FATE (completed)

This is my first fan fiction my name is Danielle and I'm from Hawaii.
My cousin and I are huge One Direction fans.
When I graduated I moved to New York and I can't believe who I meet there.


21. every one knows now

one month later

danielles pov

i have been sick for a month everyone tried to get me to a docter but i said its just a cold and i just need to rest i was bored so i went to find maryrose "MARYROSE" i shouted threw the house "WHAT" i heared as maryrose walked down stairs i laughed she looked tired "lets go shopping" she looked at me annoyed "fine i need new clothes any way " i clapped and jumped up and down like a 5 year old " okay hurry up and get ready" i told her as i grabbed my bag and keys

5 minutes later she met me in the car


we walked insid forever 21 and saw some really cute stuff i saw some one direction t shirts me and maryrose both smiled at each other she bought a harry shirt and i got a niall one then we bought a liam louis and zayn shirt for danielle eleanor and perrie we walked out i felt like i had to burp but then i realized its not gonna come out as a burp i ran to the bathroom and puked maryrose ran in and helped me "why are you so sick" she asked i thought about it as we walked out of the bathroom 

oh no i havent got my monthly visit and i got sick after me and niall did it were so stupid we werre so in the moment he forgot to wear protection how could we be so dumb 

i was knocked out of my thoughts by maryrose "danielle are you okay" she asked and grabbed my arm "come on lets go sit down" we found a seat and i just sat shocked "maryrose you remember the night you and the boys went to the club without me and niall" she nodded and grew more concerned i sighed and looked at her "me and niall were in the moment and we did it and forgot to use protection and i think im pregnant" she just stared at me with her eyes wide "are you sure" she stuttered i looked at her and shrugged my shoulders " lets buy you a pregnancy test and check" she weakly smiled and reached a hand out to me i stood up and we went to go buy the test


we got to the house and ran up to the bathroom in me and nialls room maryrose closed the door and handed me the test i went to the bathroom alone and took the test i waited for a few minutes i was scared of what i was going to see i looked at the stick i saw a plus sign i grabbed did another test and it said positive again i wrapped the test up in toilet paper and threw it in the trash then ran to maryrose who was sitting on my bed i hugged her and cried "im pregnant"i whispered she patted my back supportivly "its going to be alright but you have to tell niall" she whispered back i looked at her "please dont say anything" i asked she just nodded i cried into her shoulder i heared someone walk in "oh hi niall" i heared maryrose say i looked and saw niall maryrose hugged me and said  "tell him" then she left niall came over and hugged me then grabbed my shoulders and looked at me "whats wrong" he asked i just shook my head he looked sad that i didnt want to tell him "please tell me" he said almost in tears i just looked at my hands cried "your going to be mad" i said he squezzed my hands " i will never be mad at you i promise now tell me please"i cried harder "iiim ppprregnant" i stuttered "we forgot to use protection" he lifted up my chin "im not mad and i will be with you the whole way i wont leave you guys i love both of you"i smiled and kissed him "i love you too niall" he smiled then he blanked "we have to tell the lads" he said i nodded and we walked down stairs and saw everyone on the couch once we walked in everyone stopped and looked at us i looked at my stomach then to niall he looked at them i was scared what they will say i could tell niall was to he started crying "ddanielles ppregnant "he stuttered every one smiled and hugged us and said congrats after the hug we all sat in silence "yay niallers a daddy and danielles a mommy" lou shouted causing us all to laugh i looked in the corner of the room and saw me and maryroses shopping bags i smiled at her and we grabbed them and walked upstairs i took out my phone and texted ele perrie and danielle to meet at danielles house i told the boys where we were going and me and maryrose left


we got to danielles house and their cars we went inside and saw them i walked up to danielle "heyy dani li" i smiled she laughed "hey dani ni" that was are names for each other since were both danielle dani li is for danielle liam and dani ni is for danielle niall haha i hugged her and then said hi to ele and perrie they sat down and stared at me and maryrose "okay so why did you call us here"perrie asked maryrose tossed the bag of shirts to them and we smiled  "we are going to preform for the boys and we are here because dani she has a dance studio and she can coreograph it " maryrose smiled they laughed and put on there shirts and me and maryrose put on ours we were about to start dancing then i remembered somthing "wait i forgot to tell you guys somthing"they all stared at me "im pregnant"i smiled they all screamed except for maryrose she just smiled after a while we calmed down and started dancing and dani promised not to put any crazy moves in the dance

i love all these people there great



i hope you liked it ill update again soon please like and favorite

oh and happy boo bear day : D

love you all


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