Romance In Cheshire

This is the first Fan fiction I've EVER wrote. It's been sitting there in my notes on my iPad so I thought I should put it up!

Dedicated to my sister Kelsey (she's in it)

I haven't changed anything from this story, Liam's hair is the long curly hair in it. Yep that's how old it is. It might suck but it's my first one like I said :) hope you enjoy! :)


23. Except Louis

-Evelyn's POV-

I opened the door and walked through the the living room and kept my head down to avoid the glance I was for sure getting from Liam I was kinda angry with him I wanted to talk to him but he didn't want to talk to me but a part of me felt bad I needed to go down with Harry but I won't say anything not tonight
I felt a little bit of tears coming down my face cause it seems o be like whatever I do I hurt Liam Harry or someone else right now I needed Harry I walked down the stairs it was kinda dark I crawled in next to Harry being careful not to wake him when I felt his hand grab ahold of mine he was still in his sleeping faze I was sitting up I sniffed and Harry woke right up and turned his lamp on
And looked at me
"why are you crying?" he said putting his arm around my shoulders and Wiping away my tears with the other
"no I'm ok" I said
"are you sure? What happened?" he said I out my head on his chest I didn't realize how tired I was
"I just don't know what to do" I wined
"it's ok,its ok" he said in a soothing way and he laid me down and he cuddled up to me he held my hands in between us and kissed my forehead and put his head down and I drifted off to sleep
In the morning I opened my eyes and saw Harry opening his eyes too
"how are you this morning?" he whispered trying not to wake the others
"I'm better thanks to you" I said he smiled at me
"how about we do something today? Just me and you?"
" I would like that" he rubbed the palms of my hands with his thumbs
"wanna go to one if my favorite stores before the others wake up?" he whispered
" ok" we got up and got ready not waking the others and went up the stairs and into the kitchen Harry left a little note saying
'be back soon just took Eve out to show her what our little village has to offer' then he drew a cat at the end and wrote 'Harry' in fancy writing witch I think that's how he autographs things and we went out the front door and into Harry's car drove me to a clothes store we parked his car witch was an Audi -_- jealous he opened my door for me and he laced our fingers together and we walked to the front and we were just about to enter when a camera flash went off then I thought to myself
One direction? OMG I REMEMBER NOW! They are huge in canada and though with a camera must work for a magazine or paparazzi
"so Harry who's this?" the man said
"your not supposed to bother me here" Harry said
"yeah well I saw her with you at the kids choice awards and I see Louis has one too"
"please leave us alone" Harry said opening the door for me we walked into the door and looked at some wrist bands for Harry one of my friends back home was obsessed with One direction she liked Niall the most but she also liked Harry she said he had an obsession for wrist bands like links of London and rope bracelets I never noticed but he seems to always be wearing one he spun the wrack around
"sorry about that" he said
"it's ok I better get used to it"
"who told you?" he asked
"Niall are you mad I know?"
"no it's better you knowing than finding our picture in a magazine" he said
"I can't believe I didn't recognize you I have friends at home who are like obsessed with you guys and when you sang together I should have known I was getting a VIP treatment of One direction" I said
"yeah sorry I didn't tell you sooner I just didn't know if you were going to go all fan girl on me" he said
"I will never do that to you, you know that?" I said
"I'm begging to realize it yes I trust you more than anyone now" he said
"except Louis" I said
"yeah except Louis" he said with a smile
I realized he had a handful of the bracelets
"what?" he says noticing I was staring
"you have a lot of bracelets"
"oh this is nothing I have like a whole drawer at home" he said easing his brows
"and I thought your home towns was the only place paparazzi didn't bother you" I said
"well sometimes there is one guy out there but it's not like there's a mob like usual"
"mobs?" I said
"yeah but you get used to it because I've been dealing with it since the X- factor" Harry said
"excuse me" we heard a little voice coming from behind Harry he turned around and there was a little girl behind him he kneeled down
"are you Harry styles?" she said she was so cute!
"yeah I am" he said smiled at her he was so sweet to her
"can you sign my arm?" she said
"wait have this piece of paper and a pen it will last longer" I said grabbing a slip of paper off the counter and a pen and handed it too her with a smile
"it will last longer" I added
"thank you" she said with a smile
"no problem"
She took the paper and gave it to Harry
"ok sweetly whats your name?"
"Ali" she said
"beautiful name" he said signing the piece of paper
"thank you Harry" she hugged him
She came up and hugged me too
"thank you too Mrs.Styles" she said hugging me Harry stood up and smiled
" your welcome " I said
"yeah your welcome" Harry said
" Harry" she said he looked down at her
"she's really pretty" and then she ran away I assume she was talking about me
"aww" I said
"yeah she's really cute" Harry said
"she called me Mrs.Styles" I said to him
"yeah she did" Harry said smiling me he looked at the rack and picked up two bracelets they looked the same but they were just plain white
"I have an idea" he said walking up to the counter and handed the women his handful of bracelets and the other white two separate wrote something down on a piece of paper
"come on let's go get some food" he said grabbing my hand
We walked over to a bakery
"this is where I used to work" Harry said
"aww I can imagine you in a chef hat and an apron cute" I said he got us a loaf of fresh warm bread and butter and we sat and ate our food
"we have to go back to the shop" Harry said
"why?" I said getting up as he grabbed my hand
"I got a surprise for you" he said we crossed the street back to the shop and he walked in and grabbed the one bag with the handful of bracelets and the a little bag with the other ones inside we went to the park and sat under a tree
He took the two bracelets out of the smaller bag and out one in my hand it was one that said
'Harry' on it in black with a red heart beside it he showed me his, his said
'Evelyn' in black with a red heart beside it too
"Harry I love it!" I said as he tied it to my wrist
"glad you do" Harry said as I tied his to his wrist
"I got Louis and Kelsey one too" he said he showed me them
"that's so sweet of you Harry"
"wanna get back to the house?" he said putting them in the back in the baggy we had ours in
" yeah sure let's go"
"do you think Louis and Kelsey will like them?" he said lacing his free hand with mine
"yeah I think they will love them" I said
"ok where did we park again?" Harry said
"over behind the shop"
We found Harry's car and got in and drove back to Harry's house when we arrived home and got into the house everyone was in the pool
We walked out into the back Anne was sitting on one of the lawn chairs reading a magazine
"hey Mum what's up?" Harry said sitting on one of the lawn chairs and pulling me onto his lap and out his arms around me
"ugh we've been out in the pool for a while" Anne said
"so how has you morning been?" she added
"good we got these bracelets made" Harry held his wrist out and I stuck mine out too
"ooh cute" Anne smiled
"so have they had breakfast yet?" Harry asked
"no bet guess who made the cover of People?"
"who?" Harry asked
She passed it too me
"you two" she said
"oh my god" I said
There was a picture of me and Harry walking with our hands held.
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