Take Me to Another World

This is the story about a girl who is totally different from everybody else. She was born different. She was born deaf and had to wear hearing aids for the rest of her life. Then when she gets a job internship in London and meets different people and that’s when her life changes forever.


2. Serena


I decided to go with the red dress, I curled my hair, loose, brown curls at the end and smoky eye makeup and red lipstick. I looked at the shoe rack, oh dear, there were so many to choose from. I decided to go with the nude pumps and gold jewelry. It was already 7:15, I grabbed a pack of batteries just in case if my hearing aid dies, some make up, and put them in the clutch, I took out Apollo just in case before I leave and left out a little bathroom mat, just in case. I ran out the loft, locking it and making sure it was locked and ran down the stairs . Eleanor was there and she looked amazing in a simple black dress and big jewelry. –WOW don’t we both look fabulous?- she says. Then here comes the limo, it was long, black and beautiful. Then came out a man, -Welcome to the family, Serena.- as he approached me and gave me a kiss on the cheek, -My name is Simon Cowell, you will be working for me as my main accountant. Eleanor it’s nice to see you again. The boys are in the car.- he says with a thick British accent. Boys? What boys? I thought, then someone sticks out through the window roof, it was a blondie kid, -Hello there pretty lady!- he says with a thick Irish accent, then he winked at me and went back down. –Ignore Niall, ignore the boys, they’re all a bit silly. - Simon says. –A bit silly? I think you mean they are doofus!- Eleanor says. –Hey I heard that- someone said from the car. –Now lets get going, or were going to be late for the carpet!- Simon says. I was very confused, but I got into the car and see 5 boys and Eleanor. –Hello, my name is Louis, I believe you are now my girlfriends best friend- the boy next to Eleanor says as he stick out his hand, and I shocked it and said- My name is Serena, I’m from Texas. Then the blonde kid, Niall says with his best cowboy accent –Yeehaw! Is it mighty hot down there?- and everybody started laughing. –These boys are your dates, you will come out of the car after me and you will pose for pictures with them.- Simon says. I feel like a model instead of an accountant, I can get use to this. We arrived to the venue. Simon opened the car door and all you see is lights flashing. I tried my best not to make an ugly face or do something stupid. When it was my turn to get out of the car, all you can hear is who are you? Are you one of the boy’s new girlfriend? This was silly, I’m only here for my job. Then Eleanor was by my side and the boys surrounded us, and we posed for the pictures. I knew my job was to stick with the boys and take pictures with them and I stuck to that. The boy with the curly hair approaches me,     -Let’s get going, before Simon thinks were fooling around out here- he says as he wrapped his arm around my waist and waved at the crowd. I took his arm off my waist and just went on smiling with the boys and waving, like as if nothing happened. I turned around and saw that he was smiling back at me. Finally, I was able to enter the venue without reporters yelling at me and asking questions about my personal life. It was beautiful inside the venue, it felt like as if I was part of a Phantom of the Opera play. This must have been a theatre because it was beautiful decorated and it has very detailed architecture. Then there was a banner hanging from the ceiling saying, welcome to the family Serena! I cant believe this is all for me! And that’s because I’m only an accountant. There were a lot of people there and some of them are famous in the US, such as Adele, Cher Lloyd, Little Mix etc. . . I walked around and was handed a glass of champagne. Then I see the five boys that were in the car at the podium. The one with a quiff and mysterious eyes started speaking –Hello everyone, for those of you that don’t know, my name is Zayn Malik and I am part of a band called One Direction, the boys here, Liam Payne, Harry Styles, Niall Horan and Louis Tomlinson would like to welcome a new member to our family, please give a warm welcome to Serena! He says as two of the boys jump off and pulled me upstage. Everyone was clapping and cheering as the boys gave me a big group hug. They’re a little too friendly, wait till I actually start working and that’s when everything changes. A photographer comes up and takes pictures of us. I hear some people saying that this was rather odd of Simon to do this for his employees and that he would never do this. I wonder what made me special enough for him to throw this party. Then the boys helped me off the stage, I felt like a princess in this party, everybody was coming up and introducing themselves to me. Even the queen of England showed up with duchess and the prince, this was an honor to meet them. –You must be special. This is the first time Simon ever throws a party for his employees- Zayn says from behind me. –May I have this dance?