Romance In Cheshire

This is the first Fan fiction I've EVER wrote. It's been sitting there in my notes on my iPad so I thought I should put it up!

Dedicated to my sister Kelsey (she's in it)

I haven't changed anything from this story, Liam's hair is the long curly hair in it. Yep that's how old it is. It might suck but it's my first one like I said :) hope you enjoy! :)


26. I Forgive You

-Evelyn's POV-

In the morning I woke up and everyone was up stairs I turned on the light and the room lit up I heard the the lock on the bathroom door turn and the door opened and Liam came out I didn't hesitate I ran up and hugged him
He put his arms on my back
"what are you doing?" he asked me
"I forgive you" I said
"wait what? Why do you all the sudden change your mind?" he asked me when I looked up at him
"I heard what you said how I'm a rare beautiful rose and you never meant to hurt me I get it now Liam you can they'll your feelings and I get that and I forgive you" Liam was the same hight as Harry but a little bit taller so it was like hugging Harry but Harry smelt like peaches not strawberries his hands were warm on my waist
"I'm going to grab some breakfast now ok?" I said
"alright I'll come with you" he said smiling down at me
"ok and I'm sorry for how I might have acted" I said
"i forgive you" he said
I kissed his cheek in a friendly way
"your too sweet" I said he blushed
We walked up the stairs and saw everyone eating
I sat down next to Harry and he grabbed my hand
"can I have some of your bacon?" I asked him
"sure" I reached onto his plate and grabbed a piece of bacon
"I was saving that piece" he said
"ok you can have it back" I went to hand it to him and he reached for it and I fastely
Put it in my mouth
He laughed
I looked over at Niall and he was sitting there with his mouth wide open
"what?" Harry asked
"you just let her do that?"
"it's just bacon" Harry said
"shame on you" Niall said Louis laughed and Zayn joined in
Louis looked at Kelsey's plate
"can I have some of yours?" he asked her she smiled
"ugh hell no you gave yours to Niall" Zayn laughed
"I'll take it back then" Louis turned and grabbed a huge handful of Niall's bacon
"ugh oh" Harry said
"Louis no!" Niall yelled Louis got up and ran down the hall and up the stairs
"is your mom home?" I asked Harry
"no my mum went to get some more bacon and stuff cause I cooked all the breakfast food cause Niall was hungry and everyone came upstairs cause the smelt the bacon so yeah"
"ow Niall!" we heard Louis yell
"I'm going to go help him " Zayn said getting up and going down the hall and up the stairs
"Zayn!" we heard Louis yelled
We laughed with each other
"I'm going to shower" Kelsey said
That left me Harry and Liam
"I'm glad you guys worked things out" I said looking from Liam to Harry
"we were never fighting or anything like that" Liam said
"yeah I was just a little jealous" Harry said
"he didn't trust me enough" Liam said
"I'm happy we are all good and Harry I want you too know you can trust me two" I say
"Eve I always have trusted you" Harry said
"ok I love you guys" I said I got up and hugged Harry and then Liam I grab the plates and clear them all off and started to put them in the dishwasher
"Eve you don't have to do that" Harry said from behind me
"yeah let us do it" Liam said they both go up and sat down
Why are they both being so sweet to me?
This felt weird it felt like Harry and Liam were my boyfriends I just smiled at them
"thanks guys" I said
"no problem" they both said at the same time and laughed at each other
I smiled I was so In love with Harry I zoned out thinking about me and Harry's future I've always wanted to have a kid but now thinking I could do it right here right now if Harry wanted its scary I was thinking about what I would name my kid
I started dreaming about having a baby in my arms and Harry kisses me and then kisses the baby it was a girl we were standing in a yard the baby was only 6 months old
Liam poked my shoulder and dragged me out of my deep sleep
"are you ok?" he asked
"well you been asleep for like 3 hours" he said chuckling
"where is everyone?" I asked
"out to get food" he said smiling at me
"how long have they been gone?" I asked
"2 minutes they like just left" he said
"come on let's sit down in the living room" We walked into the living room and sat on the same couch
"you look stunned or something whats wrong?" he asked
"I had a dream"
"what was it about?" he asked
"a baby"
"a baby? What's wrong with that?" he asked
"it was me and Harry's" I said looking over at him
"it's just a dream" he said
"yeah but my dreams are usually about things that are going to happen" I said his face went from normal to confused
"you think you and Harry are going to have a baby?"
"I don't know that's the thing"
"are you a virgin did you and Harry you know?"
"no we haven't and I'm still a virgin" I said
"well maybe this dream is different" he said
"I don't think so" I said
"do you want to have a baby with Harry?" he asked
"some day I want a family with Harry but were 18! We're not supposed to be taking care of a baby" I said
"Eve don't you think this one could just be a dream?"
"no Liam its not just a dream" I said
"Eve I'm just trying to help" he said
"I know I'm sorry Liam" I said
" you never know you and Harry haven't even done it yet" he said
"true but what if he wants to" I said
"it's called birth control" he said with a smirk
"don't be a smart ass" I said smiling
He smiled back
"that's something you can get" Liam said
"I know that seems like a good idea" I said
"what if Harry wants a baby now?" Liam said
My heart dropped
"I don't know what I would say I do want a baby.....I don't know"
"you have to talk about this with Harry Evelyn" Liam said
"I will" I replied
The door opened
"were back!" I heard Niall's voice yell
"where's my baby?" Harry said
How ironic
"right here" I said getting up and walking into the foyer
I looked for his beautiful green eyes and caught them
He hugged me tight
"I missed you" he said
"Harry you were just getting dinner"
"I still missed you" he said we stepped back from each other
He kissed my forehead
Was he thinking about having a baby?
"let's eat!" Zayn yelled from inside the kitchen we all sat down at the table Louis fed popcorn chicken to Kelsey while she giggled they were so cute
I looked over at Harry he smiled at me I smiled back
"So what's on the agenda for tomorrow?" Niall asked while popping chicken in his mouth
"I was thinking I could have a day alone with Kelsey" Louis said
"That's cute" Liam said
"Yeah I was thinking two" I butted in
"About what?" Zayn asked
"Well, I wanted to have a friendship day with Liam" I said
I looked at Harry he looked confused
"I wanted to hang out with Liam for a day" I said
"Well I guess that's ok cause Niall and Zayn wanted me Togo out with them so I guess we can do that tomorrow" Harry said
"Ok" I said
We ate in silence for the next couple minutes and I saw Harry's hand at his side I reached over and held it he smiled at me
"I love you" he mouthed to me
"I love you too" I mouthed back
We cleaned up
"I think I'm going to crash" I said
"Yeah me to I'm tired" Harry said we walked down into his room and we changed into PJs and climbed into his bed
"Goodnight beautiful" he whispered to me I held his hand and fell asleep and was dragged into another dream

