Romance In Cheshire

This is the first Fan fiction I've EVER wrote. It's been sitting there in my notes on my iPad so I thought I should put it up!

Dedicated to my sister Kelsey (she's in it)

I haven't changed anything from this story, Liam's hair is the long curly hair in it. Yep that's how old it is. It might suck but it's my first one like I said :) hope you enjoy! :)


19. Wild Tommo

-Evelyn's POV-

The room was like a movie theater the boys came in on their usual outfits Louis was wearing a striped shirt and red skinny trousers
Zayn was wearing white skinnys with a red shirt and a navy blue varsity jacket
Niall was wearing white skinny jeans with a red polo with a grey cartigan
Liam was wearing a plaid button up shirt with the sleeves pulled up
Harry was wearing a black pair of skinnys and a white polo with a grey yarn beanie
"hi" he said when he sat beside me
"hi" I smiled at him
He smiled too
"ready to watch your amazing performance you and the boys were amazing"
We watched the performance and went back to the room
We all had separate rooms
Me and Harry were the lasts ones to get up the stairs
We walked up to my room
" I was thinking maybe you would want to sleep in my room with me?"
"yeah sure" I said
" come on down here"
We walked down the hall
" here it is " we walked in and got comfy
"wanna go in the closet and pick out an outfit to wear to bed?"
"sure " I picked a pair of Harry's sweats and a baggy shirt
I walked out
"your turn" I said
Harry came back out wearing PJ pants and no shirt and no socks he jumped onto the bed and we laid on the bed for a few hours Harry was asleep I went out to head to my room I was halfway down the hall when a door behind me came open and Liam stepped out ugh oh Liam not what I need right now....
"hey" he had a sleepy voice I just loved Liam's sleepy voice caught up to me he was wearing black pj pants with no shirt but was wearing slippers
" oh hey"
" good to see you" he said
" you too"
"so what are you doing up?" he asked
"I can ask you the same thing" I said as he smiled at me
" I asked you first" he nudged me
" just going for walk" I said smiling at him
"me to" he said smiling
" you were great today" I said I got a little flash back of me hugging him for longer than the others and him kissing my cheek I pushed them aside and looked at Liam who was looking at the ground I nudged him
"is anyone in there?" I repeated his earlier saying
He looked over at me and smiled
"I can't believe you remember that"
"oh I remember a lot of things" I said raising my brows at him he smiled at me
"I have to go to my room wanna come with me? You know since we're no going on an adventure"
"yeah sure" he said
When we arrived in at my room we walked in and I went to my closet I grabbed a back pack and got some stuff so I could do my stuff in Harry's room I packed the jeans I wore when I met Harry and a red tank top and a pair of red toms I packed some hair stuff and looked back at Liam he was sitting on my bed looking down with his hands locked together
I put my bag down and sat down beside him
"what's wrong?"
"nothing now let's get you back to him" he said standing up
"ok let's go" I stood up
We were walking down the hall when Liam said
"you know tomorrow we have to go home?"
"no do the rest of us know that?"
"no I have to wake them up"
"oh I can help you"
"really you'll do that thanks but your waking up Harry"
we got to Harry's door
"goodnight" I said
"goodnight" he said turning and walking away when I got in the room a put my bag beside the dresser and crawled back in bed with Harry he turned around I saw his eyes open
"hey" he had a sleepy voice Harry's was cute and hot at the same time
"hey" I put a hand on his cheek
"what are you up to?"
"nothing did I wake you?" he put and a hand on my waist his hand was warm
He pulled me closer to him
"kinda but I don't mind" I kissed his forehead he put his forehead against mine
"I love you" he whispered to me
"I love you too" I whispered back Harry kissed me and then we heard a bang
"Louis! get back here" Kelsey yelled laughing
Harry leaned away from the kiss and sighed
"Louis" he said and then added
"sorry babe gotta go catch the wild Tommo"
"I'll help"
He smiled
"are you sure?"
"ok let's go" we climbed out of bed and went to the door Harry stepped out
"hey there baby cakes!" Louis yelled and tackled Harry to the ground
"oh my god Harry are you ok?"
"yeah we do this all the time"
"oh sorry guys I tried to catch him but he got out of the bed before I could"
Louis laughed and tickled Harry
"it's ok they love each other"
"Lou can you get off" Harry laughed
"why sweet cheeks?"
"sweet cheeks?" I said
Louis turned around and looked at me
"come on Lou lets go back to bed everyone's staring"
Everyone was out of their rooms staring at us
"ok" Louis said getting up and trotting down the hallway
"night guys" Kelsey said before chasing after Louis
"night" I said
I helped Harry up and he looked at me and smiled
"told you he is a wild Tommo"
"what's a wild Tommo?"
"oh his last name is Tomlinson so we call him Louis the Tommo Tomlinson"
"oh" I said he put his arm around me and took me into the room we got back in bed and Harry was holding my hand under the covers and we went to sleep
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