My Love for Dance

It's about a girl Jane who is a professional ballet dancer which gets to dance on a music video, but what happens when she sets eyes on one particular person or persons, her whole life changes....


7. Lads meet girls! Girls meet Lads


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Jane's P.O.V

Harry got out of the car and came to my door to open it for me, as I thought before (hahaha I'm laughing at my own humor) he's such a gentleman! As I got out of the car I was expecting paparazzi everywhere and fans screaming but it was just like any normal day a bit busy but normal! We walked side by side, I wonder if he would hold my hand, yeah dream on! Hold your hand are you serious Jane come on this is not even a date, he doesn't know anything about you well apart from that you've dance since the age of 4!


'Jane? Hello Jane?' Harry said looking worried


'Oh sorry! I was just having an argument in my head! I really shouldn't have said that! Now you think I'm crazy and I talk a lot! Well I am crazy sometimes you should ask my friends and I should shut up now!' Wow that was embarrassing!


'Don't worry! I like girls who talk a lot and don't tell anyone but I'm also a tad bit crazy!' He chuckled. I literally was screaming inside! Wait! AHHHHHHHHH! Now I'm screaming inside! Yeah you are stop it because you're bursting my ears! You don't really like me that much do you!?! Less talky more focusy on that dude with that clown wig!


'You're secret's safe with me! So... Whatchia taking?!' I asked. OMG I'm having coffee with Harry fudging Styles! Yeah Yeah we've been over this!


'I'll be having a cappuccino what about you?' He smiled as we got into the queue there was only 2 people waiting in line, Starbucks wasn't that full only like 10 people where there.


'Oh I'll be having a cafe late! I don't really like black coffee I like coffee creamy!' I said proudly I guess! Harry bust out laughing why? CREAMY oh my god! 'That sounds so bad hahahahah!'


'You got that right! Yey we're next in line!' Harry smirked


'Yes how my I help you?' the person with the Starbucks uniform, I forgot what you call them but any hooo!


'I'll have a cappuccino and this lovely lady right here will have a late please!' Harry told the Starbucks lady, did he call me lovely?! Yes he did now build a bridge and get over it! Shut up! Harry shoot me a glace and smirked shyly I smiled and thanked him! I was blushing! I NEVER blush!


'Here you go! One cappuccino and one Late!' She told us, 'By any chance can I have a photo?' She clearly was a fan, I hope she's not flirting my man! Jane he is not your MAN! And plus get used to it he has over 15 Million girls adoring at his feet!


'Is it ok with you?' Harry asked me


'Sure!' I said trying not to feel jealous. The employ, yes that's the word, took out her phone and gave it to me. I smiled as she handed it over to me, Harry leaned over the counter while SHE hugged him!


'Cheese!' I shouted. I took the photo and handed it back to her. As Harry took our coffees to a table I said bye to the employ but she just growled at me. WHAT!! HURTFUL! Just kidding who cares about a bitch like her! No one messes with my MAN! When will you ever learn Jane HE. IS. NOT. YOUR. MAN!! We both sat at a table opposite each other.


'So Jane tell me about yourself.' Harry said while taking a sip form his coffee.


'What do you want to know about me?' I smirked


'Anything! Ok basics then!'


'Fine so... My dad is always travelling so I barely see him ERM... my mum is always busy so she has no time for me really! I need to practice at least 4 hours of dancing a day and an hour of random exercises. I'm home-schooled and I have only 3 best friends Katie, Caroline and Belle! which lovvvvvvve you guys a lot!'


'You don't like us?' Harry asked worriedly.


'What would you say if I didn't?' I teased, I so wanted to see his expression!




'I'm joking! Calm your tits! Hahahah you should have seen your expression! I don't adore you guys but I do like you! Your music!' that was a major save! But now I feel sad cause when I said ''I do like you'' Harry's face lit up, oh god! It-s good you did that Jane! But why!?! Because then he'll take advantage of you once he knows that you like him! Oh so I'm safe now? YES JANE YOU ARE!


'That good to hear! I think!' He starred in my eyes so...


'Hi Harry! Jane's your new girlfriend?' Niall said jollily


'Wait what!?!? What are you guys doing here? How did you find me and GIRLFREIND!?!' Harry was shocked and confused he was shofused lol I invented a word! Mental happy dance!! Wait I'm also shofused!!


'What the fudge is going on? Oh hi guys!'


'Hi Jane! Ok! First we can here because I'm hungry! 2 check twitter! Someone posted that you where here with your new girlfriend!' Niall exclaimed! I looked back at SHE, SHE smirked! That BITCH!!!! I stood up leaving shofused One Direction behind me, I arrived at the counter, SHE looked up at me, that was soooo stupid of her! SMACK!


