Take Me to Another World

This is the story about a girl who is totally different from everybody else. She was born different. She was born deaf and had to wear hearing aids for the rest of her life. Then when she gets a job internship in London and meets different people and that’s when her life changes forever.


4. Serena



            Time to wake up and work! I got out of bed and took a quick shower. My first day as an actual accountant! I have to look my best! I chose a black pencil skirt with a white button up shirt with a gold necklace and black work pumps. I curled the ends of my hair and outlined my eye with the eyeliner. I took Apollo out for a walk to Starbucks, to give him a little morning workout. Then I put him back in the apartment. I received a text. –I’ve sent a car for you, no need for a taxi. Simon. How sweet, they have made this place like a home for me. I made my way to the door, and when I opened it, there was an extravagant basket with roses and wine at my doorstep with a little note. –Please accept a date with me. xx Harry. I carried the basket back into my kitchen. How sweet of him to send me roses. Then I looked at the time and noticed that the car was probably waiting for me! Oh god! I’m going to be late!! I kissed Apollo goodbye and went running to the car. Thank god the driver knew a shortcut to avoid traffic. We arrived to the producing company with time to spare. As I went in, it was beautiful, the walls were red like ruby and they had a main secretary with a wide glass desk. –Ah! You must be Serena, yes? My name is Julie.- She said. I nodded my head –Simon has asked me to take you to his office so he can give you a tour of the place, I know it’s beautiful and big! And congratulation with the new job! - She said. –Oh its not official yet haha its more of like they put me to work and see how the progress of their work goes and if they like it, they keep me. - I said as I followed her to the elevator. –Oh really? From what I hear is that you are our official new head of the accountants! - She said. –Oh wow! Well umm… that’s new news to me! - I said. We finally arrived to the top of the building. As we got of the elevator, the view of London was amazing! You can see the river, the clock tower and the bridge! It nearly took my breath away!! –Breathtaking view eh? I still can’t get over it and that’s because I’ve been working here forever. - Julie said. I see Simon coming out of his office, -Ah Serena! WELCOME! Let me give you a tour of the floor. You will be working up here with me. Also you are now the head accountant, I’ve seen your work from the US, and its amazing and accurate! – He said. He led me to my new office. There were grand doors, as if they were for a palace. When we pushed the doors open, it was beautiful. My own wooden desk, sleek Mac computer; it was just all beautiful. I went and touched the desk, it was soft and shiny. I sat in the chair, my god, I could just sink in it and sit all day in it! It even had a back and bottoms massager. –Well what do you think?- Simon said. –Wow, you left me speechless!- I said. –You haven’t seen anything yet- he said, walking to the curtains behind my chair. He pulled them aside and I had the same view as I saw before. The red bridge is so beautiful, the view is still breathtaking. –Wow, Simon. Thank you! I am absolutely speechless! I can guarantee that having me in your office will be the best choice you ever make!- I said. –Now follow me. The boys want to see you in their recording studio.- Simon said. Why would they want to see me? I’m their accountant now, I have to keep this professional. I followed Simon to their record studio, when we entered there was nobody there. I have feeling that this could be some sort of prank… Niall then pops out –Hello there! Were hiding from Louis! SSSHHH!!!- He said and he went back down. Then Louis comes in, -I know you’re in here lads. I can smell your dirty little arses in here. Then Harry pops out from the back –Louie!!! You finally found me!! Thank god! It took you forever! I was seriously thinking about stripping! God its hot in here!!- Harry said. –Nobody is stripping here, we have a lady present! Now everybody out! - Simon said.  All the boys slowly came out, they were like children, just wanting to play. –Now, boys, Megan will be managing your money. If she sees that one of your spending is out of control, she will report to me. Now, I have seen her work and she is excellent. Now please do not try to make her want to quit on the first day!- Simon said, practically begging. –You guys have made an accountant quit on her first day?!- I said. –Worse, we’ve made her cry on the first day!- Niall said proudly. –What!! That’s horrible! If you guys were living under my roof, my mother would chase you guys with a broom!