My Love for Dance

It's about a girl Jane who is a professional ballet dancer which gets to dance on a music video, but what happens when she sets eyes on one particular person or persons, her whole life changes....


4. What A Night!




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In this chapter I'm going to write about Jane's party and One Direction and also Jane's audition


















They all came in on the dance floor one by one, first came in Liam then Louis, Zayn, Niall and Harry, when they were all given microphones, Harry took a step forward and said, '' Happy Birthday Jane! We're One Direction! And this is for you, Hit it!''

They looked so HOT! Even more in person! 


The music started and Zayn started singing their latest hit song 'Kiss You'! ''Oh I just wanna take you anywhere that you like...'' 


My friends soon found me, they were screaming like mad people! They really really loved them and I mean love them, they would die for them!!! I on the other hand, am not as crazy about them,They are extremely hot, can't argue with that, but their music isn't my favorites, don't judge me! My friends couldn't believe their eyes that One Direction is in my house nor can I!


After 2 minutes or so their song ended and with a round of applause they were encouraged  to perform an other, the lads decided  to sing 'One Way or an Other'! Caroline almost fainted when Niall started to sing, teenagers! Caroline was still 17 since she turns 18 in December. 


When the band started singing, '' I wanna hold you, wanna hold you tight... ''  they came up to me and started hugging me like in their music video when they were hugging the British Prime Minister! I was in heaven on earth, ahh I just got hugged by 5 hot and famous guys! My friends were shocked! HAHAHAHA they were so jealous! One by one they released me and I came back to earth, it was quite disappointing but then I noticed that only 4 boys hugged me! Liam, Zayn, Naill and Harry! Were the hell did Louis go!?!?


'' Would everybody care to follow me! ''Liam said with a smirk on his face, '' Everybody outside! Jane first! ''


Niall grabbed my hand and took me outside, oh my God! I was a little muddled I had no idea where the hell Louis went and why on earth were we going outside but I just played a long. As soon everybody was outside Niall held up his microphone and said, ''Ok Louis you can come now!'' He shouted at the top of his lungs! Now I was extremely confused! 'Can come?' I hope he isn't still in my house, what if he is in my room!? And after a second or two my question was answered, No he wasn't in my house! But he was driving a BMW Z4, don't tell me they were already leaving they were in a middle of a song! But surprisingly Louis came out of the car, my mum and dad found their way out of the crowd and in front of the car, my dad mumbled something in Louis' ear, Louis smile and childishly came jogging next to the rest of the band, Niall was still holding my wrist. 


When someone handed my father a microphone, wow we have a lot of microphones; he stood closer to the car and began to speak, '' As many of us have told you, Happy Birthday, now since you are 18 you get to live your life and get your drivers license! As a birthday present we bought you this brand new BMW so make sure you pass your test!'' everyone laugh but I found it quite embarrassing! My dad handed me the car keys and everyone encouraged me to go for a spin. The lads followed me into the car also my three best friends. We couldn't decide who to come for a spin. But the guys let my best friends to come just incase we crash or something but surprisingly Harry offered to join, I guess he would like to be surrounded by girls anytime but who can blame him!?


When we got into the car everyone clapped, the rest of the guys smirked and winked at Harry, what was that supposed to mean, I got lost in my thoughts was Harry going to do us something but a warm large hand patted me on my lap and I shot back into reality, it was Harry's I shared at it as though is was something amazing but came into focus again and started the ignition. Finally we started to move, Harry smirked whilst looking at the mirrors, I got a glims at Harry's dimples they were so cute, I guessed that Harry felt my eyes pricing at him because he turned to face me. We both stared at each other eyes, wow Harry's were amazing! 


But we were soon cut of screaming, ' JANE! SORRY TO RUIN YOUR MOMENT BUT YOU ARE GOING TO HIT THR TRASH CAN! ' Harry noticed what was going on before me so he quickly pulled the breaks and we stopped all of a sudden!


