Romance In Cheshire

This is the first Fan fiction I've EVER wrote. It's been sitting there in my notes on my iPad so I thought I should put it up!

Dedicated to my sister Kelsey (she's in it)

I haven't changed anything from this story, Liam's hair is the long curly hair in it. Yep that's how old it is. It might suck but it's my first one like I said :) hope you enjoy! :)


25. That Was Very Kind

-Evelyn's POV-

My head was on Harry's lap my eyelids started to get heavy and I drifted into sleep I woke up to Harry's voice my eyes still shut.
"what happened?" he said
I saw Liam come over and sit when I squinted my eyes and I noticed Niall was gone
"she wanted to talk to me" Liam said looking at me
"about what?" ask Harry
"about how she doesn't wanna be with me she wants to be with you" Liam said
"well what did you say?" Harry said playing with my hair
"I told her I couldn't control my feelings but I also wanted to say that I am going to stay loyal to you Harry I won't hit on her or anything like that I notice now she is yours and she will always be yours she does not want anyone else but you"
"I'm glad you are going to stay loyal I trust you Liam thank you for being honest with me It means a lot to me"Harry said
"yeah I think I upset her because all she wanted to do was talk but I couldn't handle it so I walked out on her"
"you just walked out?" Harry said
"I couldn't bare to talk about it anymore I'm so sorry I didn't mean to hurt her she is much more fragile than I thought you really found yourself a rare rose Harry she truly is beautiful and a great person" Liam said
"I know she means the world to me" Harry said
"your a lucky guy" Liam said
"I know and I have you too help me protect her I have everyone of you" Harry said
"I will help protect her" Liam said
"thank you, you are a real friend Liam"
"I will always be here for you Hazza" Liam said
"we better get her to bed can you hold her for me for a second?" Harry said
"yeah sure" I felt Liam's arms lift me into a cradle he smelt like strawberries my hands were against his chest I closed my eyes again
"may I have her now?" Harry said
"yeah sure" Liam said gently putting me into Harry's arms
We walked down the stairs and Harry put me on his bed and tucked me in and kissed my forehead
"thank you Liam see you in the morning" Harry said I turned to face where Harry was going to crawl in
"goodnight Harry" and then it went silent I squinted again and saw Harry take of his shirt and crawl in the bed with track pants on and turned the light off
When he laid down he grabbed my hand and held it
"that was very kind" I said
"you heard that?" Harry said
"yes I did" I said
"oh are you mad?" he asked
"no I'm glad you solved everything with Liam I want you to know Liam will always be just a friend to me"
"I get that now babe" he said
"can I ask you some thing?" I asked
"yeah sure"
"would you get mad if I hugged any of the boys or anything like that?" I asked
"no because I trust that you only want me now that Liam told me"
"ok cause I feel bad for how I treated Liam" I said
"I understand Eve it's ok with me you don't have to ask me" he said
"thank you Harry"
"your welcome"
"goodnight" I said
"I love you" he said
"I love you too" I said
Then we went to sleep
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