Romance In Cheshire

This is the first Fan fiction I've EVER wrote. It's been sitting there in my notes on my iPad so I thought I should put it up!

Dedicated to my sister Kelsey (she's in it)

I haven't changed anything from this story, Liam's hair is the long curly hair in it. Yep that's how old it is. It might suck but it's my first one like I said :) hope you enjoy! :)


27. Way To Kill The Mood

-Evelyn's POV-

I went into the shower and got out after I washed up and I dried my hair and got dressed in a grey rolling stone jumper and black skinny jeans with red toms
"Are you ready Eve?" I heard Liam call from up the stairs
"Yeah coming up now" I said and walked up the stairs and saw Liam I grabbed my side bag and walked out the door and I saw everyone's cars were gone except Liam's Camaro we climbed into it and I turned on the radio and one thing came on Liam went to change it and I stopped his hand
"What? Don't you want me to change it?"
"No I love this song it reminds me of our special times" I said
"Ok then" he said with a smile
"Where we headed?" I asked
"Theme park" Liam said backing out
"Oh yay"
"You know you can really hear Louis in this song" I said
"Yeah it's nice" Liam said
We arrived at the theme park no one bothered us while we were in line we got in and I walked right for the cotton candy booth and bought myself a bag before Liam could object they pay for me to much
Liam just sighed and grabbed some from the bag
"Ooo strawberry" he said I giggled
"Wanna go on the Farris wheel while you finish that?" He asked
"Yeah sure but I just gotta buy some water" I said
"Let me"
"Liam, you guys pay or me to much" I said
"We like to its polite and gentle men like"
"I hate you and your gentle men ness" I said while popping a piece of cotton candy in my mouth with sass
"Your like a miniature Louis and Niall today" he said
"What do you mean?" I asked as he handed me the bottle and kept one for himself
"as soon as we got here you run for the cotton candy like Niall and then you get sassy like Louis" Liam said as we stood in line for Farris wheel I was starring ahead I reached over and lightly hit Liam in the stomach with the cotton candy bag in my hand and he reached in I didn't even look at him I just starred forward
We eventually got to go on and we got to the top and Liam kept paying so we old keep going around I hated how he never even let me pay a dime.....
Many laughs bags of cotton candy and tickets later...
It was time for me and Mr.Payne to go home we drove in silence while the radio blared one direction oh yeah did I mention there was a one direction booth? Thy sold everything I bought out almost the whole store here's a list of why I got
-the Up All Night album deluxe edition
-Mrs.Styles track pants and sweater
-I <3 Harry track pants
-bed set including:
Pillow cases 7 in total one for each of the boys and 2 with logo on it
Bed sheet set one with all the boys on it and one with the words 'One Direction' on it a bunch of times in their special font and two comforters one with the big logo
'One Direction' across it in their font with hearts or one with them on it
-Beanies with their names on them
-a logo beanie
-I <3 food' sweater one for me and one or Niall
-'BooBear' sweater and track pants
-DJ Malik track pants
-'I <3 Cats' sweater and track pants
-'Hazza' sweater and track pants
-'Daddy Direction' tracks
I got everything from bras to sticky notes I blew a lot of money that's just because Liam started a cart of his own I was soon to find out it was for me
Sneeky boy...
I put on my 'Hazza' beanie and we walked out with our wagons of stuff and piled it into Liam's trunk and back seats and I even had a couple on my lap in the car.
So anyways one directions 'I want' was on me and Liam sang along
"Give you this give you that blow a kiss take it back if I looked inside your brain I would find lots of things clothes shoes diamond rings stuff that's driving me insane, you can be preoccupied different date every night" we laughed and I let Liam sing along to his solo alone he laughed after we went half way threw the CD when we got home no one was home still
"Wanna help me re decorate Harry's room?" I said with a smile
"Of course"
We took in all the bags and went down into Harry's room and we changed his bed sheets to the logo ones and the pillow cases were the logos cause I wouldn't wanna drool on Harry's face
We put on the comforter that had them on it we laid out my '1D' carpets on either side
And put my '1D' slippers on my carpet I put a throw blanket with '1D' and a bunch of hearts all over it at the end and I changed into my 'Mrs.Styles' track pants and my
'Hazza' V-neck
I put on my 'Harry' necklace that had a picture of him on it and a charm that said his name
I put all the bracelets and stuff in baskets we got from the store and I put the movies about them inside their CD in the other baskets both deluxe and not deluxe and I put all the posters in a cylinder type thing cause I won't hang them unless he's ok with it
The door opened I heard Niall, Zayn and Harry's voices
" Eve, Liam are you guys here?" Harry called out
"Down here" I called back me and Liam stood at the foot of Harry's bed with stupid grins on our faces
"Wha I'd you guys do?" He asked looking curious
"We uh redecorated" I said and we moved to the side Harry's jaw dropped to the floor
"How did you get all of this stuff?" He asked
"The theme park they had like a tent thing" I said Niall and Zayn followed after and when they saw it they bursted out in laughter Harry smiled and shook his head then he saw what I was wearing he walked over and put his hand on my hips
"I like this" he said
" oh this? This is something I just threw together" I said and giggled he smiled
"It's cute" he said
"Well were going back up stairs..coming Liam?" Niall said
"Yep" they walked up the stairs
Harry and I were inches apart just standing there looking into each others eyes her squished his lips against mine. I disconnected our lips
"I'm a virgin" I blurt out but I regret it Immediately
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