FATE (completed)

This is my first fan fiction my name is Danielle and I'm from Hawaii.
My cousin and I are huge One Direction fans.
When I graduated I moved to New York and I can't believe who I meet there.


19. feeling good

danielles pov

i woke up with a massive headach i removed nialls arm from around me and went down stairs to the kitchen and saw liam sitting all alone i realized it was only 6 in the morning " hey li " i smiled sitting down next to him he popped his head up and looked at me his eyes were all red and puffy "whats wrong lili" i asked he looked at me and pouted "my mom called today.... she said my turtle....died" i gasped and tried to be serious "its okay li wanna go get some breakfast?" i suggested he nodded his head and we  left


we got to mcdonalds and i went to order while liam sat down in the back he wasnt crying anymore atleast i grabbed our food and brought it over when he saw that i bought us kids meals he imedietly smiled like a 5 year old and we started eating "feel better li" i laughed as he stuffed his face and nodded " so whats up" liam asked finishing the last of the fries "not much im just still irritated from last night and all i wanted to kill that girl" i growled "i know i have never seen you that mad i was scared of you we all were" liam said with a little chuckle " yah now you guys know not to mess with me" i smirked i saw liam looking at me then his smile faded "you know niall really loves you"he started to smile again " when we first saw you and maryrose here niall couldnt stop staring at you and we could already see you guys were perfect for each other and harry with maryrose he was glowing" i smiled at the thought niall does love me " i love him too and i love all of you you guys are my family now " "i love you too" liam laughed and picked up the trey and we walked out of mcdonalds i stopped walking and looked at liam "i think we should buy the gang some food before they get mad at us for not brining anything" he lauged and we walked back inside we bought 5 happy meals and a 20pc chicken nuggets then once again left and got in the car "hey li can we stop by the pet shop and buy some puppy chow real fast " i asked " yah lets go but ill stay in the car i dont wanna see any turtles" he smiled and we soon got to the pet shop i got the puppy chow then when headed home 


when we got home all of the boys stopped what they were doing and ran to the door and just stared at us "we brought food" i smiled and put it on the kitchen table "happy meals "maryrose smiled and ran over taking the last one liam walked in the door with the dog food and started laughing when he saw all the boys eating and fighting over the last chicken nugget "i want it"louie yelled maryrose looked at harry and pouted "can i have the last chicken nugget" harry pouted back and took the chicken nugget and gave it to maryrose 

me and liam just walked in the living room and watched tv and turned on beverly hill chiwahwas and sugar and kona sat there and watched amused at the talking dogs everyone else soon joined us and we all watched the we decided to sing karaoke "danielle you go first"niall yelled and handed me the mic i sighed then selected sk8er boy by avril lavgin (sorry for misspellings)

they all sat and listened and i started singing 


when i finished everyone was clapping we all took turns singing 

maryrose sang :skyscraper by demi lavato

harry sang: angel by shaggy

liam sang: gotta be you by one direction/aka them

zayn and louis were the judges

and niall sang :feeling good by michael buble 

after that the boys and maryrose decided to go clubbing and me and niall are going to stay home 


after they left me and niall went in our room and started watching the lucky one when the movie finished nial leaned in and gave me a kiss it was the perfect moment the kiss started getting more passionate niall stopped and looked at me "are you sure" i nodded then it happened i lost my v card to niall horan.

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