Romance In Cheshire

This is the first Fan fiction I've EVER wrote. It's been sitting there in my notes on my iPad so I thought I should put it up!

Dedicated to my sister Kelsey (she's in it)

I haven't changed anything from this story, Liam's hair is the long curly hair in it. Yep that's how old it is. It might suck but it's my first one like I said :) hope you enjoy! :)



-Evelyn's POV-

We all piled into the car and Louis was driving us it was Kelsey in the passenger seat Liam and Zayn in the middle space and me Harry and Niall in the way back I fell asleep on Harry's shoulder and woke up to him and Niall talking it was kinda a long way home so yeah I woke up to him and Niall talking
"you love her a lot don't you?" Niall said
"she's my world "
"she is beautiful" Niall said
"shes more than beautiful" Harry said
I fell back asleep till we got back home ( aka Harry's house)
"Eve it's time to get up now" Harry says nudging me lightly
When we got back into the house Anne was in bed but she left us some plates of food with our names written on the saran wrap she made roast beef and sweet corn
I looked down the line there was a huge plate with big font saying
I laughed when I saw it we ate and went to bed.
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