Romance In Cheshire

This is the first Fan fiction I've EVER wrote. It's been sitting there in my notes on my iPad so I thought I should put it up!

Dedicated to my sister Kelsey (she's in it)

I haven't changed anything from this story, Liam's hair is the long curly hair in it. Yep that's how old it is. It might suck but it's my first one like I said :) hope you enjoy! :)


24. In The Magazines

-Evelyn's POV-

"what? When was this taken?"
"the airport when you arrived at the airport in L.A and if you flip to the article they have a picture of you two kissing after the performance"
"what?" Harry says flipping to the article and there we were kissing he was in his cute bow tie
"how did they get that?" I asked
"they have their ways" Anne said
"look it's Lou and Kelsey they are in here too" Harry said pointing to a couple pictures of them
"why are we on the cover though it can't be that important right?" I said
We heard Louis laughing we looked up at him
" your on the cover! Ha good luck keeping it private ugh that sucks" he laughed more
"hey Louis maybe you should be quiet because you and Kelsey are in it too" Harry said
"were what?" Louis said jumping out of the pool and running towards us
"in it" Harry said
"oh my gosh" Louis said looking at the pictures
The article was called
'1D members Harry Styles and Louis Tomlinson taken?' with a big picture of me and Harry holding hands walking out of the airport and a little picture of Kelsey and Louis in the corner holding hands
"what's happening?" Kelsey asked walking up to us
"we made front page" Harry says handing her the magazine
"everyone knows now" Harry added
"we'll I can live with that everyone was going to find out any way" Louis said
He turned to Kelsey and hugged her close
"I don't want to hide her either" Louis said kissing her forehead, Harry gave the magazine back to Anne and held me closer to him he held my hands
Louis and Kelsey got back into the pool and I caught Liam's eyes they were big and chocolate brown then I dropped his gaze
"let's go watch a movie or something" I said to Harry
"yeah ok" he said we got up and went into the house
We sat on the couch he turned the tv on
It was on E talk news
And guess who they were talking about? Harry styles and his mystery girl
"it's everywhere" he said
"are you trying to hide me?" I asked
"our fans can get a little jealous" Harry said
"you can get a lot of hate from them but don't let it bother you"
TMZ™ came on and they talked about us too
" do you think more paparazzi will come down here?" I said
"no they won't"
Then the door slammed open and it was Louis
"hide and seek time!" he yelled
"Lou were all like 18 and 19 we're a little old for that" I said smiling at him
"no we're not and you have to play by the way" Louis said smiling at me
"ok so when does the game start?" I asked
"as soon as we all get changed and yeah it's dark hide and seek" Louis answered
" of course it is" I said with a grin
"ok now everyone find a room change in it so we can get this game started"
I walked down the stairs and grabbed a pair of black track pants with a grey spaghetti strap tight shirt I always wear to bed
Harry changed after me into black PJ pants and a dark blue plain T-shirt
He came and sat beside me on the couch as we waited for the others I was still kinda mad at Liam he really upset me last night he walked by me and I turned away not even looking at him after everyone was changed we made teams they were
Me and Kelsey
Louis and Harry
Zayn, Liam and Niall
The first team to be it was Harry and Louis
They had to count till 50 and then they could come and try to find us
Me and Kelsey run and go into a dark room up stairs and hide behind a bunch of stuff
We lost track of Liam Zayn and Niall we think they are up here to though
"ready or not here we come" Louis yelled
Me and Kelsey snickered and then went silent as Harry and Louis came up the stairs
"let's look for our girls" Harry said
"your sick" Louis said in a high pitched voice
"what's sick about that?" Harry said I could hear the smile in his voice
"you just made it sound sick" Louis said and then made a noise
I heard Harry's laugh and then he clapped I giggled they came past the room me and Kelsey were hiding I covered my mouth trying not to laugh Harry's laugh was so cute
Harry and Louis were in our door way walking by
"shhh." Harry said putting his hand over Louis' mouth
"let's go in here" Harry said
"yeah yeah yeah" Louis said fast
Harry walked into the room and they were walking around the room was dark but I could still see the shape and sometimes light hit Harry or Louis' face
"they in here I know it" Louis whispered
"are you sure?" Harry said
"yeah" Louis said
I moved back under the corner table I was under Kelsey grabbed my wrist as a signal to stop when I bumped into the wall it was I quite sound but Harry heard it
A slight grin grew on his face
"oops" I whispered really quietly to Kelsey they wouldn't hear it Louis smiled too and they looked at our table
Harry nodded at Louis and they walked over and lifted the table when they put it down I slowly got up they couldn't see me and made a run for it when I felt strong arms around my waist they pulled me back I crashed onto his chest
"where do you think your going?" Harry said
"anywhere but here" I said
"I caught you though promise to stay"
"I promise" I said in a mutter voice
"ok I'm going to put you down now" he put me back down onto the carpet he held my hand
Then I heard Kelsey laughing we turned around and the light hit Louis and Kelsey. Kelsey was on her back while Louis tickled her she reached up and tickled around his neck he tipped over and they laid on their sides tickling each other laughing
"ok ok ok if I stop will you stop" Louis managed to get out
"1,2,3" they put their hands back
And then got up Louis took Kelsey's hand and helped her up
"shall we look for the others?" Louis said lacing his and Kelsey's hands together
"we shall" Harry said as we left the room
Then I heard a laugh
"did you guys hear that?" I asked
" no but go look at it" Louis said
"ok" I said I split up with them
I followed the laugh into a room and heard it once more and then I realized it was coming from directly I front of me
I walked up and moved the curtain aside and Liam stood there
"caught you" was all I said and then walked out of the room
I was still mad at Liam cause all I wanted to do was talk and he took it to the next level by declaring love for me I met up with Harry and the other 2 when I told Harry it was Liam
"what did he say?" Harry asked in a very protective tone
"I didn't give him a chance to say anything I just said that I caught him and left"
I heard Zayn and Niall laugh
"Zayn" Harry said
"Niall" Louis said we went into the room they were laughing in and found Zayn laughing at Niall who was soaked
Harry flicked on the light
"what happened?" Louis asked
"well I was hiding in the shower when Zayn decided to turn the shower on" Niall said
"it was hilarious" Zayn said
"yeah it kinda was" Niall said
"here let me help you up mate" Liam said walking towards Niall I never even realized he was in there Niall got up and Louis handed him a towel I stuck out my hand and helped Zayn off the ground
"thanks" he said when he got this feet
"I guess the games over?" Liam said to Harry and looked at me I looked away
"yeah I guess so"
"well guys me and Kelsey are headed to bed" Louis said yawning
"yeah I'm tired" Kelsey said
"ok goodnight you too" Harry said
"yeah night"
"night" Niall said and they left
"I'm tired too I'll see you all in the morning" Zayn said
"goodnight Zayn" Niall said
"movie?" Harry said we all agreed and went down stairs me and Harry sat on the couch and Liam spread out on the love seat and Niall took the other love seat.
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