FATE (completed)

This is my first fan fiction my name is Danielle and I'm from Hawaii.
My cousin and I are huge One Direction fans.
When I graduated I moved to New York and I can't believe who I meet there.


7. DCM

Maryrose's POV

I woke up from Harry shifting. It was 9 o'clock - Danielle and I fell asleep while the boys were watching the prank videos over and over again trying to see who had the funniest reaction. They finally finished. I laid on Harry's lap with my eye sclosed. It was quiet, and then I heard the boys whispereing. "You tell them", I heard Zayn quietly shout. "You're their boyfriends you tell them". Louis made a point. 
"Fine Harry wake up Marryrose and I'll wake up Dani", Niall commanded. I felt Niall shaking me on his lap. "Wake up babe", I opened my eyes and looked up at Harry, then at Niall and saw Danielle sitting on his lap. "In two days we have to go back and finish our tour", Niall said sadly.
"But we want you guys to come on tour with us", Harry smiled.
"But what about college?" I asked.
"It's fine Maryrose we can figure out a way", Danielle assured me. I smiled.
"Yay let's go on tour", I said happily and tiredly. 
"Okay it's settled. Maryrose come on let's go to bed", Harry reached for my hand. "Carry meeee", I whined. He picked me up bridal style and carried me to bed with his strong sexy muscular arms. I smiled as we lay in bed. 
"I love you".
"I love you too", Harry smiled and gave me a kiss. Then we went to sleep. 

Danielle's POV

 After Harry and Maryrose went upstairs Niall and I walked up to our room. "Niall I'm gonna go shower first then I'll come". I got my stuff and walked into the hallway bathroom. I got in the shower and played "Grow Up" and then "Want You Back" by Cher Lloyed. I know how to sing but I don't think I'm that good. Maryrose and I wanted to be in a band once but we gave up because we thought we were terrible singers but I liked our voice. I didn't care what others thought. After the songs were over I turned off the shower and heard whispering outside the door. I quickly changed and left the bathroom. All the boys were staring at me. Maryrose just smiled. "What happened?" I asked, confused. Niall winked at me.
'You were singing", he smiled.
"Oh.. you guys heard?" I said, ashamed of myself.
"What are you talking about? Your voice is great!" Liam exclaimed.
"Thank you Li", I smiled.
"When did you start singing?" Lou asked.

 "when me and maryrose were younger we started a band called dcm with our friend christina we stopped singing because we suck at it tonight i just sang because i was happy that we were going on tour with you guys " i explained " maryrose can sing to " zayn looked over at maryrose who was hiding her face " yah i sing but we only did two preformances and put videos on youtube hoping we would be discovered but we didnt get noticed so we stopped" after maryrose finished explaining that the boys ran down stairs got out the wii and went on youtube they searched dcm "nooo" maryrose screamed as they started the video i sat by niall and burried my head in his cheat maryrose did the same to harry as zayn and lou started the videos the first song was us singing what makes you beautiful the boys smiled remembering we were directioners after they finished watching all of our embarrising videos liam dissapeared "hey were did li li go"i asked zayn stood up "he went to go make a phone call" zayn walked out them he went to his room "great news" liam said walking in "dani and rosie get to be our openings for the concert" liam shouted i stared at him with a blank face " one when did you start calling us dani and rosie and second of all we cant sing " i said hiding my face in nialls neck " come on you guys are great singers and those are cute nicknames" niall said pinching my cheek "fine well do it " maryrose said "now can we go back to bed im tired" harry carried her back upstairs i didnt feel like walking back up the stairs again " ill sleep down here tonight i dont wanna walk upstairs " i got of nialls lap then laid down on the 5 person couch " no u need to keep me company tonight" niall grabbed me and gave me a piggy back ride up the stair when we got in the room niall fell backwards on the bed crushing me under him "niall ur squishing me" i pushef him of the rolled to my side of the bed "night love you" i said giving him a kiss " love you more" niall grabbed me and held onto me all night i felt safe with him he was like a childs teddy bear warm and cuddly that can protect you at night .nialls my teddy bear <3 a/n otay i will update tonight love you and please click like and favorite

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