My Love for Dance

It's about a girl Jane who is a professional ballet dancer which gets to dance on a music video, but what happens when she sets eyes on one particular person or persons, her whole life changes....


6. What? (continuation of coincidences)

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Jane's P.O.V


All the dancers came back into the studio and Zayn said, '' Well done to all! But only 3 were chosen, sorry to those who we haven't choose but maybe next time! Ok the finalists are: Emily Lonsdale,  Emma Jonson and...''


''Jane Austin!'' Harry jumped in the middle, Zayn gave him an angry look as Harry mouthed sorry.


'What? ME?'


'Yes You!' Harry spoke,it felt as if only we were in the room we gazed into each others eyes but we broke off as soon Liam started to speak, ' So may Emily Lonsdale, Emma Jonson and Jane Austin come out! Thanks! And now for an applause! Great job girls! And a big  thanks to those who didn't make it! Goodbye!'


All the girls left except foe us 3. 

'Wow! Great job! So now we need to decide when and where you ladies need to meet us!' NIall politely said.


'Jane! Maybe if you give me your number I can send you the details and you can send them to Emma and Emily!'' Harry again interrupted. What? Did Harry Just ask for my number!?!?! Should I give it to him? I think I should! We all exchanged phones to write down our phone numbers. How cool I have all the phone number of all the members of One Direction!


I sat on the steps outside the Entrance, I sent a text to Katie about 30 minutes ago i presume she is on her way. Suddenly I hear a husky chuckle which sends shivers down my spine, Harry! I turn around to see Harry coming down the stairs, was he chuckling at me?


He sat near me, I felt really awkward but thankfully he broke the silence, ' I'm really happy that I get to work with you!'


'Same here! Tell you the truth I have never been in a music video before so I'm quite nervous!'


'Don't be! Don't forget I'll be there!'


Finally Katie came! She pressed the horn to get my attention, I stood up and started walking to my car,

 'Listen Jane! ERM-' 


'Sorry Harry I need to go bye! Send me the details! Thanks bye!' I cut him off, I felt really bad. Katie re-started the car and drove off, I looked back and saw Harry staring at my car, he seriously looked like a lost puppy!





Harry's P.O.V


I really wanted to ask her out for coffee, ahhhhh! Shit! I lost my only chance, or did I! The way she left me all alone still haven't finished speaking was bitter sweet! Was she scared of me? Or was she playing hard to get? Oh Nuts! I think I'm falling for Jane!






Jane's P.O.V


RING RING!!! I heard my phone ringing in my room, I ran up the stairs and snatched my phone, it was HARRY! Should I pick up!?!?! I was so nervous, my hands where shaking! Then the ringing stopped! Should I call him back? That's what I did!





Harry's P.O.V


RING RING!!! Thank god she called I thought she was ignoring me! 


'Hello?!?' I said


'Hi Harry it's Jane! You called?'


'Oh yes! I just wanted to ask you out for coffee! Are you free today?' I was so nervous, my hands were sweating, my hands never sweat!


'Well now I have my ballet lesson so at around twelve I'll be ready!' 


'Ohh great so I'll pick you up at around one!'


'Yeah sure! Thanks!'


'See you!'




'Bye!' wow that was a rush! I never felt like that before! Ah wow! So excited! What am I going to wear! Harry just stop! Harry stop worrying! Who won't fall in love with you? Is this a date or just a 'hang out'? 


Jane's P.O.V

OMG What the hell just happened!?!?! Did Harry just ask me out on a date or is it just a 'hang out'!?! I promised myself not to fall for Harry or let me out on a date or whatever! I am so mad at myself! But I got to say that I've got butterflies in my tummy! Wait until I call Katie! I'm going to hang out with a famous person!





(the door bell rang)John my Butler opened the door.

"Miss Austin there is a gentleman waiting for you!" John called.


"Yes coming!" I called,  my parents where away on business like usual, I ran to the door and found Harry, John left us alone.


