Adopted by Liam. Nialler's Princess. The boys sister.

Elizabeth is a 13 year old girl. She has lived in an orphanage
For 11 years. Her parents gave her up because the claim she was
To much trouble. They didn't have time for her.
So what happens when she is adopted by 1 Direction???


3. Adoption <3

Sapphire's pov

Navena, Elizabeth, and I started having a girls day. We talked about
our fav celebs, fav food, boys, pasts, etc. " ALL GIRLS BETWEEN 12 -14 COME DOWN!!"
Mrs.Katelyn yelled. We sighed as we got up and walked down stairs. We got at the end of the line and just stood there. Suddenly queen bee Laura came over. " Hello loser anyone home? I said MOVE!" Laura exclaimed. I looked to see she was talking to Navena. " Um, Excuse you? Laura, you can't just tell me to move. Just in case you haven't noticed, the world does not revolve around you. I suggest you back off before you make me do something I'll regret!" Navena snapped. She never was one to put up with that crap. Laura's jaw dropped. " oooohhhh!!!" Everyone said. As Laura went to the front of the line, She pushed Elizabeth to the ground. " Maybe you should move sometime Loser. Instead your fat and ugly." Laura said. Elizabeth then got up. " Oh I'm sorry Laura were you looking in the mirror when you said that? Because I'm beautiful, amazing, and talented. Unlike you. I suggest you get your pathetic self in your spot. " Elizabeth snapped. When she finished I noticed 5 guys and Mrs. Katelyn standing at the door. " Laura, may I speak with you please?" She asked. " Of Course Mrs. Katelyn!" Laura chirped. They walked out and told the boys to pick who they wanted to adopt. Suddenly I noticed Jacob staring at me then whispering to his friends. " Hey Sapphire! Can't handle yourself? You looked a little shaken up." He teased. " Jacob Manning, hmm not a surprise. Look I don't have time for your games. Your pathetic. You think you control this place. Hate to break it to you but you don't."
~~~~~~~~~~{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~|||~~~~~~~~||||||||||||~~~~~~~~|~ Liam's Pov

I think we may be leaving with 3 girls. Not just one.
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