Romance In Cheshire

This is the first Fan fiction I've EVER wrote. It's been sitting there in my notes on my iPad so I thought I should put it up!

Dedicated to my sister Kelsey (she's in it)

I haven't changed anything from this story, Liam's hair is the long curly hair in it. Yep that's how old it is. It might suck but it's my first one like I said :) hope you enjoy! :)


7. Meeting Each Of Them

-Evelyn's POV-

Three days later....
Today's the day! I thought to myself as I climbed out of bed I went into the washroom and brushed my teeth and brushed my hair out. I went downstairs to see a note from my mom and dad "were out shopping and doing other things. Have fun at Harry's! Xoxo"
Then the door bell rang I walked over and opened the door...OMG it was Harry I was still in my pjs and everything embarrassing!!!
He walked into my house and looked me over
"yea sure you can come in"
"what you answered the door " he smiled
"and why aren't you dressed we have to be at my house in like 30 minutes
Their going to be here in like an hour Liam landed he texted me him and Niall are one their way and I'm assuming Zayn and Louis are doing the same"
"ugh I gotta get ready make your self at home"
"ok where are your parents I don't want them to walk in and I'm here"
"oh their doing some stuff"
"ok go get ready"
"ok I'll hurry"
I went up stairs and jumped in the shower and walked down the stairs and went into the living room
Harry was eating chips and watching the spider man cartoon
"I see your at home"
"oh hey wear a bathing suit though cause I have a pool and we should swim"
"yea good idea"
"ok go"
"ok boss" I said walking away he laughed
I decided on a bikini with black and blue stripes and a blue cover I walked back downstairs and looked in the living room no sign of Harry
"in the kitchen"
"come on time to go did you drive or do we have to walk?"
"were driving in my car" he walked out of the kitchen with a juice box and a sandwich
"yes I don't wanna walk" I smiled at him
"ok let's go" we got into his car and were on our way to his house
When we got to his house it was so pretty it was a dark red brick house with leafs growing up it a little bit
"come on let's go meet my mom"
We walked into his house it smelt like peaches
"hi I'm Harry's mum Anne"
"nice to meet you I'm Evelyn"
"mum remember our deal you meet her then you go do some shopping and stuff so your don't disturb me and my friends"
He smiled at her and she smiled back
"of course I do baby"
"mum don't call me baby I'm 18"
"ok cutie see ya and bye Evelyn"
"ok they will be here soon so wanna go get the backyard ready?
"yea let's go"
"I'll take the cover off of the pool and do you wanna go make some lemonade instead?" he asked me
We finished everything
"wanna get in the pool now?"
"yea let's get in"
We got in the pool and Harry grabbed a floaty and let me lay on it he went in the shallow end dragged me around the pool and was looking into my eyes and smiling at me we were laughing and having fun when we heard a car pull up
"Harry?!" someone called then we heard footsteps
Then the metal gate open
"oh well hello" a blond guy said as he caught sight of me and Harry
"Niall its so good to see you did you guys bring some bathing suits?"
I looked up and smiled at him
"Ah so your Niall" I pointed at him
"and you are?"
"Evelyn Harry's-" Niall cut me off
I looked at Harry and looked back at Niall
"ooh sorry"
"no it's ok"
"where's Liam?" Harry changed the subject
"just putting our stuff inside" Niall said
" go get changed and come in tell Liam to get changed and come in to."
"ok will do" Niall went into the house
"sorry Niall is kinda weird about that stuff" Harry said looking into my eyes again and smiled at me
"it's alright I like him"
" oh you do?" he raised his eyebrows at me
" not like that" I laughed
The sliding door slid open
"well hey Hazza"
"Liam!" Harry yelled
"hey there guessing this is the girl you wanted me to meet?"
"sure is, Liam this is Evelyn"
"hey" I waved to him
He smiled at me
He took off his shirt and walked into the pool and walked over to my floaty and started talking to me also that was when Niall came in to and did the same
"Zayn is here he's just getting his stuff organized and changing into his swim trunks" Niall said as he climbed in the pool and came over to us
We were talking about how they all can sing when Zayn came into the backyard
"hello guys"
"hey Zayn good to see you" said Harry
"you to Harry" Zayn said
"come on in" Liam turned around I raised my head when Liam turned his head and his nose touched my nose I giggled he chuckled no one saw though
Zayn came into the pool
"where's Louis?"