- I said. –But don’t worry Simon, I plan on being here for a very long time, there is no need to worry about losing me. I’m pretty sure the boys will let me do my work.- I said as I shook Simon’s hand. He was pleased with my words, then we turned to the boys and saw that they were in a huddle. This scared us. –Simon, I think I’m going to go lock myself in my office, I don’t like the feeling I’m getting.- I said, slowly backing out of the room. The boys looked at us with big grins. –I think we should more likely run to our office- Simon whispered, then he took off running, leaving me behind. Then I took off running to my office. It was hard to run in my heels, next time I’ll come in running shoes. I look back and see that the boys were catching up. I finally made it to my office! Phew! Safe at last! Now to put the lock and start working. I made my way to my desk and saw a pile of papers on my desk. –Holy Cow! How many accountants did it take for them to lose and fall behind!- I said, looking through the papers, they were at least a year behind, but at least they did pay their taxes. This should be a piece of cake, I’ve dealt with worse. Then I hear a tapping noise on my window. Uh oh… This does not sound good… I slowly approached my curtains and opened one of them. And there they were, the boys, except for Liam were standing on a buggy that the workers use to clean the windows. Just waving and have a silly grin. My god they are cute and funny. Serena! Cut that out! You’re here to work! Not to date your coworkers! I closed my curtains and sat back down in my chair and started working. 12:30 pm, a note is swung under my door. I noticed it. I walk to the note and opened it. –Please come have lunch with us in the cafeteria. You are the best accountant we’ve ever had! Love, 1D- I sighed, the boys are never going to leave me alone. Couldn’t they just call. I know I would have said yes. And its only my first day! They can’t already be loving me. I grab my purse and make my way to the cafeteria. Once I arrived, -Serena! Over here!!- Zayn said, standing up and waving at me, as if I couldn’t spot them. I walk over to the table. –Hello there fellas, how was your day?- I asked. –BBBOOORRRIINNGGG! Ever since you locked your door, we can’t bother you.- Louis said, making a silly face. It made me laugh a little. –Ok, well I’m starving, so how does this cafeteria work?- I asked. –We’ll they bring you a menu and you order off of it!- Niall said excitingly. I look at the menu, not very many healthy stuff. But their salads look amazing. The waiter came and took our orders, once it was my turn, -I’ll have your grilled chicken salad with dressing on the side and a cup of water please- I said. –OOOHHH SNAAPPP! Someone likes to eat healthy!! Look out we got a BADASS over here!- Louis shouted out. This made me blush. –AWE, look at her, she’s blushing- Harry said as he pinched my cheek. –Ok you guys, I’m here for work, not to play around. I take my work very serious. No playing around for me!- I said as professional as I could, they just cracked up, like as if I said something funny. –Um.. Did I say something funny?- I asked. –Yeah, it sounded like you were trying to be professional!- Zayn said. Everyone was laughing except for Liam. Then he left the table. –Hey what’s up with Liam? Is he always like this?- I asked. –Ah, now you want to know about us eehh?- Harry says. –Well, he’s been rude and quiet ever since I got here! And I know I didn’t do anything wrong because its only my first day here.- I said. –He just has a hard time adjusting to new people.- Zayn said. –That is a lie. I know a lie when I hear one. There is something going on and you guys won’t tell me.- I said. –My lips are sealed!- Niall said. –Your lips are not sealed when someone hands you food!- Louis said as he whacked him in the head. This caused me to laugh and snort. I caught myself while snorting and then everybody else started laughing with me. –We’ll tell you what’s wrong with him under one condition- Louis said. –And that condition is?- -You leave your office door unlocked- he whispered. –Are you guys that serious about bothering me!- I said. –We’ll we don’t call it bothering, we like the word fun better- Harry said and everyone else agreed with him. –Fine, my door will be unlocked, but no monkey business and you cannot touch the papers or computer or my chair! And if my desk is ruined, you guys are dead to me- I said. –Wow, I don’t think we’ve ever felt threatened before, have we boys?- Louis said and they all agreed, looking a little bit scared. –Are you like the Alpha male of this group or what, Louis?- I asked. –Of course, who is going to guide these lovely boys the right way of manhood and the fun and games we play?- he said. This just made me slap my head and they just started laughing. Lunch was over. –Remember! Keep your doors unlocked!- Louis said as he passed me. This is going to be the worst deal I ever make… now back to the office!

