Romance In Cheshire

This is the first Fan fiction I've EVER wrote. It's been sitting there in my notes on my iPad so I thought I should put it up!

Dedicated to my sister Kelsey (she's in it)

I haven't changed anything from this story, Liam's hair is the long curly hair in it. Yep that's how old it is. It might suck but it's my first one like I said :) hope you enjoy! :)


21. Boobear?

-Evelyn's POV-

When we arrived back in Holmes chapel we went straight to Harry's house Louis ran into the house and all you heard was him screaming Anne's name
We all walked in to see Lou hugging Anne
"hey guys!" Anne shouted
"hey Anne " I said
"you boys did amazing"
"thanks mum" Harry said kissing her cheek
"did you make dinner Anne?" Niall asked
"yes Niall and I made a lot thinking of you"
"aww Anne you shouldn't have"
"yep so dig in everyone"
We ate dinner and Anne had a movie night in the living room planned"
We all piled onto the kitchen cause Louis was going to make smoothies
"ok I'm going to put strawberry's and bananas and ice in here"
"yum" we all said at the same time
"ok let's do this!" Louis shouted going for the on button without the lid on
"Louis no!" we all shouted but it was too late the smoothie went all over us
"Lou!" I shouted
"oops" was all he said
"Louis" Kelsey said he walked up to her
"you can forgive me right?" he said smiling at her
"maybe and this tastes too much like banana" Kelsey said
"here let me give you some strawberry" he said holding her close and kissing her passionately
"Louis not in my kitchen" Anne said Louis stopped kissing Kelsey
"sorry Anne" he said he Locked hands with Kelsey like they were playing mercy
"now who's going to clean this up?" Anne said
"not it" me and Harry said at the same time
"nope" Niall said walking out of the room
"right behind you Niall" Liam said walking out if the room
" see ya" Zayn said walking out of the room
"cowards!" Louis yelled after them and looked at us
"well were just going to yeah see ya" Harry grabbed my hand and we left Kelsey and Louis to clean the floor was covered with smoothie
We all sat in the living room listing to Louis and Kelsey laughing while cleaning and then there was a bang and smashes and glass shattering Kelsey
"aww come on!" I heard Louis whine
"are you ok Lou?" Kelsey said laughing me and Harry and Liam Niall and Zayn and Anne ran up to the kitchen door way to see Louis soaked with smoothie and glass shattered on the floor
"how did this happen?" Anne said giggling at Louis
"ugh I slipped and grabbed the table cloth and then i think you know the next part of the story" he said sitting up and wiping his face off Kelsey walked up to him and put out her hand
"here let me help you"
He took her hand and got up
"let's go grab the mop" Harry said rubbing the back of his hand on the back of mine
"ok" we left the kitchen
"it's in the pantry" Harry said
"that was funny" Harry said chuckling
"he was probably embarrassed" I said looking around
"louis never gets embarrassed" Harry said
" never?" I said raising my eyebrows towards him
"never" he said smiling
"oh awesome" we entered the pantry and Harry grabbed cleaning supplies he handed me a mop and a bucket and he grabbed some cloths and other stuff and we headed back to the kitchen
"oh thank god" Louis said when we turned the corner with two mops and other cleaning supplies
I filled a bucket up with water and started moping the floor
"you made a big mess Lou" I said
"yeah boo bear it is a huge mess"
"boo bear?" me and Kelsey both said at the same time
"oh it's what my mum used to call me when I was little" Louis said smiling at Kelsey and me
"oh cute" Kelsey said smiling at Louis who blushed.
"ok can we clean up now guys?" Harry said smiling at us
"yeah" I said going over to Harry with a mop and helping him
Niall walked in the doorway and slipped
"Oh shit" he said as he slipped as if there was a banana under him falling with his feet straight up in the air.
"Niall I just mopped there" Harry Said
"you ok mate?" Louis said walking up to him
" yea I'm alright" Niall said sitting up
"why did you come in here?" Harry asked
"for a snack" Niall said
We laughed he just ate! I thought he really was never full
"ok but your going to have to wait" Harry said
" ok" Niall said getting up and walking out of the room
" well that was random" I said as we all continued to clean up when we finished we went into the living room
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