Romance In Cheshire

This is the first Fan fiction I've EVER wrote. It's been sitting there in my notes on my iPad so I thought I should put it up!

Dedicated to my sister Kelsey (she's in it)

I haven't changed anything from this story, Liam's hair is the long curly hair in it. Yep that's how old it is. It might suck but it's my first one like I said :) hope you enjoy! :)


13. The Shirt

-Evelyn's POV-

I picked out my favorite bikini a black and blue striped when I was finished I put a pair of shorts and I was looking for a shirt to put on that wasn't tight or anything so it wouldn't be uncomfortable When Harry came down the stairs
"what are you looking for?"
"a comfy shirt I could wear to the beach" I said looking
He walked over to his dresser and searched and pulled out a blue shirt with black lettering on it that I guess was one of his work shirts cause it had his name on it
"like it?" he asked me
"yep" I put it on
"well I'm going to get change so yea get out" he chuckled and took off his shirt
I walked up the stairs and everyone stared at me Louis looked at Liam, Liam looked at Niall and Niall looked at Zayn
"the shirt" Louis said
"it is the shirt" Liam added
Harry came up the stairs and looked at me a could tell I looked confused
" what are you guys talking about?" Harry asked
"oh nothing Im Going to go get changed o-" Louis was cut off cause he fell down the stairs
Harry ran over to the door frame and all you hear is Louis laughing
"you ok boo-bear?" Harry called down the stairs
"yeah I'm fine just thought I'd take the faster way down" he chuckled
Harry smiled and laughed
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