Adopted by Liam. Nialler's Princess. The boys sister.

Elizabeth is a 13 year old girl. She has lived in an orphanage
For 11 years. Her parents gave her up because the claim she was
To much trouble. They didn't have time for her.
So what happens when she is adopted by 1 Direction???


2. Navena, Sapphire, and Elizbeth

Elizabeth's pov ( point of view)

" Navena!!! Sapphire!!!! Wake up you lazy bums!" I exclaimed.
" Elizabeth Maria!! I swear you better stop your yelling right now!!"
Navena said. " Navena Sophia You better get your lazy bum up. "
I mocked. She rolled her eyes and got up. " NAVENA SOPHIA, ELIZABETH
MARIA SHUT UP!!!" Sapphire screamed. She is not a morning person.
" Sapphire Leighanna, please stop screaming. Some are trying to be in
peace until this afternoon." Mrs. Katelyn said. Mrs. Katelyn is the orphanage mom.
Louis's pov
" Are we almost there yet Paul?" I asked. " No not yet. " he replied. We are going to
adopt a child. Simon thinks it will help with " Responsibility."
" Hey Lads, what age group?" Harry asked. " 12-14?" Niall suggested. We nodded in
agreement. " Boy or Girl?" Harry asked. " GIRL!" We all shouted. Then we laughed.
" Well here we are!" Paul announced.
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