            As I was looking through the paperwork, I noticed that some accounts were missing money. I picked up the phone and called Simon. –This is Simon Cowell, how can I help you?- he said. –Sir, this is Serena, I noticed that in some of your bank accounts that your missing money, is there any explanation for this?- I asked. –Serena, your not kidding around right?- he asked. –No sir, this is very serious. You could have been robbed and not know.- I said. –I’m going to your office- he hung up and the next second he was in my office. I showed him the paperwork. –This is wrong, how can someone steal money from me?- he asked. –It’s easy to steal money from a very big and very successful company sir. Since you are making lots of money, it takes little to notice that someone was stealing and putting the money they stole in their paychecks.- I explained to him how there are crooks out there and that not everybody can be trusted. –Serena, thank you for catching this, now if you can figure out who it is, can you let me know?- he asked. –Yes sir!- I said giving him thumbs up! I looked through the paperwork and it was only during that period time (2011) that money went missing, all the other years were perfectly fine and there was nothing wrong. I logged onto my computer and tracked down the account number to see if any went missing this year. I scrolled down and saw that there were numbers missing! Aha! I caught you thief, now to see where that money goes. I looked through everybody’s paycheck. There was one under the name of Sam Cahill, her check was rather large for being an employee much below me. I looked up her info in the record books, and it said that she quit in 2011. That was when she was stealing money and that’s why it stopped till now. –Sir, I figured out who it was. Its Sam Cahill, but what I find odd, was that she quit in 2011, and now again, checks are being made under her name and it seems that whoever is passing it out, does not notice that she has quit.- I said, showing him the paper works. –oh god, not Sam.- he said rubbing his forehead. –What’s wrong sir?- I asked. –Sam Cahill, she was one of the best employees I have ever had. She knew her stuff and was always bringing money in, but I didn’t know what people said about her was really true. She was a sweet girl. Except for when she tried to seduce one of my workers on this level.- he said. –Well sir, its all been fixed. That check is being cancelled and she is no longer to going to touch the company money ever again. I have also made everyone aware that this Sam Cahill, is no longer working here, ever since 2011.- I said proudly. –Wow, thank you Serena! And its only your first day here!- he said. –Yep, and all the paperwork is done. Now I just keep track of where your money goes and who its going to and make sure its going to the right person.- I said. Simon was extremely proud of me. I walked back to my office with a big smile on my face. I sat on my chair and closed my eyes for a bit. When I opened them, I see five boys with cans of silly strings staring at me. –Oh god, not now please!- I begged. -3… 2… 1… fire away boys!- Louis says, then I was covered in colored silly strings. I opened one of my drawers and saw a watergun. Hmmm… I grabbed and started shooting at them back and they ran away giddily. Harry comes back into my office. –Serena, I was wondering if you got my gift this morning.- he said. –Yes and I did and it was lovely, thank you for the gift.- I said gratefully. – And?- he asked. –And, what?- I said. –Will you go out on a date with me?- he asked and he pulled out a single red rose from behind his back. –Hmm.. I’m not the type of girl who immediately says yes. Its going to have to take a lot from you to want to take me out on date.- I said. –Challenge accepted.- Harry said and he put the red rose on my desk. –Now, at least let me help you clean up your office, it was Niall’s idea to use silly strings.- Harry said. He stayed and helped me cleaned up my office. We laughed and talked and we had a good time. –So be aware, that whatever I do, it’s going to be amazing!- Harry said. –Ok well now you can go, I need to finish up work.- I said as I shooed him out. Once Harry was gone. Liam came in. –What can I help you with today, Liam?- I asked. –Are you really going to go on a date with Harry?- he asked. –No, he has to prove himself worthy and make me want to go out on a date with him.- I said. –Oh.- he said. –Is there anything else on your mind?- I asked. He looked at me with his light brown eyes. He had a sad look, like he wants to say something but he can’t. –Well if you have nothing to say, then you can leave, I have work to finish.- I said. –I don’t want to leave- he said quietly. This shocked me, he actually said something. –Whenever I’m near you, you bring serenity and I feel calm.- he said. –Well, your going to have to learn how to manage that on your own.- I said. –Now really, Liam, I have work to finish. We can grab coffee this week and we can talk about it.- I said. –There’s nothing to talk about!- he said with such aggression. This made me even more shocked. –Liam, leave my office… NOW. I will not tolerate your behavior!- I said as I grabbed him by the arm and dragged him out of my office. –Serena please forgive me, that came out of nowhere!- he said begging. I closed the door and went back to my computer. There was a sticky note on my computer. –Meet me in the recording studio in 10 mins, secret code is monkeybutt Louis- Ok, well who knows how long has this note has been here. I made my way to the recording studio. It was dim and empty. –Louis! Where are you?- I said, -Whats the code?- a loud boomed voice said. You serious, I really have to say that absurd word. –Monkeybutt!!- I said. –Told you Zayn, she would say it!- Louis said. They both come out of the glass windowed area. –Now, can you please tell me why Liam just freaking yelled at me awhile ago?!- I said, -he yelled at you?- Zayn said. –Did I stutter or did you not understand me? He like blew up in my office!- I said –Sit down and calm down. Let’s talk about this.- Louis said. They grabbed me a chair and we sat in a circle. –Now, I know its no excuse for Liam to explode on you, but he’s been having a rough time, since Danielle broke up with him.- Louis said. –Who the hell is Danielle? This girl better go fix this guy or else I will.- I said. –They had a rough break-up. She has been trying to get back with him, but he keeps on catching her with lies after lies. And we keep on telling him to not give her a chance because she doesn’t deserve it.- Zayn said. –And what does this have to do with me?- I asked. –Well you are the much prettier version of her. But were not trying to make her sound bad, she was a really cool girl and an amazing dancer. Eleanor still hangs out with her, but recently, she’s been distancing herself from Danielle because Danielle has been nothing but trouble. And don’t get me wrong, we all love her to death, and I believe Liam still loves her too, but he has all this anger in him and doesn’t know how to control it.- Louis explains. –So, I look like this Danielle girl, and in his head, he thinks I’m her? That is just sick and it doesn’t make sense! He kept on muttering about something that I bring serenity and peace to him!- I said loudly. –Well then we have no other explanation for that. All we can say is be patient with him. He is a very loving person and when he loves someone, he loves them with all of his heart.- Zayn said. After our little meeting, I went to pack up my stuff and go back to my loft. As I was walking back to the elevator, I could hear someone behind me. The top floor was empty, there should be no one here. Knowing there was someone behind me made me walk faster. I pressed the elevator button, praying that it’ll come before whoever was behind me come. Then I looked back and saw that it was Liam. –Jesus! You almost gave me a heart attack!- I said. –I just want to say I’m sorry for my behavior earlier today. Please let me make it up to you- he said. His eyes looked sad, -Fine, but you can make it up at my place, I’m exhausted and I want to change into something comfy.- I said. –Perfect, I’ll give you a ride- he said.

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