- he asked with his hand out. I accepted as he led me to the dance floor. It was a slow classical dance. Thank god I was a dancer when I was younger. –So what brings you to London?- he asks –Job internship, I wanted to get out of Texas and do something bigger with my life- I say, his eyes were the most beautiful thing, they were big and brown, but there was something about them that made them beautiful. Them someone taps Zayn’s shoulder, it was the curly haired boy again, -I believe it is my turn to dance- he says. Zayn backs away and lets him in. –I have not properly introduced myself, my name is Harold Edward Styles, aka Harry.- he says, his green eyes glittered under the lights. I felt like I was at a ball, every men was wearing a penguin styled tuxedo with gloves and all the ladies looked so beautiful in their gowns.  –Well you already know my name- I say, Harry’s eyes still glittered with the lights. He chuckles at my response, -Well, welcome to London, where everything here is amazing and your legal to drink here- he says, how did he know that I was underage in the US? I was going to turn 21 later on in the year. Then someone else taps him on the shoulder –Hey lad, its time for me to get to know my girlfriends new bff- says a quirky looking boy. Harry made a face and backed away. –Hello there my lady, the name is Louis, Louis Tomlinson, the boyfriend of Eleanor Calder, and you must be Serena, her new BFF that she made in the airplane and happened to live in the same building as her.- he says, I laughed a little because he sounded like he was trying to be funny. –Everything you say is true. Watch out! I’m working at the office now, so anything you do to try to hurt Eleanor, and I’ll make sure it hurts you twice as hard- I say, then we both laughed, -I think were going to have a good time- Louis says. Now I know why Eleanor likes him, he’s not the typical boy, he is actually funny and tries to be friends. Now, Eleanor taps my shoulder,  -I believe Niall is waiting to dance with you- she says-Watch out, he’s an amazing dancer.-  she says as she giggled. I looked back, he looks so professional in his tuxedo, waiting for me to go dance with him. I go up to him, -Ready to dance?- I asked. The song was more of a Spanish upbeat song. –I was born ready- the Irish lad says and smiles. We started dancing, and he was a good dancer, especially since this song was a Spanish song. –WOW, you really can dance!- I say, -And I can act- he says in his best American accent. We both laughed. –Now Niall, your accent is different from the rest, where are you from?- I ask, -I am from Mullingar, Ireland, the land of the Irishmen- he says proudly. –Wow, well I’m from Texas, the land of the cowboys and Indians.- I say. The boys were much different than I thought. They were funny and quirky. There are five boys, so far I have danced with only one of them. Niall took off to go eat more food. I looked around for the fifth one, Liam Payne. I see him by the bar drinking whiskey. I go up to him, -Well, you’re the last boy of the famous boy band that I haven’t met- I said. He just looked at me and then continued sipping on his whiskey. –Can I have two shots of tequila please?- I ask the bartender. Liam looks at me confusedly. –What are the two shots for?- he asked. –You and me. That’s how you break the quietness. A shot of tequila can really get you out there.- I said. I handed him a shot with a lime. –You drink the tequila, then you suck on the lime, on three, we both take it as the same time, ok?- I said. He just nodded his head and accepted the shot. -1…2…3! Whoo! This tequila is nothing like the ones from Mexico!- I say as I sucked on the lime. I looked up and saw that he didn’t take it, -Why are you being a hardass? - I asked, he looked at me surprised. –Your quiet and you don’t want to have fun, you just here sulking in the corner and I’m trying to be friends with you, when I could be out there with your buddies, taking shots with them!- I was frustrated and walked away. I went to the restroom to go fix my makeup. There was a little smudge of black powder under my eye, I wonder how long has that been there? I fixed it and went back outside. Eleanor saw me and took me to the center of the floor. The light then fixated on me only, I didn’t know what was going on. I turned around and heard a live band starting. There were the five boys, Liam started singing- It feels like we've been livin' in fast forward, Another moment passing by (Up up up all night) The party's ending but it's now or never