'You BITCH!' SHE screamed!


'How dare you! You took a picture you hugged him! He just wanted some privacy can you respect it! You had to post it on twitter! Now this place is going to be swarming with screaming fans and paparazzi!! Fudge YOU!' I shouted at her face while pointing back to Harry!


'TOO scared to used the proper word or are you a good girl!'


'NO I'm not scared to use it but I respect the people around me!'


'BITCH FIGHT!!' Louis screamed. Harry shot him a glare.


'Jane! Jane! Calm down!' Harry grabbed my hand and pulled me out of Starbucks and into the street but he defiantly didn't think this through! Ohhhh SHIT!

Cameras flashing everywhere! Fans screaming! Me and Harry holding HANDSSSSS!


'Jane there is only One Thing to do!' He started at me, like he was going to kiss me! 'RUN!'

We both ran to Harry's car but to make matters worse the car was surrounded by screaming fans! They're EVERYWHERE!


'Just run Harry! My house is only 20 minutes away we can make it!


'What about the other guys!?!'


'Don't worry they'll make it out alive plus they'll buy us time!' I screamed. We both started running! All that working out really pays off! 'Come on Harry last 5 minutes!!' I was totally out of breath.


'I think we lost them!' Harry rested his hands on his knees while trying to breed. I unlocked the door entering my house.


'John we're home!' I cooed, 'Come in Harry!'


'Oh thanks!' Harry stepped inside looking around, 'This place looks completely different from your party!'


'Yeah I know! They clean up gooood!' I cooed


'I shall call the guys! Do you mind?' He asked


'Sure ask them if they want to stay over for dinner! We have a personal chef! Surely Niall won't say no!' I sang. I left the hall and went to find John as usually he was in the kitchen observing our chef.


'Erm John?'


'Yes Ms?'


'Do you mind me having a couple of people over for dinner?'


'Who are they may I ask?'


'They're One Direction!'


'That boy band?' John sounded concerned


'Yes and if you think I shouldn't be around boys I get it but first of all they're my bosses I think! And if you want I can invite Katie, Caroline and Belle over so I won't be surrounded by boys?


'Ok then! How many are you inviting then?'


'8! Make sure there'll be enough food! I heard that one of them eats a lot!'


'No worries Ms Austin! Don't we always have extra!?!' John said politely, I chuckled and went to call Katie.

*Katie on the phone*


'Hi Katie!'


'Hi sweet!'


'So I was hoping you would like to come over?'


'I can't my parents are inviting friends over!'


'One Direction is going to be here!'




'What about-' she hung up on me! How dare she! Ok time to call Caroline!


*Caroline on the phone*


'Hi Car!'


'Hi Janey!'


'So can you please come over like now!?!'




'Because I don't want to be alone with a bunch of boys!'


'Which boys might I ask?'


'One Direction!'


'What? How? When?'


'Well long story short Harry took me out for coffee then I smacked a bitch then we got surronded by paparazzi and fans! So then we ran home and call the rest of the lads to come and eat!'


'Wow! So I'm best friends with the mysterious girlfriend who Harry is dating!?!'


'We are not dating! C'mon on I am only dancing for him!'


'You are WHAT!?!'


'Oh gosh that sounded sooo bad!'


'Hahahah! WAIT WHY AM I STILL ON THE PHONE? I'll be there in 5 mins!'


'bye!' Ahh Caroline! Such a... I have no idea what to say! Oh well time to call Belle!


*Belle on the phone*


'Hi belly!'


'Hi babe!'


'Wanna come over?'


'Sure! I'll be there in 10!'


'See ya!' Well Belle's in for a surprise!


I exited the kitchen and went to the hall to find all 5 boys looking around!


'Hi!' I waved to get their attention!


'Hi Jane!' they all said all together!


'Ok just a fair warning my 3 besties are coming over and they literally adore you guys so please don't get scared they're really ok once you get to know them!'

The door burst open and breathless Katie jumped in, 'i'm here! We're are they!?!'


'Katie! Sweety!' Calm down! They are right in front of you! Katie these are One Direction!'


'I Know who they are!' Katie screamed! OMG! You should really see 1D's faces right now! Hahahah so speechless!


'Kat! Babe calm down! You're pippin hot!'


'How can I? That's freaking One Direction!' Okay she is freaking out! only one thing to do!