"I don't know most likely gonna be late" Harry said with a little laugh
"who's that?"
"Evelyn are you here?"
I climbed out of the pool as Kelsey came into the backyard
I looked back at the boys who were all staring with confused looks Harry just smiled
And got out of the pool and walked over to us
"you must be Kelsey, I'm Harry"
"nice to meet you" Kelsey said smiling at him
"wanna come swimming?" Harry asked her
"yeah that sounds fun just let me go change Harry do you mind showing me the bathroom?"
"no not at all"
Then he left me all alone with Liam,Niall and Zayn
I turned around to see Liam staring at me... Hey he was cute I wouldn't mind to flirt with him a little but I was just to into Harry I had this feeling around him where I wasn't nervous but I was it was weird and there was those moments where I just wanted to lay one on him.
But I don't.
I got back in the pool when Liam splashed me and I splashed him back and Then He splashed me again so I splashed him laughing then he put me over his shoulder and was spinning around
"Liam!" I screamed
Harry came out of the house with Kelsey
"Liam what are you doing?" Harry said
"Harry help" I screamed smile at him and laughing
He smiled and jumped into the pool
Liam through me over his shoulder and him and Harry started to wrestle
"Harry!!!!" someone yelled and all of us stopped what we were doing
"Louis!" Harry called back
And the gate slammed open and Louis came around the corner and jumped in the pool with all of his clothes on
When he came back up he hugged Harry
Harry just laughed
"I missed you so much Lou!"
"missed you too Harry"
"you should probably go get changed"
"yeah your right"
At this point me and Kelsey were sitting on the edge of the pool
Louis walked into the house
" wow he actually did that" I chuckled
"who's that now?" Kelsey said not taking her eyes of the door
"oh that's Louis"
"oh he's cute "
I looked over at Harry and gave him a thumbs up while Kelsey was looking away
"well I'm going back in" I slid back into the pool
"ok I just gotta go to the bathroom" Kelsey got up and just when she was walking in and Louis was walking out and they ran into each other
"oh hi" Louis said blushing
"hi" Kelsey said
They were just standing there staring at each other smiling at each other
"I believe I have not met you yet"
"oh I'm Kelsey Evelyn's friend" she said turning and pointing at me
"oh I have not met her either I'm Louis, Harry and the boys friend"
"nice to meet you Louis"
Louis looked down and back up into her eyes and moved out of her way
"thank you"
Louis jumped in the pool with swim trunks on this time
"hi I'm Louis" he said swimming up to me
"I'm Evelyn good to meet you"
"you too so how olds your friend?"
"19 why?, how old are you?"
"21, is she seeing anyone?"
"no and yes I can tell she likes you so ask her out!" I said smiling at him
"really how do you know?" he smiled and blushed
"the way she was looking at you" I smiled at him
Harry came over and picked me up
"I'm going to borrow her for a minute ok?" Harry said
"yea sure but can I ask her something?"
"yeah ask me anything" I said smiling at him
"what do I say?" he looked me looked up at me
"be yourself Louis"
Harry dragged me away and put me down on the floaty and started tickling me
I was laughing and then he stopped and pointed to Louis and Kelsey they were talking and smiling
"you were right" he whispered in my ear
"you were too you said it too" I whispered back
"true but I'll let you take credit if they ask"
"I won't let you we both did it and we should be proud of ourselves because they are obviously in love already"
"ok we will share" he looked me into the eyes, I looked back into his eyes.
"Aww look at them"
"does Kelsey like going to beaches? Cause Louis does and we should go to the beach tomorrow"
"yeah Kelsey loves going to the beach we should do that"
"then we will," we looked around Liam was sitting on a floaty Niall was wrestling Zayn
And Louis and Kelsey were talking and laughing"
"hey guys wanna go to the beach tomorrow?"
Everyone looked at me and Harry
Liam was the first to answer "sounds awesome, I'm in" he looked at me and smiled
Niall looked at Harry and then me
"that would be fun I am in too"
Zayn looked at Harry
"I'm in also" he said
Well looked at Louis and Kelsey who were in their own world
"ugh Louis Kelsey ?" Harry said
"yeah" they both said at the same time looking at me and Harry
"do you guys wanna come to the beach tomorrow?" Harry looked at Louis and then at Kelsey with that beautiful smile I can kinda tell I'm falling for him head over heels
I looked at the side of Harry's face and caught myself smiling at him
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