FATE (completed)

This is my first fan fiction my name is Danielle and I'm from Hawaii.
My cousin and I are huge One Direction fans.
When I graduated I moved to New York and I can't believe who I meet there.


16. deal

after we finished breakfast we all decided to stay home and play in the pool i got in my bikini and went down stairs niall wasnt ready yet and everyone else was just sitting on the edge of the pool and talking story i walked out the sliding door and went to feel the water once i got near the pool i felt my self being lifted in the air the falling in the frezzing water i wiped my hair out of my face and saw niall  standing by the pool laughing i put on a sad face the started fake crying which i was really good at i looked at niall " niall help me out of the water i hit my foot at the bottom of the pool i think i sprained it" i whinned as i saw towards niall "im sorry babe" he said as he grabbed my hand i yanked him in the water the tried to climb out i got one foot out of water then he grabbed my other foot and pulled me under water i looked at him and saw him smiling i knew what he was thinking we swam to the bottom of the pool the grabbed everyones legs and pulled them in we didnt get zayn because he saw us underwater and he backed away everyone was shivering i saw maryrose get out of the water and grab her towel she wiped her face the grabbed a floaty tube and she shoved it over zayn he put it on the looked at her confused "i just want to show you somthing in the water and youll have this so you will be safe" she smile and pulled zayn to the edge of the pool"look do you see it" she asked " no where" zayn said leaning in more maryrose then took the chance and pushed him inside  then she jumped into we all played around and had fun we swan from 11am till 5pm i stayed inside the pool with the boys and niall said he was gonna take a nap after we were done i went upstairs and i didnt see niall anywhere i found a note on my dresser 

hey babe if u see this the you are finally done swimming change into some clothes that you arnt afraid to get stained and ask liam for a ride to meet me

~love nialler

i changed my clothes the went down stairs " hey liam niall wants you to give me a ride some place " i said as i grabbed a snack out of the kitchen "okay meet me in the car" he yelled from the living room 

i got in the car and waited for liam "okay lets go " he said appearing in the drivers seat he turned on the radio and kiss you was on "do you like being famous" i ask him "it has its perks" liam answered " if we werent famous you and maryrose would have never known us and you guys wouldnt be with niall and harry " he smiled and i looked at him " yah i wouldnt of meet five great people" it was silent for a while so j got out my phone and looked at my pics of me and niall " he really loves you ya know " liam smiled "he always talks about you and you guys are the perfect match you both live the color blue your both short and gou both eat alot and dont get fat also you are both funny and caring and fun to be around" he laughed " i love him too i have waited all my life to meet him and to be loved by him"i smiled as i saw niall in the distance " have fun but not too much fun "liam said as he dropped me off " bye li see you late " i waved as he drove then i turned to niall " hi babe " he said as he gave me a kiss "i made a deal now lets have a fun date " niall smiled his beautiful smile we walked into the place and it was an arcade we played games for hours we raced and verses each othe at dance dance revolution and we played deal or no deal i won 623 tickets and niall one 300 at the end when we ran out of coins we cashed in our tickets and we had 2294 tickets niall used the tickets to buys us a giant stuffed pug then we went to mcdonalds for dinner we sat in the back and talked and ate for hours we had some fun by trying to throw chicken mcbites in each others mouth then we got kicked out because we were making to much noise so we headed home when we walked in the door i was greated by hershey and kona we went in the living room with everyone else the niall showed hershey and kona the pug he bought it was so cute they went near it then cuddled up and went to sleep so did me and niall " was that a fun date" niall asked "it sure was "i answered "it sure was" niall kissed me " thats great" and we drifted off to sleep



was that boring im sorry comment you oppinions and  please like and favorite :)

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