Romance In Cheshire

This is the first Fan fiction I've EVER wrote. It's been sitting there in my notes on my iPad so I thought I should put it up!

Dedicated to my sister Kelsey (she's in it)

I haven't changed anything from this story, Liam's hair is the long curly hair in it. Yep that's how old it is. It might suck but it's my first one like I said :) hope you enjoy! :)


2. Eye Contact

-Evelyn's POV-

We were walking down the street when a Mc-Donald's came into sight
"Mc-Donald's really?"
"yeah what's wrong with that?" he said with a cheeky smile
"get used to it Eve were going to have alot of Mc-Donald's now." he put his arm around my shoulders in a friendly way.
Eve? He already had a nickname for me? Awesome maybe he's my new best friend but its not good to have a best friend you kinda have a crush on....
We ordered two big macs and I had a iced tea and he ordered a coke. He started talking about his three friends Liam,Niall and Zayn and his best friend Louis, He said that they all didn't live here. I felt bad for him Because he said that his three friends and best friend left him he said he missed Louis allot I told him about Kelsey my best friend from back home and
He kinda chuckled,
"what?" I asked
"I just had an idea but never mind" he smiled at me while he packed up his garbage
"and what is this idea?"
"that I fly down Louis and you fly down Kelsey and they meet how old is Kelsey?"
"19 what about Louis?"
"21 so should I give him a call?"
"of course" I smiled at him
"you should also call Kelsey"
"on it" I pulled out my phone
"not here when we leave" he grinned at me
"ok just let me grab my garbage and then we can leave" I started collecting my garbage
"ok let me get mine too" We got rid of our garbage and started walking through a field
"we better get back to School" he said looking down and putting his hands in his pockets
"this way" he said pointing to the opposite way I was going. Embarrassing....
"right" I walked where he was pointing
He laughed and followed me caught up to me and nudged my shoulder
"so what's Kelsey like?"
"She doesn't really take life seriously"
"same with Louis he has a fear of growing up."
"a fear of growing up I've never heard of that"
"He always acts kinda childish but he fits in well with me."
"so it's not like a fear fear it's like a phobia....ish"
"sure I guess"
We got to the school and we both had biology so we sat together
"Wanna be my lab partner?." he whispered to me
The teacher stopped talking and looked at us
"Harry, can you explain to me why your talking during my lesson?" everyone turned and looked at us
"ugh I'd rather not" he said not breaking eye contact with me
"please Humor me"
"ok, I was asking Evelyn if she wanted to be my lab partner..."
"you could have done that when it was time to pick them, anyways it doesn't matter because that time is now, everyone please pick your lab partners and Harry and Evelyn can you guys do me a favor since you already know who your partners are?"
"yeah sure.." Harry said
"ok come here please" we walked over to his desk where he was sitting
"can you too take this note down to Mrs. Higgins room?"
"Sure" Harry said taking the note
"Oh and nice to meet you Evelyn, my name is Greg I don't proffer being called by my last name so you can just call me that alright?"
"Alright nice to meet you Greg"
"let's go" Harry said yanking on my arm
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