Me and Harry were sitting on a carpet in a living room cross legged we were s,idling at something and then it came into view the little girl but she was a little bigger this time
"Come on Darcy you can do it come to daddy" Harry said I'm guessing trying to her her to walk he smiled at her she was beautiful she had Harry's smile and dimples his eyes too she had chubby cheeks like me and she had my nose but she had Harry's curly hair little curls hanging from her head she was adorable Harry got up and walked towards her and held her hands and lifted her to her feet and went on his knees back wards as she followed him stepping
"Eve get this on film Lou wanted me to film it" he said I took out my phone and aimed it on Harry and the little girl
The little girl followed Harry's steps all the way back to me and fell on my lap Harry took my phone and aimed it on me and her I sat her in my lap and she smiled at me I smiled back
"I think she's going to say her first word" Harry said
The little girl was just about to say something when I got woken up
"Eve, Eve wake up" it was Liam he was sitting on the side of my bed and his hand was on the other side of my body and he was leaning on it. I sat up
"Liam, I had another dream" I said he tilted his head
"What happened?" He asked
"The baby girl that was me and Harry's she was more grown up and Harry and I were trying to get her to walk and she fell into my lap and smiled at me she was cheeky like Harry she had his eyes his smile his dimples his curls she was mine"
"Are you saying you love this baby?" Liam asked
"I can't love her she's in my dreams"
"True" Liam said
I looked around to see no one
"Where is everyone?"
"They all left already"
"A while ago actually I thought I would let you sleep though so are we still on for today?"
"Of course"
"Ok, so get up and get dressed and we can go" he said standing and picking me up by the waist and putting me on my feet I smiled at him and hugged him
"This is going to be a good day" I said
"Sure is"
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