My Love for Dance

It's about a girl Jane who is a professional ballet dancer which gets to dance on a music video, but what happens when she sets eyes on one particular person or persons, her whole life changes....


2. Surprises

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Last night I cried myself to sleep, I can't bare it any more  I've been holding it inside of me for 17 years and it was about time I said it! I didn't feel guilty after what I said and called my mum last night, in fact I think she deserved it!

It was about 6 am when I woke up and walked down to the kitchen trying not to wake up anyone asleep, I rested my elbows on the island as I drank my coffee, it was still dark outside but something moving in my front garden caught my eye,  was it a man? But this figure kept coming closer and closer to the door,  I quickly turned off the lights and grabbed a the largest knife I could see and crawled under the counter silently. The man was only a few meters away from the see-through door, It...He...She came closer and grabbed the handle, Thank goodness the door was locked but the man took out his keys and slowly turn the lock. The only person who we gave or had our house was... Dad.

I slowly stood up as he walked through the door not noticing me, I put the knife down and observed my dad as he switched on the lights and laid on on the sofa, he has changed a lot since the last time I saw him which was about 3 years ago.

"Daddy?" I questioned quietly trying hard not to startle him. 


The man turned round and stared at me and said, " Pumpkin?"


"Daddy!!!!!!!!!" I said while hugging him, "Why did you come so early, not that I don't want you to stay but you where supposed to come in 3 months time?"


"Well I don't what to miss my all grown-up daughter's birthday." 


"Thanks daddy, I love you!" I bashfully said.

Together we bought sat down and started to enjoy some father-daughter time.




It was about 7.30 am when the door bell rang, I got up from the sofa and went to open the door and to my surprise it was Ms Astrid, my ballet teacher. 


''Hello Ms you may come in!'' I said, ''Why did you come so early? I thought you were coming at 7.30?''


'' I'm notz early it is huit heures moins trente!'' she saaid in an French-accent, her eyes scanned me looking up and down my body,''And why aren't you dressed?''


'' OH MY GOD!!! Time just flew bye so fast, I'll be ready in 5 Ms!'' I said while running upstairs and into my bedroom.




Martin's (dad's) POV


''Hi Astrid! Long time no seen!  How are you?'' I said polity.


'' Hi Martin! Good morning, I'm fine, when have you arrived?" she asked still on the doorstep.


''Good, good, well I arrived at home at 6:30 am! I'm so sorry, come in, come in!'' I said totally humiliated.


 '' Thank you, I'll be going upstairs to the studio, OK?'' she said irritated.


'' Bye!'' I said as I tried to keep my anger in! I never liked Astrid she is too bossy! Well now I know how Jane feels.



Jane's POV


'' Good morning!'' my mum said as she stop in front of my bedroom.

I didn't even bear looking at her, I was still mad.


'' Jane are you still mad at me?'' She poutly said


''YES!'' I angrily said whilst running out of my room and into my dance studio, I quickly turned up the music and started to warm up.


''Bonjour'' MsAstrid said loudly, ''are you ready from warming up?'' 


''Yes'' I said quietly


''Good good,let's start your dance!''

*2 hours later*


Finally I'm ready! I can't believe it took 2 hours to learn a 1 minute dance! So much silence, Ms Astrid just left where did my mum and dad go? I went down stairs to check whether their cars where still parked outside. Nope no cars! Yes I got the house all to myself! Time for my relaxing bath which yesterday I didn't get to finish.



''Jane are you home?'' My mum called

''Yes I'm in my room'' I said. I heard her coming up to my room.

''So now you're talking to me?'' She said whilst leaning on my open bedroom door.

''Well I don't have a choice do I!?"

''No no you don't'' she said teasingly, I smiled and she came toppling onto my bed and we both shared a big hug! '' I love you'' she said

''I love you too! And sorry for calling you a bitch, I didn't mean to!''

After a few moments of silence my mum said, ''Your father wants to take you out, he said he wants some catching up to do, so be ready in 30 minutes!''

I went to my walk-in wardrobe and started to pick out my clothes; I picked a short dress which looked like a plain sleeve less top with a rose printed skirt with lots of frills!

Wonder where he is taking me!?






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