all i could think about was daylen and him being new at school and darcy too" i put a hand on her shoulder "wow im only 23 and your only 24 and we have kids fo worry about already" i laughed and chatted for a few hours danielle got a call "what happend.. what ..okay ill see you soon love you bye" she looked worried she told her employe somthing then grabbed hershey and kona and brought them to the car suddenly in front of the shop niall and harry where in the front i got in and they explained on the way 


we got to the school and went to the office and saw darcy and daylen inside danielle ran up and saw daylen he had a swollen eye and a cut lip "what happened day what did you do" she asked  the principle chimed in "he got in a fight with a group of boys the boys said he threw rocks at them so they  got mad " danielle looked dissapointed "is that true day" she asked he shook his head "no they are lying they were teasing darcy and they made fun of her bow and they tried to take my hat that daddy gave me then they pushed darcy and she was crying so i punched their face and they beat me up"he cried darcy ran up to me and i saw her hair all messed up and her bow in her hand "its true they were being meanies and made me get a booboo on my elbow so dayday help me"she pouted showing me her elbow   the principle nodded and apologized 

we got in the car and drove home

harry and niall helped the kids with their homework  and me and danielle decided to take a nap

what a hectic day


i havent been getting that much readers or like or favorites should i just end this story already please comment what you think  follow me on twitter : @danigirl314808 

ill update soon

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