Take Me to Another World

This is the story about a girl who is totally different from everybody else. She was born different. She was born deaf and had to wear hearing aids for the rest of her life. Then when she gets a job internship in London and meets different people and that’s when her life changes forever.


3. Serena


We finally arrived to the club. They let us in first because we were VIP’s. The place was huge! It was a two-story club. Colored lights flashing everywhere, and the bar was long and everybody was dancing. Eleanor grabbed me –Shots time!- she says as we ran to the bar. The boys followed as well. –Ahhh, Ms. Calder! Welcome back! Free shots for you and your friends eh?- the bartender says, -Tyler, I’m back and this time we brought a little extra someone! It’s her first night in London! Lets show her a good time!- Eleanor says. The bartender waved his finger to the dj, and the song changed to Shots by LMFAO, we started laughing, then the bartender had different types of shots put out. –You ready?- I asked, -Baby I was born ready!- she says. Then we started chugging the shots, as soon as the song ended, Eleanor and I finished them. The boys started cheering for us and whooping and ordering more shots for us to take with them. –I wanna dance, El, lets go dance!- I said and I grabbed her and dragged her to the dance floor. The song sweet nothing by Calvin Harris came on. I could feel the music dance around me, I closed my eyes and started dancing to it. Then I felt someone from behind try to grab me and grind with me. I turn around and tell him to back off. He went away for a bit and then came back and tried again. –Don’t you understand the term “back off”?- I said as I pushed him away. Eleanor noticed and called the boys over. –Hmmm.. These pretty boys are going to protect you err what? Your drunk and I can easily say you threw yourself on me- the man said. He grabbed both of my wrists and started dragging me away. Eleanor  tried to make him let go, but he just threw her to the ground like as if she was paper. I saw the boys running towards us, especially Louis, he was pissed that someone hurt his princess. The man was way strong for me to fight back, but I still tried to pull away. I can’t believe no one in the club notices that I’m struggling. Finally, Niall shows up and punches the guy in the face and he pushes back and I fall into Zayn’s arm. –Where’s El?!- I said, -She’s fine, we need to make sure your ok.- Zayn says as he tried to soothe me. I see Harry and Louis with El at the bar. Liam was with Niall trying to scare off the guy. Zayn walked with me to the bar. –I need a drink, something to calm my nerves- I said to the bartender. –Make that two- El says. –Are you ok?- I asked. –Yeah, I’m fine, I’m the one who should be asking, are you ok?- she says. –Yeah, I’m fine, luckily the boys made it on time.- I said. I started to rub my wrists, I noticed they were hurting a lot, I looked down at them and there were rings of purple wrapped around my wrists. Oh God, how am I going to hide this at work… I thought to myself. –Here is my specialty drink, they don’t serve this anywhere else.- the bartender said. The drink did its job, it calmed me down. Niall and Liam finally came back, Niall had a little cut on his pretty white face. –Oh my god, Niall are you ok?- I asked, I felt horrible, I just wanted to rewind time and make sure I never left the bar. –Yeah, I’m fine, you should really thank Liam, he noticed the man staring from the very beginning.- Niall said. –Liam, thank you- I said, he just nodded his said and looked away. I stood up and hugged him, he was surprised. At first he didn’t hug me back. But then he relaxingly, slowly put his arms around me. We went back out to dance, but this time the boys came with us. It still bothered me why no one helped me when the man was pulling me through the crowd. Then we went back to the bar. Harry, Zayn and I had a shot competition. Whoever could finish first would have to make the other two do something embarrassing. They set out 20 shots per person, I think I have never had this many shots in one night. Everybody around us was cheering and chanting and betting on us on who would win. Then we started taking shots, all of us were chugging. I was ahead by two shots. I saw that Zayn was catching up. It made me go faster. Then the buzzer rang, surprisingly, Harry won and beat us all. I couldn’t drink anymore. I was already hammered and I knew I was going to wake up with the worst hangover ever. –You didn’t win and neither did you! Harry won!- Louis said. –Alright everybody, its closing time, its already 4am! Time for you youngsters to go home! Except for the people the people that were doing the shot completion!- the DJ said, we stayed behind, I wondered why. I needed to sit down, I could not stay standing or else I would do something stupid and fall. After everybody left, the DJ came up to us –Hello, I’m the owner of this club, you guys helped us make more money tonight than we ever did! I think it was because of your shot competition!- He said as he shook all of our hands. My arms felt like noodles. I turned to look at Zayn and Harry and you can tell they were super drunk. –I want to make you girls my promoters!- the DJ said. –Job accepted! Can I go home now? I am realllllllyyyyyyy drunk and I reaaaalllllllyyyyyy need to pee.- I said, everyone around me laughed and I made my what face, it was true. Oh crap, I just said what I thought, I thought. Finally we left the club, I was walking with Harry and Zayn, we all started singing the song “I like how it feels” by Enrique Iglesias. We were the three drunken bastards. Than a paparazzi popped out. –Boys, its time to pose!- I said drunkenly. I posed and the Zayn and Harry gave me a kiss on the cheeks. Then Niall and Liam pulled us away and we continued singing. I stopped and took off my shoes. –Harry! Whoo!! Give me a piggyback ride!- I said, -Jump on babe!- he said as he hunched a bit. As I was about to jump on his back, Liam grabs me, -No one is giving or getting piggyback rides.- he says. –Boo your no fun!- I said. Then he picks me up and puts me in a taxi, -Whoa your not letting her go alone are you mate?- Niall says. –No, I’m going with her, someone has to be able to carry her to her room.- Liam says. –You make me sound fat!- I yelled out and everybody outside just laughs. Then Harry sticks his head in the taxi –Hey babe, I have a secret to tell you! Come here come here!- he said, waving his hand to his face. I got close and he crushed his lips against mine. I started laughing and so did he, then Liam pulled him away causing Harry to hit his head against the car door. That made me laugh even more. –Hey mate! I was having a moment that’ll probably never get again!- Harry said, we all started laughing again. Liam finally got in the car and gave the driver directions. Being in the car with Liam is awkward because instead of me having a conversation with him, I ended up having a conversation with the driver. We finally got to my place, I was about to bust out some cash to pay the driver, -No, it’s ok, I got this.-Liam says. That’s a miracle, he speaks! He helped me out of the car into my loft. –Why don’t you like me?- I asked him. He didn’t respond back. I asked again, still no response. –You know what? I can make it to my door without your help!- I said. He still didn’t let me go. –Why do you keep on doing that?! Ignoring me? It’s annoying! You’re not the mysterious hotshot with that personality of yours!- I said as I forced him to let me go, but once he let me got, I fell straight to the ground. Then he helped me up.-Give me one reason why?!- I asked, this finally ticked him off. –You know why I don’t respond back to you?! You know why I’m always quiet or rude?! Because I don’t know what to say! You always have something to say! But I don’t!- Liam said. –Are you mad because Harry kissed me?- I said softly. His facial expression tightened. We finally made it to my door. I unlocked it slowly, hoping he’ll answer my question. –Do you want to stay the night? I have an extra bedroom- I said. He just walked in with me. Before going to my bedroom –Wait, I want to see the sunrise. - I said as I made it to my little back yard. I sat down on the garden benches and cuddle with myself. He came outside and sat next to me. Then he hugged me and kept me warm. I leaned my body into his. I could feel all the muscles in his body slowly, relaxing and warming up to me. His heartbeat was beating at the same rate as mine. The sun finally came up! It looked beautiful! It shone upon the horizon with its bright orange rays. –Bucket list #1 done- I said, then I stood up and stumbled to my room. Apollo was still asleep on my pillow. I decided to take a nice soak in my tub. Then he knocks on the door while I’m in the tub. –Come in!- I said, he came in. I was only wearing a towel around my body. –Oh God, I can come in when your done- he said. –Tell me now, before I get pissed- I said. –We’ll I just want to say I’m sorry for yelling at you. You didn’t deserve it, you were only trying to be nice and friendly and I got a little jealous that everyone was getting along with you.- Liam said. –So now you want to talk to me?- I said. –Just please forgive me, I know what I did was wrong and I shouldn’t have done that- he said. –I’ll think about it, now get out and sleep, so I can soak in the tub- I said as I shooed him out of my room. Finally I get to soak in the tub. The water was still hot. Perfect. Then Apollo decides to join me in the bathtub and make a mess. It was cute and fun, but exhausting and now I have to clean. After my soak, I put on some pajama shorts and a hoodie with my hair in a bun. Finally, sleep. Then I passed out on my bed.

