Romance In Cheshire

This is the first Fan fiction I've EVER wrote. It's been sitting there in my notes on my iPad so I thought I should put it up!

Dedicated to my sister Kelsey (she's in it)

I haven't changed anything from this story, Liam's hair is the long curly hair in it. Yep that's how old it is. It might suck but it's my first one like I said :) hope you enjoy! :)


11. See You In The Morning Eve

-Evelyn's POV-

I found myself getting tired
A few minutes later I fell asleep with my head on Harry's lap
I was woken out of sleep but I still had my eyes closed but I could hear Harry and Louis talking
"is everyone gone to bed?" Harry asked he was stroking my head softly
"yeah I'll put the fire out"
A heard a sizzling
"what am I supposed to do I can't wake her shes sleeping so soundly" Harry said
"carry her"
" want me to grab her feet and then you get her arms"
"can you just grab the stuff?"
"yes master Harry"
Harry carried me to his bedroom downstairs in the basement and laid me beside Kelsey
"goodnight Eve" he whispered to me
"goodnight Kelsey" Louis whispered I peaked in time to see Louis kiss her forehead
Harry tucked me in and said
" see you in the morning Eve"
And then I drifted back to sleep
In the morning I woke up to hear Louis, Zayn and Niall singing to Harry to wake him up but they weren't using their serious singing voices Niall was playing guitar and Zayn and Louis were singing these words
"it's time to get up in the morning"
Zayn ruffled Harry's hair while saying (usually Liam does what Zayn is doing)
"In the morning"
"we got Mac Donald's better than any other brand we drove two miles to get so you better get and eat it Don't be a selfish little boy Harry" they stretched him name out long
And then they sang even louder
"so you better be up! Yeah you better get up yeah you better get up.."
And then they went softly
"it's time to get uuuuuuup"
And then Harry jolted up and said
" time to get up!"
I sat up and Harry looked over to me we were both sitting up our beds were a 90 degree angle away from each other
He was shirt less :O
I waved to him and smiled and he waved to me Louis ran over to my bed and jumped in it "time to get up gals!" and he grabbed Kelsey and dragged her out of bed she was laughing
"Louis!" she yelled laughing
"come wit me love" he said lifting her to her feet and they ran over and went up stairs
And then I heard Louis run and yell
"time to get up Anne!"
"ugh poor mum" Harry sighed coming over to my bed
"morning" I said to him
"morning, wanna make breakfast with me?"
"sure but I can't cook"
"come on I'll teach you"
"ok let's go"
We walked through his room, Which was huge he grabbed a shirt off the desk and through it on. When we got into the kitchen Harry turned around and said
"what do you wanna make?"
"ugh bacon and eggs"
"ok want some tea?"
"yea I'd love some"
"ok can you go in the cabinet and grab me some tea bags?"
"sure and what's with that song Zayn and Louis were singing to you?"
"our traditional wake up song"
"oh so they didn't actually get Mac Donald's" I walked over and grabbed some tea bags
And came back and gave them too Harry
"yep were going to have to cook something ourselves this is usually my job" he smiled at me
I loved his hair in the morning it was even fluffy looking he grabbed two frying pans and set them down on the stove do you mind going in the fridge and getting the eggs and bacon? I'm just going to grab the pam and some seasoning from the pantry"
Harry walked through the kitchen and into the hall and Liam walked up the stairs in pj pants and no shirt they were all so fit! Liam had a 6 pack going on 8 pack with a
V-line that made it hard not to stare.
"morning what's for breakfast?"
"eggs and bacon" I kept my head down but I looked up because I didn't want to be rude and I saw his face they all looked so cute and theres nothing more sexier than a guys sleepy voice and well Liam had a very sleepy voice
"did you just get up?" I asked him
He scratched the back of his head and sighed
"yeah do you need any help?" he said walking behind me and checking out the stove
"no Harry is helping me"
"oh he is a good cook" he said leaning against the counter
"good cause he is teaching me how to cook"
"oh cool"
"yep so are you exited to go to the beach?"
"yeah what about you?"
"very I have not gone to the beach in forever"
"me either" he smiled at me
I feel so bad I can feel what I'm doing is wrong Harry cares so much for me and he gets so upset but he never will know that I'm in love with him not Liam
"so how long have you lived here?"
I heard him but I was still thinking
Liam walked up and stood I front of me I was looking down
And Liam was looking at me
He put two fingers below my chin and lifted my head and he looked into my eyes
My heart skipped a beat, he smiled at me
"is anyone in there?" he said raising his eyebrows
"ye.yeah there's someone in here"
"good" he smiled at me
"where's Harry?" he added
"he went into the pantry"
"that's one thing weird about this house" Liam said walking away from me
"the pantry is all the way down the hall"
"that's whats taken him so long"
"yeah I'm going to go see what the boys are up too"
"ok bye Liam"
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