Romance In Cheshire

This is the first Fan fiction I've EVER wrote. It's been sitting there in my notes on my iPad so I thought I should put it up!

Dedicated to my sister Kelsey (she's in it)

I haven't changed anything from this story, Liam's hair is the long curly hair in it. Yep that's how old it is. It might suck but it's my first one like I said :) hope you enjoy! :)


8. Their Such Babies

-Evelyn's POV-

We got out of the pool and Harry's mom came home with Mc. Donald's for everyone
"I believe you have not met Kelsey my friend...Kelsey this is Anne Harry's mum"
"nice to meet you Anne"
"you too Kelsey anyone feel like Mc. Donald's?"
"Me!" Niall pushed through all of us.. "What do you got?"
"a couple big macs and a little bit of nuggets"
Niall hugged her
"oh how I've missed you Anne"
Liam came beside me, Harry moved closer I had Liam on one side and Harry on the other oh god not a hot guy love triangle I'll admit I thought Liam was cute but I was sure I was falling for Harry already, Liam bent down I could hear the smile in his voice
" yeah don't mind Niall he likes food"
" better keep my house stocked up with food" I said to him without taking my eyes off Niall scarfing down 2 big macs
"good idea" he chuckled
" hey there Anne!" Louis said really loudly in a high pitched voice and put his arm around her
Kelsey laughed so did I Harry chuckled a little
" hey mum can I go to the beach with these guys tomorrow?"
"yeah sure hun why don't you just have them all over for the night?"
" sounds great if they want to, so you guys wanna stay over?"
"well Liam,Niall,Louis, and Zayn you all have to stay here anyways so kelsey
And Eve wanna stay over the night?"
"yeah sure" I said smiling at Harry
"that sounds fun" Kelsey said smiling at Louis
"ok so their in thanks mum" Harry gave her a kiss on the cheek and tried to grab one of Niall's chicken nuggets but Niall slapped his hand
"get your own nuggets" Niall said
"there is none you ate them all" Harry laughed and grabbed a nugget and ran away and Niall chased him and Louis yelled after them
"whats going on boys!"
Zayn laughed and ran after Louis
"guys don't hurt each other!" Liam called after them and ran to find them
Anne sighed
"My boys"
"how long have they known each other?" I asked sitting on a barstool while Anne whipped down the counter tops
"it's been going on about five years"
"wow only five?" I said while Kelsey sat beside me
"what do you mean only five?"
"they act like they've known each other forever"
"well they were together everyday till Liam moved back to his moms house and Zayn Moved back to his dads. And Niall went back to Ireland with his parents and and the last person to go and that devastated Harry was Louis he went back to Doncaster with his parents he was so upset no one could cheer him up but then Louis started texted and calling him everyday"
"well that was sweet of him"
"yeah we'll theres no friendship that's stronger than Harry and Louis'"
"I'm gathering that when Louis came he couldn't even wait long enough to get changed into swim shorts he just jumped in with all his clothes on"
"oh Louis would do that any day you know he once told me he had a phobia of growing up"
"he does?" Kelsey said smiling at the fact
"yeah he does that's why he's the oldest but he acts like the youngest"
We heard a big thump and then another
"get off me!" yelled Harry
"got him" yelled Niall
"Niall get off me" Harry laughed at the same time saying that
"their going to break through the floor" Anne said smiling
And then there was a scream it was high pitched voice
"Louis" Anne said shaking her head
And then I heard Harry scream my name
"is Harry calling you?" Anne looked at me
"yeah but I think he's ok" I said
"Evelyn help me!"
Anne looked at me and I looked at her we smiled at each other I started waking out of the kitchen
"I'm just going to go help him"
"good-luck" Anne said
"going to need it" I said as I walked down the hallway and looked up the stair it was pitch black and all I heard was little giggles and shrieks. And then it got quiet
I walked up the stairs slowly
There was a lot of doors that were open and dark inside
I heard movement
"Liam? Is that you?"
I was kinda getting scared now
"guys this isn't funny anymore" I said looking into a room
All I heard was footsteps
"Evelyn!" Louis said grab me from behind and putting his hand over my mouth and dragging me into a room and turning on the light
"Hi" he said
"Hi, what is this all about?" I asked him grinning
"just wait a second " we sat there in silence for about fifteen seconds then he grinned and said
"Harry I got Evelyn now will you come out of hiding" he shouted through a smile
"Louis?" Liam whispered through the door
"Liam?" Louis said
"yea it's me" he whispered
Louis unlocked the door and Liam came in and looked at me and smiled
"Hey" he said smiling at me
"Hey" I said smiling back at him
"was Harry out there?"
"I didn't see him"
"where's Zayn and Niall?"
"no clue its so dark out there"
"you guys are treating this like a horror movie" I said looking at Louis then Liam and leaving my eyes on him
"we take this stuff seriously " Louis said smiling at me and looking at the door
We heard a thump and then another thump on the door
"aha Zayn that hurts my back"
"give in Niall I'll let you go"
"ok I give wanna go do something else?"
"yeah sure I don't really wanna get hurt anymore"
"yeah let's go see if the girls wanna watch a movie or something"
Louis was laughing silently and smiling
"their such babies" he added
And then Niall and Zayn went down stairs And we heard a muffled conversation between Kelsey,Anne,Niall and Zayn
"where do you guys think Harry is hiding?" Louis said
"let me check" I said getting up and heading to the door
"no your our hostage" Louis said making eye contact with me
I chuckled
"bye Louis" I turned my head to look at Liam
"bye Liam"
"see ya"
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