            I wake up. Its 3pm! Oh my God! I need to feed Apollo! I jumped out of bed and run to the living room to find five boys sitting on the sofa playing with Apollo. –Good morning princess- Harry says as he smirked. Oh god, the hangover just kicked in. I went to my suitcase and pulled out aspirins, Zayn was sitting with his head on the counter. –Hangover? Want aspirins?- I asked and he nodded his head yes. I gave him a glass of orange juice with some aspirins. –Hey why don’t you offer me some aspirins?- Harry asked. –Well it seems like you don’t have a massive hangover from the shots we took last night.- I said as I popped some pills and swallowed them with orange juice. Zayn finally lifted his head and swallowed the aspirins without the juice. –Damn someone is a pro at swallowing pills without any liquids- I said. –It’s called saliva- Zayn said grouchily. –Ouch someone is also in a bad mood- I said. –Yeah Perrie got mad at him because there are pictures of me and Zayn kissing you. - Harry said. –Oh my God! And has Simon seen these?! Oh my god! Oh my God! I can lose my job for this!- I started to panic and walking around the kitchen. –Relax, Simon thinks they’re hilarious! People think you’re a model!- Niall says –Me? A model? Do they not realize how short I am? - I said, -We’ll they haven’t seen how beautiful you are in person- Harry says. Is he flirting with me? Apollo goes berserk and running and barking at the door. Eleanor comes in, looking trashed like me. –You want coffee, el?- I asked as I started the coffee maker. –You just read my mind- she said. Then I looked down at my wrists, they were still purple from last night. –Does anybody know why I got purple marks on my wrists?- I asked –The most feared man in London attacked you.- Louis said casually eating from a bag of chips. –WHAT?!- I said. –Geez, you overreact a lot- Niall says. –Yeah, I got attacked by a man that London fears!- I said. –Please stop yelling! My head hurts!- Zayn said. Then my stomach started to growl. –Looks like someone is hungry- Liam said quietly. –Yeah, I’m going to order Chinese takeout, anybody wants some? - I asked. Everybody raised their hands, including Zayn. –Triple my order please!- Niall says.

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