"You look  Gorgeous!" Harry sweetly said. What did I hear him properly?!? I had only wore a pair of pink skinny jeans and a tank top and light make-up! WOW!


"Not bad yourself!" Harry smirked. He wearing a white tank top a pair of black jeans, a cool pair of black sneakers and his usual sunglasses! He look amazing! Shut up Jane! Don't say such a thing! LOL I've been having too much arguments in my head! HEART vs MIND! Who will win!?!? I laughed at my own sarcasm, Harry looked at me confused.


"Is there something wrong? Why did you laugh?" He sounded serious probably he thought he I was laughing at him! Was I?


"Oh nothing I just thought of something funny! Sorry!"


"Oh OK! Should we get going?"


"Yeah sure! Let me just get my purse!" I rushed to my room and got my purse, "John I'm going out I'll be back for sure before dinner! See you!"


"OK Miss! Have fun! Bye!" John said. He came back to close the door behind us.


Harry led me to his black car, "OH MY GOD that's an AUDI R8 COUPLE!"


"Wow your know your cars!" I blushed and gave a shy smile, he opened the car door for me, what a gentleman!


"Thanks!" I quietly said, I was so nervous from the moment he called my gorgeous! Ahh stupid butterflies!


Harry got in the car and smiled at me, those dimples are so cute! Jane please be professional! Don't fall for him stay strong! If anything play hard to get! WOW Third time today, note to self: play hard to get and don't keep on talking to yourself that much starting now! I gave him a cheeky smile back. We were off!


"ERM Harry where are we going?"


"For coffee!" Harry teased


"Gee thanks! I know we're going for coffee but where?" a wide smile grew on Harry's face, I giggled and face-palmed myself! Harry bust out laughing! Then we ended in fits of laughter!


"Starbucks!" He finally said


"Finally! Thank you!" I said dramatically and then we started laughing again. Once the laughter died down, Harry switched on the radio, it was such a coincidence because they we're playing 'Kiss You'. Harry blushed.


"I wonder who this boy band is! They're very talented! Oh tell me tell me tell me how to turn your love on you can get get anything that you want baby just shout it out shout it out baby just shout it out..." I started singing! Obviously I knew that was One Direction's song I'm not that dumb! Harry tried his best not to sing alone!


"Come on Harry don't you know this song!?! It's very popular! Who the hell are these boys their amazing! Come on Harry Oh I just wanna show you off to all of my friends makin' them drool down their chiney chin chins..." I loved teasing Harry! His checks became red, it was like in the movies; me looking out of the window singing and smiling, Harry blushing and kept on looking in on the road. After a ten minute drive into town we finally arrived at Starbucks.


Harry turned to me, "Okey Jane before we get out of the car I need to warn you about something!"


"Go on!" I said


"Well you know I've got millions of fans following me everywhere"


"Really?!? Are you're famous!?!" I said please notice my sarcasm.


"This is important Jane!"


"Sorry!" I felt a bit guilty


"And the paps will do anything to get a picture of me so! Rule number1; Don't let anyone take pictures of you! Rule number 2; Don't talk to anyone! Rule number 3; Stay low! Rule number 4; Spare me if people ask for pictures or autographs!"


"Ok thanks so we can go now?"


"Wait! Wear these!" I looked at the pair of sunglasses in his hand, they were like his! Ok these are original Raben glasses so they must have cost a lot!


"Thanks Harry! How much do I need to pay you?" I took out my purse and found £100 and handed it to him.


"No Jane its a present! You would be needing them!"


"Thanks Harry but coffee is on me!"


"Ok fine! Out we go!" He came and opened the door for me! How sweet! OMG! Going for coffee, he bought me a present, acts like a gentleman! Ohh Lord! Please help me stop talking to myself! 









Hope you liked it! 


Probably I'm going to upload chapter 7 in two weeks I think! WELL CHAPTER 7 IS GOING TO BE AMAZAYN!!















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