Nobody's going home tonight (Up up up all night)


Katy Perry’s on replay, She's on replay

DJ got the floor to shake, the floor to shake, People going all the way, Yeah, all the way, I'm still wide awake


I wanna stay up all night, And jump around until we see the sun, I wanna stay up all night, And find a girl and tell her she's the one, Hold on to the feeling, And don't let it go, 'Cause we got the floor now, Get out of control, I wanna, stay up all night, And do it all with you, Up, up, up all night, Like this, all night, hey, Up all night, Like this, all night, hey, Up all night


Don't even care about the table breaking, we only wanna have a laugh (Up up up all night) I'm only thinking 'bout this girl I'm seeing, I hope she’ll wanna kiss me back (Up up up all night)


Katy Perry’s on replay, She's on replay

DJ got the floor to shake, the floor to shake, People going all the way

Yeah, all the way, I'm still wide-awake


I wanna stay up all night And jump around until we see the sun, I wanna stay up all night, And find a girl and tell her she's the one, Hold on to the feeling, And don't let it go, 'Cause we got the floor now, Get out of control, I wanna stay up all night, And do it all with you, Up, up, up all night, Like this, all night, hey Up all night, Like this, all night, hey

Up all night


Katy Perry’s on replay (Up all night)

She's on replay (We're gonna want to stay up all night)

DJ got the floor to shake, the floor to shake (We're gonna want to stay up all night) Up all night, up all night (We're gonna want to stay up all night)

[All] I wanna stay up all night And jump around until we see the sun

I wanna stay up all night, And find a girl and tell her she's the one (she's the one) Hold on to the feeling, And don't let it go, 'Cause we got the floor now, Get out of control I wanna stay up all night, And do it all with you (do it all with you) Up, up, up all night, Like this, all night, hey, Up all night Like this, all , night, hey, Up all night.

