My Love for Dance

It's about a girl Jane who is a professional ballet dancer which gets to dance on a music video, but what happens when she sets eyes on one particular person or persons, her whole life changes....


5. Coincidences


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I remember this voice! I looked up, ‘Harry?’



‘Jane! Guys Jane’s here! Remember the birthday girl from last night?’ Harry called as he banged on the table. The rest of One Direction climbed out of the table.


‘Oi! What was that for’ Louis screamed whilst rubbing his head. BOY those boys are weird!


‘Emm, Hi Guys!’ I waved to get their attention. I was so happy to see them again, especially Harry. Wait what? Did I just think that? I’m falling for a guy who I meet a day ago! Does this happen when you turn 18?


‘Whach ya doin’ here?’ Liam said in a friendly tone.


‘I’m here to audition and I swear I had no idea you were going to be here!’ I said innocently. I really had no idea they were going to be here because I would have thought twice before coming!


‘You dance?’ Zayn asked.


‘Yeah! Well I’ve been dancing for over 14 years now!’ I proudly said.


‘So let’s start the audition! Shall we?’ Harry said with a husky tone. I just could get enough of his voice, ahh so manly! What the hell am I saying! Jane Austin stop it! These guys aren’t worth it they will just move on when they see someone prettier!  Hold up! If I pass this audition I will be dancing in One direction’s new music video so I will get to spend a lot of time with them, is this good news or bad? Well let’s just hope for the best! I


‘Okay then Jane please take your position at the center of the room, Yes there, you may begin!’ Niall seriously said. You really can’t take Niall serious with that accent! The music began and I stated dancing, every time I dance I feel like a different person, in another world only me and the music. When I dance my legs and arms take over not my mind, you need to relax and feel the music drive you insane because with out that feeling you won’t be able to dance professionally  Also to have the best dance you need to put all your emotions into your performance, you need to let go of all your anger out (if you have any). That's what I did! My dance finished very quickly, the lads were jotting down notes as I cached my breath.


'WOW Jane that was amazing!' Harry seemed impressed, he looked so darn hot with those big green eyes - stop it Jane, you can't fall for a player!


' True! True! Jane if you could just pass through that door, a woman will show you where to go now! In 15 minutes we will let you know if you've passed or no!' Zayn said pointing to the back door. 


'Thanks! It was annour!' I nervously said, I was nervous enough but with Harry staring at me made my tummy all queasy! I walked to the back door, a woman was waiting just behind, she escorted me to a big hall with a stage in the middle and loads of chairs surrounding it.





Harry's P.O.V


Finally everyone finished from their auditions now it's time for us to decide who will get to dance on our music video.


' That was all 40 dancers! Now lets eliminate!'  Louis said. I started eliminating, no, no, defiantly not, maybe, no, no... most ''dancers'' were horrible but as I was cutting off most names I came a cross Jane's. Man Jane blew me away! She danced perfectly! And she wore decent clothes! Wait! What am I saying! I don't want to see Jane all covered up! 


' Harry Harry HARRY!!!! Stop daydreaming! We need to check our results!' Shouted Louis


'Sorry! Sorry! It's just - ohh never mind!' I apologized, I was almost going to say go I felt about a certain someone but the rest of the lads will laugh at me or worse tell her!


'Hey man what's wrong? We swear we won't laugh at you! Isn't that right Louis?!?' Liam is really thoughtful but I am not telling them what and how I feel!


' Ok fine! I won't laugh!!' Louis teased, he crossed his arms and pulled out his tongue. Now I definitely am not telling them!


'No, it's just that - ERM - I - ERM - can't decide between Jenny Moon and Emily Lonsdale!' I lied. I hate lying to my best buds but no one should know, i am usually the type of guy who is not afraid to go up and ask a girl out but Jane is different, I know I barley know her but -  I just can't exactly know how to express myself! AHHH! LIam gave my a - I don't believe it look - but I nodded and he just went with the flow.

We eliminated a lot of the dancers and only 3 were left! YAY!


All the dancers came back into the studio and Zayn said, '' Well done to all! But only 3 were chosen, sorry to those who we haven't choose but maybe next time! Ok the finalists are: Emily Lonsdale,  Emma Jonson and ...''







A.N sorry it's short but next time it will be longer!




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