My Love for Dance

It's about a girl Jane who is a professional ballet dancer which gets to dance on a music video, but what happens when she sets eyes on one particular person or persons, her whole life changes....


1. Plot


Author's Note (A.N): Please give me credit it's my first time writing a book so go easy on me! Hope you like it! sorry for any vocabulary and grammar mistakes. THX :D


P.SIt is also an One Direction Fan Fiction and Justin Bieber Fan Fiction







Jane's P.O.V 


Like every other Friday ad the rest of the week, I finished my private ballet lesson after 4 hours! Don't get me wrong, I love ballet and my life is dedicated to it but sometimes I just wish I have a normal teenage life.

I don't have any sort of social life except hanging out with my friends which I only see once a week but the rest of my time is either being homeschooled or practicing ballet! I'm guessing you are wondering why I'm homeschooled, well it's all about my mum, she doesn't want me to stay with people which aren't like us... rich!

Ms Astrid finally left ( Ms Astrid is my very strict ballet teacher ), it was about 7 pm and I was dying for a quiet relaxing bubble bath. I turned on the warm water so by the time I get my clothes the bath will be filled up. I slowly walked to by bedroom getting my underwear and what not, in the bathroom I tiredly took off my clothes and stepped into the warm water and slid down only leaving my face at the surface!

"Ahhhhh!" I said moaning in pleaser while shutting my eyes,"Now this what you call relaxing!"

"Jane, Jane, JANE!!!!!!!!!!!" I heard mum shouting, "Where are you?" 


"I'm in hear!" I sadly shouted quickly getting out of the bath and wrapping myself in a towel. 


She quickly entered the room giving me a fright saying, "There is an addition for young dancers to dance in a music video on Monday! And you're going!"

I can't believe it! She did it again, making me go for additions with out even consulting with me, oh great this means I need to spread more time practicing ballet!

"Thanks mum!" I said sarcastically, just hoping she would get out because I was freezing. Finally she got bored and left me in piece thankfully!

I quickly got dressed into a pair of black shorts and a top which covered my bellybutton up, and headed straight into my room, I switched on my laptop and checked about this addition which I'm sadly attending on Monday. My eyes grew wider as a phrase caught my eye, 'Dancers additioning would need to prepare an original Hip hop dance...'

"Shit!" I said to myself, "Now I definatly need to prepare a new dance, MUM!"

Our maid Mary, came up seeing if something happened to me because she heard screaming, she left my room soon after as she had recived no answer. I ran downstairs, tears swelling up in my eyes, searching for my mum and their she was lying on the couch.

"MUM!!!" I said hoping to get her attention.

"Yes sweety what do you want?" she said innocently.

"Don't you sweety me!" I told her angrily, " You know what you got me into! I need to prepare a new dance! Hip Hop for crying out loud! How am I going to learn how to dance hip hop in less than three days!!!! 

"Will just get you a new teacher to teach you hip hop unless Astrid knows how." she said calmly, "No biggy!"

"No No No!!!! Can't you see I don't want to go for that addition, why can't I see my friends more often, why does my ballet teacher needs to come home insted of me going to an academy, why can't I go to school with my friends, why can't I be a normal teenage girl with out a bitchy Mum!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! WHY! WHY! WHY!" I shouted while bursting into tears.

"You are going to the addition! I don't care how much time you need to practice nor what! your new teacher will come tomorrow at 7 am and she is not leaving until you learn your new dance!she shouted, " END OF STORY!!!!!!!!!"

I walked stomping my feet in range and entered my room, I shut the door and jumped onto my bed pulling my pillow up to my face and started to cry.

"AHHHHHHHHHHHHH! That BITCH!!!!!!!!!!! Doesn't care for anything except herself!!!!!"






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