Throughout the song, Harry kept on winking at me, Louis was making funny faces, Niall was trying to dance funny and Liam and Zayn looked so serious singing, but with Zayn you could tell was having a good time and Liam looked like he was having a sour time. The song was amazing. It was a song from their first album. Louis and Harry got off the stage and put me on stage and they got back on too. They both had a smirk on, this means something funny to them was going to happen. While Louis was talking on stage about how it was on honor to have me with working with them, I was anxiously waiting to see what they had planned. -Now, please bring out the presents that we each bought Serena- Louis says. Five waiters walked out from the kitchen with big boxes to the stage. Louis grabbed his gift first and handed it to me. –Luckily, since you’re a girl, Eleanor helped me with your gift. It was wrapped in red with gold and embroidering and gold bow. I carefully unwrapped it, trying to not make a mess of this beautiful paper. I pulled the box out of the paper, it was slightly heavy. Once I opened the box, I gasped, it was the most beautiful necklace I ever seen. It was a big gold-chained necklace and had little dangling jewelry. You could tell this was a real gold and real jewel. –Louis, Eleanor, this is beautiful, you guys leave me speechless!- I said as I hugged them both. Everybody cheered. –Here’s my present- Niall says, his present was wrapped in a blue wrapper and purple squiggles on it. I opened it carefully, as I did with Louis. Once I got to the box, I was nervous because how was I ever going to repay these people, who have given me so much and its only been my second night here in London. Niall’s present was an elegant dress; it was long, black, and poufy, as for a royal ball. –This dress is for when you go to the queen’s ball with us- Niall says. I go up and give him a big hug and a kiss on the cheek, -Hey why didn’t I get a kiss on the cheek?- Louis says and Eleanor punches him in the arm. –Ouch babe, I was only kidding!- he says laughingly and he gives her a kiss on the lips. Next was Zayn’s gift. It was a very tall gift. I struggled unwrapping it because I am short and the heels don’t help me at all. When I unwrapped it, it was a mirror, but those detailed architecture mirror, it was beautiful. –Thank you Zayn, it is so beautiful!- I say. These gifts leave me speechless. Next up was Harry. The box was light. I unwrapped  it and it left me even more speechless than before. It was a crown with extravagant jewels on it, -A crown fit for a queen- he says as he puts the crown on my head, and it did fit perfectly, I looked at myself in the mirror that zany gave me. It was beautiful. –I don’t know what to say! Its beautiful!- I say –Just as long as your happy, than I’m happy- Harry says, I hugged him and gave him a kiss on the cheek, this time my red lipstick left a mark on his face and he was pleased. It was Liam’s turn, for some reason I was not to excited for his gift. His gift came in a box much smaller than Harry’s. I opened it and there was a small package, it had 10 airplane tickets to Nassau. Nassau is where the Bahamas is. it took awhile for it to process in my head. Then it dawned on me, he got me tickets to vacation with ten other people in Nassau! My face went into shock and I just automatically hugged him. –I don’t know how I will ever be able to repay you guys, this is beautiful! I know all of your gifts must have cost an arm and a leg, or even more! All I can say is that you will not regret hiring me!- I say with excitement and everyone cheered. I once again gave all the boys a hug and a kiss and I gave Eleanor another hug. –Hey after this, let’s go clubbing, the boys want you to go.- she says –I’m down to go, just as long as I can go back and change- I say, -Same here, I want to look hot for Louis- she says as she winked at me. The night at the venue finally ended. The boys, Simon, Eleanor and I were the lasts one to leave. There were so many photographers and reporters out there. The boys and Simon put Eleanor and I, in the middle so they wouldn’t attack us. We finally made it to the car. It felt like it took forever! When we got in the limo, I took off my heels, my feet have never felt so relaxed. I think the only time I ever sat down was when they served us dinner. The boys looked at me weirdly, -What? My feet hurt, and I wanted to give them a rest!- I said. Eleanor took off her shoes too. They just stared at us both weirdly. –Ok, since you guys are taking Serena out clubbing, I want you to be very careful, we cannot lose her, think of her as a your prized item, ok boys?- Simon says. I felt like a child, especially since I don’t know the area very much. Finally, they dropped me, Eleanor and the boys off at our loft. –Ok, well I am going to go change quickly,- I was interrupted by Harry picking me up, -What are you doing?- I asked –Carrying you to your loft. Don’t your feet hurt?- he asks. –Yes, but I think I can walk to my loft.- I say. He put me back down. –Damn your short without your heels- Niall says. I ignored his comment, -Ok, well whoever is coming with me to my room, then follow me because I need to take Apollo out.- I say as I darted to the doors. All the boys followed me, except for Louis, he went with Eleanor, and I think we all knew they wanted some private time. When I opened the door, Apollo came running and jumped into my arms. He was the cutest thing ever. The boys came in, one of them whistled, -Damn this nice, Simon did well.- Zayn says. –Yeah, he even gave me Apollo.- I said, and all of their faces dropped, -what? You guys haven’t seen anything yet, he gave me a closet filled with clothes!- I said. –Did he give you a pantry and fridge filled with food?- Niall asked. –Yes, but that doesn’t mean you can eat it all. Well you guys can make yourself at home while I smoke a quick cig and have Apollo do his business.- I say. –Mind if I join you?- Zayn says. I nodded my head. He joined me outside. –So you smoke?- he asked. –Yeah- I responded back. –I don’t take you as smoker.- he says –What makes you think that?- I asked, -Well, your really nice and I know this is only the first day, I’ve met you, but from being around you, I can tell you can do better than this.- he says as he lets out a puff of smoke. –We’ll then, how bout tonight will be the last night we both smoke, and if we ever have the urge too, then we call each other. Pinky promise?- I say. He laughs –You see, I can tell you’re different. You’re the only girl I know that still says pinky promise- Zayn says and we both laughed. We both went back inside. Niall was helping himself to making a big sandwich, while Harry and Liam were playing with the pool table. Apollo runs up to the boys. Harry picks him up and Apollo starts to lick his face. It was cute. I went to my room to go change. I couldn’t decide, I felt like going simple with a black dress. I pulled out a long sleeve, short tight black dress, with black pumps. I retouched my red lipstick and some of my eye make up. Apollo comes running to my room. Harry comes in after him. –Whoa.. your room is amazing!- Harry says. –Yeah and can you please get out, I only let people in when they knock.- I say. Harry backed out of my room with his hands in the air and closed the door. Then a knock came with a may I come in and grab Apollo? I let him in. –wow you look amazing- he says. He finally leaves my room with Apollo. When I was done getting ready, Eleanor calls me –Hey you guys ready? The car is here!- she says. –All right boys, time to go. - I say. I say that Apollo was already falling asleep. I picked him up and put him on my pillow, he was still tiny enough to fit on my pillow. –Ladies first- Zayn says as he opened the door for me. –thank you- I say as I waited for them to get out so I can lock my door. Liam is still quiet, maybe the boys can make him loosen up tonight. We got into the car and popped a bottle of champagne. I knew tonight was going to be a memorable night.

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