FATE (completed)

This is my first fan fiction my name is Danielle and I'm from Hawaii.
My cousin and I are huge One Direction fans.
When I graduated I moved to New York and I can't believe who I meet there.


25. baby shower

3 months later

maryroses pov

i texted perrie and dani li to meet me at the mall we have been planning a suprise baby shower for danielle since she became pregnant.


i got to the store and called perrie

"yellow"perrie said in a chirpy voice "hey were are you guys" "i asked 

"oh we are in the food court me and dani wanted to get somthing to eat"she laughed i put my phone in my pocket and walked over to the food court i went and sat down with them "hey rosie is the plan all ready" dani asked i nodded my head "yeah eleanor is going to distract danielle i told that i was going running with you guys eleanor is going to bring her shopping here once i give her the clear that we are gone then eleanors going to text us when they leave the mall and head home" they both nodded then perrie stood up "okay then lets get shopping" 


we walked out of the mall then got in our cars i texted eleanor that we were leaving 5 minutes later she texted beack saying they just  left the house, great plans going well so far .


i got to the house and parked my car in the garage i walked in and saw perrie and dani decorating "okay were did you guys park your car"i asked them "its fine we parked them at the boys other flat and told every one to park theirs there " dani laughed we started decorating the large house " niall louis can you guys set up the games, harry liam start cooking and zayn make a banner" i demanded everyone got to work doing there jobs 


"great job everyone it looks fantastic" i smiled as we looked at the decorations soon after people started filling the house then everyone was here and i felt my phone vibrate 

ele:on our way there be there in 15 min

"okay everyone there almost here zayn turn off all the lights everybody hide"


danielles pov

"ele who did you text?" i asked she looked nervous but happy "oh it was just louis he said him and the lads are out playing laser tag and maryrose texted me saying that they are still jogging " she smiled "oh okay" i said as we pulled in the drive way i guess ill be all alone for a while i saw all the lights were off and there were no cars aww. 

me and ele got out and got to the door i pulled out my keys and unlocked the door and walked in the lights flashed on and i saw people jump out and yell "SUPRISE" i got startled and screamed then saw that they were throwing me a suprise baby shower i started crying tears of joy soon a crowd of people were hugging me


after we all got settled i changed into somthing nice and walked down stairs i saw a chocolate fountain, sweets table, a table covered i presents and i saw the love of my life, the best cousin in the world and my 7 bffs smiling at me i wobbled over and gave them a hug "thank you guys so much" i smiled "special party for 4 special people" dani smiled "okay okay enough chit chat lets get to the games" louis chuckled everyone gathered up by a table were their were 5 diapers i felt a blind fold go around my face and all i saw was darkness "what our you guys doing?" i asked nervously "you have to guess whats in the diapers by smelling it " niall laughed "i cant believe this is happening"i whined niall helped me pick up the first one it was heavy and didnt feel like a diaper it was soft and smelt like dog shampoo and nialls calogne "let me guess its hershey" i giggled "correct" louis shouted i gave hershey a kiss then put her down i scooted over and grabbed the next diaper it was a real one i lifted it up and smelt it "hmm smells like harrys home made chilly "j guessed "cooorect again" louis yelled i got them all right it then i got to the last one niall put the diaper in my hand the last one was light felt like it was floating up i leaned in and my mouth touched a pair of lips i knew those lips i kissed them and smiled "smells like my boo" i laughed i took off my blind fold and saw him in front of my face "correct " he whispered i gave him another kiss then heared aww's in the background i laughed and pulled away 


the party was over and everyone flooded out "thank you have a nice night" me and naill said then went to sit with the lads "okay danielle open mine and harrys gift first" maryrose smiled shoving a present at me i ripped off the wrapping paper and saw a bib that said "daddys boy" maryrose laughed "that was from harry" i shoved it to niall everyone laughed then i grabbed the other stuff in the box there was a little toy horse and a tiny cowboy "i know how much you love the country maybe your boys will too" maryrose smiled i returned a smile and hugged her them started opening my other presents

what i got

dani & liam: 2 giant boxes of diapers, a rattle, cowboy hats, and 2 pairs of little shoes

eleanor & louis : shades,shoes, big teddy bears,baby clothes  

perrie & zayn: loads of clothes, 3 boxes of diapers,baby snap backs, and a pacifier

"aww thank you guys we will never run out of diapers and our sons will be stylish too" i laughed

i put away all the stuff and then the boys found some of my child hood videos they brought all the coushions down stairs and we layed in the living room then they started watching it an making fun of me.

while everyone was having a laugh i fell asleep next to a lauging at me and maryroses video of why we love them

this was a very long day

now its time to catch some z's



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