'Yes thank you! Hi I'm Katie! Nice to meet you!' She turned to the shofused One Direction and held out her hand, The boys took a step back wards, 'Don't worry I don't bite!' The boys looked at me with there eyes wide open.


'Guys I'm telling you she doesn't bite! And Katie you know how much they hate it when fans scream in their faces!'


'I know! I'm so sorry can we started from the beginning?' She apologized and walked out the door, THAT'S MY GIRL!


She walked in and said,' Hi Jane!'


'Hi Katie as you know these are One Direction!'


'Hi nice to meet you I'm Katie! Sorry about that other crazy person you won't be seeing her for any time soon!' Katie said sweetly! The boys chuckled and gave her a group hug! I think Katie is dying! Finally Caroline and Belle entered, What took them so long!?


'We got sweeets!' Caroline cooed.


'Hi Car! Belle!' I screamed as I ran to hug them.


'Group Hug!' Katie cooed as she came running up to us


'C'mon guys! Katie said group hug!' I said, 'Hellooo! I can't breathe!!'

we all separated and finally I could breathe again.


'I'm trying not to freak out but ONE DIRECTION JUST HUGGED ME!' Belle squeaked.


Guys! This Caroline and this is Belle!' I said.


'Hiii!' The lads sang together.


'HI!' Caroline and Belle squeaked.


'Dinner is ready!' John said.


'Every one follow me!'



Harry's P.O.V


Wow those girls are crazy especially Katie! She scared the shit out of me! But otherwise they seem great. Last night the boys and I had a conversation:


*Flash Back*


'Those 3 dancers are amazing!' Niall said as we sat down on the couch. We had just arrived from the audition.


'Exspecially Jane! Who knew she could dance?' Zayn said


'I thought she was a snob who gets what ever she wants!' Louis shouted from the kitchen.


'Oh come on! She definitely looks like a dancer! Did you see her figure?! Liam retorted


'Perfect!' I calmly said. She was Perfect!


'Harry? Care to explain?!' Liam looked surprised. I came back to focus and found all the boys staring at me. I straightened up quickly.


'What about?' I tried to sound innocent, I shouldn't have said what I said!


'You called Jane Perfect!' They said all together! Creepy!




'You have a thing for Jane!' Niall jumped in the air excitedly.


'NOOOO!' I tried to sound as cool as possible. They all looked at me straight into my eyes, well this is uncomfortable! 'Ok! Fine I do!'


They all jumped up screaming, 

'I knew it!'


'No wonder you were looking at her like she was a goddess or something!'


'You sound like GIRLS!' I retorted. They sat back down and put on their serious face.


'So are you going to ask her out?' Zayn said.


'Maybe! But what if she says no?'




'Take her out for coffee!' Niall suggested.


' I Will thank you! But tomorrow she's went out shopping with her friends! WHAT?!? We had a little conversation outside before she left!' I hope they are right!


'Guys I need to tell you something!' Liam quietly said, we all turned to look at Liam, 'Erm I've had been going out with a girl from my old school, Sophia Smith!'


*Flash Back OVER*

'Everyone follow me!' I heard Jane call. She turned round in front of me, her hair swished around as she turned and walked on her tiptoes to the dinning room. I scan her body, Up and down, just PERFECT! Louis nudged my side, probably he noticed me staring. I can't help myself!

We all walked into the dinning room there was a long rectangular table in the center of the room, crystal chandeliers dangling from the ceiling, gold decor everywhere, The walls were painted in a faint light blue. Just wow! John came out with the food, we all had a piece of stake with mushroom and pepper sauce with fried bell peppers and baked potatoes. Do these people eat like this everyday?


'When Harry told us to come over for dinner I thought we were just going to have pizza or something!' Niall cooed.


'You don't like the food?' Jane said surprisingly.


'No no no! This is amazing!' Niall said. It was delicious!


'Delicious!' I said as I dipped a piece of stake into the sauce.


Once we finished our food we went to the screening room. There were about 10 leather armchairs and a big screen at the side there was popcorn machine! There were 2 rows of seats. I sat a the edge and Jane next to me, Caroline Belle and Katie took the seat next to her and the lads took the back row.


'Movie time!' Jane screamed!


'I'll do the popcorn!' Katie cooed joyfully.


'And you'll chose the film!' Belle told us. She handed us a list of movies from which we had to chose from.


'Paranormal activity!' Louis screamed! Ohh god! This is going to be one interesting night!





A.N So are you liking the story till know!?!


Fact!: Rumor is that Liam is probably really dating Sophia Smith!


Sorry fellow Liam lovers, He is now taken! Again!


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