I hoped I didn't scare the shit out of Harry Styles but shockingly he opened the car door and walked over my side of the car and opened my car door, ' if it's OK with you ladies, I think it's better if I drive you back home just for safety reasons, no offence Jane.'


' Yeah sure, no problem!' Harry held out his hand in order to help me to get out of the car. As soon as we were at the last corner, Harry decided that we switch seats again so that everyone thinks that I've drove all the way. The party had moved outside, as I got out of the car everyone clapped again, the rest of the lads went running up to Harry, I hope Harry isn't going to tell them about what happened in the car, I heard Niall's catchy laugh and I just got the butterflies.


All of them laughed again and I felt like I was going to puke so I quickly ran up to them hoping I'll get their attention, ' Emm, hi guys! Sorry if I'm disturbing you or anything but before you leave, can you please sign my car?' They looked at each other then they focused their eyes on me.


'That was a first! But what the heck, sure!' Liam said as we headed towards my brand new car, ' Where should we sign?'


'On the seats, and please, I'm referring to you Louis, please don't draw anything else!' Louis pretended to be offend so he made everyone laugh, they all took a seat each, Louis', Zayn's and Liam's signatures were at the back, Harry's signature was on the driver's seat and the other seat there was Niall's signature! Hanging out with One Direction was really fun but too bad I will never get to see them again.


Most of the guests left around 2 am also One Direction but they left around 11, they said they had a big day tomorrow. As everyone left there was only my parents, my three best friends and I, wow what a night but I needed to get some sleep because tomorrow I have the audition!   








Harry leaned in to kiss me, you can see his beautiful emerald green eyes gazing into mine, his lips were only a few millimeters away from mine when I hear screaming! I suddenly woke up and I find my three best friends happily jumping on my bed and screaming at me to get up. Wait, did they sleepover?


'How did you guys get in here? And what time is it?' I said with my eyes still shut. And thankfully they stopped jumping on my bed and sat besides me.


'First your mum let us in and it's nine o'clock so get up and start to get ready for your audition!' Belle said in a weird British accent.


I shot out of bed screaming, ' Nine o'clock? What the audition starts at ten and need to go into town! I need to catch the bus! How am I going to make it in time?' 


Katie stood us and grabbed my wrist as I turned she slapped me write across the face. 

' GOOD MORNING! And sorry but you were going crazy!! OK now go and get ready we have plenty of time, remember you have a new car!' Katie screamed but then ended on a mellow note.


'First OUCH! Oh yeah I do have a new car but I don't have a drivers licence!'


'I'll drive!' Carolline offered


'Ok then I will be ready in fifteen minutes!' I said as I ran into my bathroom to wash and get ready


* * *

It was around 9:50 when we arrived at the Grand Hall, Katie was right we would make it in time, my friends went shopping and left me alone on the pavement, I have such great friends! I climbed up the stairs nervously, what if I don't get the part? Would mum  be mad at me? Well it was too late to turn back because I had already walked into the hall , it was humongous! A tall thin woman came up to me and asked me to fill-in a questionnaire. It had the basic stuff written; Name, Surname, Mobile number; Type of dance and song, etc...


There were a bunch of pretty girls in the waiting room but they looked like strippers all wearing shorts with their bum showing and with a top just below there chest! WOW I can't wait to see how they dance! I wore my ballet shoes it look a bit weird because I was wearing jeggings and a white T-shirt with a big black butterfly in the middle.


The same woman which asked me to fill in the questionnaire came in the waiting room and said, 'The judges are ready to see you, we will be calling you one by one randomly! Ok! Emma Jonson! You're up! Now the rest of you please wait in here I will call you when its your turn!'


It was a long wait there were about 30 woman auditioning and only ten were left including me when I heard someone call my name , it was my turn no turning back now!


As I walked into the studio there was a long table with 6 chairs at the back. I walked into the center in front of the long table and a voice said, ' Jane Austin?' 


I remember that voice! I looked up, ' Harry?' 











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