My Love for Dance

It's about a girl Jane who is a professional ballet dancer which gets to dance on a music video, but what happens when she sets eyes on one particular person or persons, her whole life changes....


3. More Surprises


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Continuation of Surprises 






 ''Jane are you home?'' My Mum called


''Yes, I'm in my room'' I said. I heard her coming up to my room.


''So now you're talking to me?'' she said whilst leaning on my open bedroom door,


''Well I don't have a choice, do I!?''


''No no you don't.'' she said teasingly, I smiled and she came toppling onto my bed and we but shared a big hug! '' I love you!''


'' I love you too Mum! And sorry for calling you a bitch, i didn't mean to!''  


After a few moments of silence my mum said, '' Your father wants to take you out, he said he wants to do some catching up, so be ready in 30 minutes!''

I went to my walk-in wardrobe and started to pick out my clothes; I picked a short dress which looked like a plain grey sleeve less top with a rose printed skirt with lots of frills!


'' Are you ready?'' My dad said


'' Yes I'm coming down, I just need to find my red high heel shoes, have you seen them?'' I said, ''Never mind I found them!''

I shot out of my room and ran down the stairs but clumsy me I tripped down the last step, ''I'm OK!'' I bravely said as my dad picked me up from the floor


''Are you sure?'' my dad asked worriedly


''Yeah! Where are we going? I said


''I thought we can go by my new and finished project!'' He jollily said as our chauffeur opened the car door for us to get in.


"' Oh my GOD, do you mean the hotel! Finally I've been wanting to see it!'' 


'' Yes finally, we got all the work finished last month and it was up and running 2 weeks ago!''


'' Well Done dad! So what did you name it?''


"We had all decided that since it was near the golden bay we'd call it; 'Sables d'Or' it is french for Golden Sands!''


'' Amazing can't wait to see it!'' 



It was a long ride to my dad's hotel but it was worth the wail. When the limo stooped we got out of the car and headed towards the huge glass doors, as we walked into  the hotel, the hotel manger came to greet us as well as the staff at the front desk. My dad stayed behind since he was seriously talking with very important men,I slowly scanned the lobby, it was glorious; Almost everything was gold the, chandelier, lights; everything was polished, the staff were dressed very tidy it was heaven on earth! How on earth would my birthday get anymore exciting! 


After we had tea and a tour of the hotel, my dad said, ''Jane, so do you like it! the hotel?''


''No I don't like it, I love it! Well done dad!'' I hugged him and we both started to laugh merrily.

After an hour or so (it was about 7 pm) we walked out of the beautiful'Sables d'Or' hotel and into our limo, we took longer than I expected but didn't mind.


Just a few blocks away from our villa I see loads of cars pilling up in front of our house and bright lights everywhere! My dad look at me to see what was my reaction; I smiled back, my ears were burning and I was getting a lot of hot flashes. I can't believe the party was for me! Oh my God the party was for me!!!!!!!!!


I quickly got out of the car, flashing cameras where everywhere, thank god we didn't live so close to our neighbors because there was a lot of noise and loud music , people walking into and out of my house!


When they noticed I arrived the music lower and my mum stepped out shouting, '' Surprise!!'' and most of the guests followed suit!


I said, '' Thanks! A lot! I didn't expect anything!'' to my mum and dad who were now besides me.


'' Happy 18 th Birthday!'' My mum screamed trying to over power the music.


'' Ohhhh! Thanks a lot!'' I kissed them both on the cheek. How could this day get any better! 


'' Now we need you all dressed up!'' My said as she walked me up to my room. As I opened the door I found my 3 best friends sitting on my bed.


'' Katie! Caroline! Belle! At last your back! How are you guys!?!?!'' I screamed with excitement as I jumped onto them.


'' Happy Birthday Jane! '' They said together.


''Thanks! 18 finally!'' I said blushing 


'' Yes! I'm glad to be back! Germany isn't my thing! '' said Katie. Katie has been in Germany for 3 weeks visiting her grandparents. Katie has long straight black hair and gorgeous green eyes. I can't believe she got a tan already and she has only been in Germany for 3 weeks, I'm all white, curse the ugly weather in England! Katie and I knew each other since kinder-garden and now she lives just two houses away from us!


'' And you Car! Did he say yes?!'' I asked Caroline. She raised her eyebrows then look at the door and back to me. I turned around and saw my mum! I had completely forgot she was standing there.


'' Girls, I know you have a lot of catching up to do but there are loads of people are waiting downstairs to tell you Happy Birthday!The Girls helped me buy a new party dress for you! It's in the closet.''


I got off of Katie and went to my closet. It was so gorgeous! My new party dress was a peach , sleeveless  low cut (the front of the dress is shorter than the back) dress.

'' WOW! How beautiful! Thanks guys I love It! '' I said gratefully.  I hugged my mum and kissed her on the cheek, Then I went to my best friends and gave them a tight squeeze. My mum left and went downstairs to greet the other guests. My friends stayed in my room chatting and I went into my bathroom to wash. I came out of the shower and dried myself, I blow-dried my hair and straightened it. I got out of my bathroom and into my room were my friends were still on the bed talking.


I sat at my dresser and put on some light make-up and a peach lip gloss and pulled my hair into a neat and high ponytail . I wore my dress and asked Belle to zip up dress from the back. I quickly went to my shoe-closet and took out my new golden  5 inch high heels. quickly went to my full-length mirror to check how I look, I was already getting comments from my friends but I need to see if it was through. WOW I look amazing! I did a quick twirl in-front of the mirror, my friends stood up too look in the mirror too we all stood side by side and started to adore our dresses.


Once we were ready to go down stair someone knock at the door. 

'' Come in! We are ready! '' I shouted at the door


'' Hi sweetie I just--- WOW! You look gorgeous! '' my dad shrieked, his eyes grew wide when he took a step back to see me better. '' WOW! I hate to say this but now definitely your not my little girl anymore your all-grown up! '' he was almost going to cry! How sweet!


'' I will always be your little girl even though I won't look it but I am one inside! '' I hugged him for a long time and my friends left the room for some privacy.


''Jane,'' he said seriously," so now since you are 18 you are free to do what ever you want with your life and we will give you full support! I'm sorry if we made your life very hard to cope with since I went abroad often and your mum wasn't always there for you! I love you Jane don't ever forget that!! "

Tears were building up in my eyes but I was trying hard to hold them in. My dad opened his arms as wide as he could so he can give me a hug. I ran into his arms and held tight onto him for a long time then he broke the silence by saying, " We need to go down stairs for the  father and daughter dance, care to join me!? "


'' I would be delighted! '' I said as we left my room and headed down stairs to party! After 30 minutes of chatting, greeting people, dancing, eating they finally cleared the dance floor for the father daughter dance, silence. My father came out of the crowd and on to the dance floor, when the music started I join him and we started slow dancing for about 2 minutes. Then the music suddenly stopped and the DJ handed my father a microphone.


'' Jane Happy Birthday! Now give a round of applause for ONE DIRECTION!!!!! " My father shrieked.



OHHHH MY GOD ONE DIRECTION PERFORMING LIVE IN MY HOUSE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!








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