Take Me to Another World

This is the story about a girl who is totally different from everybody else. She was born different. She was born deaf and had to wear hearing aids for the rest of her life. Then when she gets a job internship in London and meets different people and that’s when her life changes forever.


5. Liam


She’s beautiful, I cant keep my eyes off of her. Every time she walks around the office, she leaves a scent of her perfume. She wears Marc Jacobs “Daisy”. That’s what Dani use to wear. Everything about Serena reminds me of her. When I saw that she was walking to the elevator, it was my chance to beg for forgiveness. -Fine, but you can make it up at my place, I’m exhausted and I want to change into something comfy.- she said. –Perfect, I’ll give you a ride- I said. As we got out of the elevator, there was my bike, it was beautiful, sleek and black. –Here is our ride- I said as I showed her my bike. –You serious? I’m going to flash the whole world on this thing- She said. –Its either you get on, wait for a taxi or get mobbed by the paparazzi. - I said. She made a face. It was sign that she would get on. I gave her my extra helmet and put her bags in the little box. –If I flash the world, and it goes on the magazines, I am going to say you forced me- She said. –Fine by me- I said as I revved the engine. Then we took of at high speed. Her grip around me tightened. I like it, I like knowing that someone needs me to protect her. We got to her loft in no time. –Doll, were here- I said, -You can let go now- I said reassuring her. –You sure its ok to let go? I’m not ready to die! - she said, this made me laugh a little. –Yes, your safe, were here at your loft now- I said. She finally loosened her grip and slowly got off the bike. Before you know it, there was a mob of paparazzi’s coming toward us and yelling. We ran up the steps into her loft and made it inside the building before we get attacked. –Phew, that was a close call- I said, she nodded her head, then she took off her shoes and made her way to her loft. This was odd, I’ve never seen anyone take off their shoes outside of their home. –Well are you coming or not?- she asked. I followed her into her loft and the first thing I saw was a big gift basket on her counter. –So.. um.. who gave you that gift basket?- I asked, -Oh, Harry! Isn’t he a sweetheart! Who would have thought he knew my favorite type of wine?- she said as she smiled at the gift basket. Then her little pup comes running up to her. –Do you mind taking him out while I change quickly?- she asked. –Sure no problem, come on Apollo! Lets go have some fun outside!- I said. The dog didn’t budge. He just sat there and stared at me. She started giggling. –Go with Liam, Apollo, mommy is going to change!- she said as she entered her room. Finally the dog budge and moved towards me. I picked him up, but then he ended up gnawing on my jacket, -No bad doggy, no chewing on daddy’s jacket!- I said as I carried him outside. While we were outside, the dog is silly. All he does is chase butterflies and rolls around in the grass. –I’m back- she said. She looked lovely in her jeans and a regular shirt and her hair up in a messy bun. Apollo came running to her with a stick in his mouth. She picked it up and threw it so he can chase it.  –So, what are your plans on making me forgive you?- she asked. –I plan on making you the best dinner ever!- I said. –Really, I find that kind of hard to believe. Especially since I think you have anger issues.- she said. Why does everyone think I have anger issues? God dammit, I hit her chair. –Are you ok, Liam?- she asked, her angelic voice soothes me. Just hearing it makes me feel better. –yeah, I’m fine, just something came up.- I said. –Oh, well you want to talk about it?- she asked. Her voice and her face just wants me to tell her everything but at the same time how could she not know? How could she not know how Dani cheated on me? Should I tell her? Is it worth my time sharing this information with a girl who barely knows me and works with my boss? –I don’t know, I don’t think this is the right time.- I said. –I think Apollo has had enough time outside.- She said as she picked up Apollo and took him inside. I stayed outside for a bit. Just trying to calm myself down. I go back inside and see that she is making food. –Babe, I should be making food!- I said, -No, I don’t trust you with a knife right now, until you calm yourself down, then you can cook for me.- she said –GOD DAMMIT SERENA, I SAID I WOULD COOK FOR YOU!- I yelled out. –YOU KNOW! GET THE HELL OUT OF MY LOFT! I DON’T EVEN KNOW WHY I BOTHER THINKING THAT YOU WERE DIFFERENT! GET THE HELL OUT NOW!- she yelled back. I was surprised, I never seen anyone fight back. This girl was different, she had no fear. –Shit…- she said, she ran back to her room covering her ears. This was odd. I followed to her room, I see her standing by her bed just staring at her bed. I hear sounds coming out from her. It sounded as if she was crying. I walk slowly to her bed, to see what she was crying about. I see two little black things just sitting on her bed, they were tiny. –What are you looking at?- I asked. –Oh my god! You really don’t know what they are?- she said, she looked at me, her face was covered in tears. –These are freaking hearing aids! I’m freaking deaf! See your not the only one with problems!- she yelled at me. I didn’t know. –With all our yelling, it made feedback noise in my ears and it hurt like hell.- she said as she played with her ears. –Then how can you understand me? if you don’t have them on…- I said –I can read lips, and I’m not completely deaf, I can hear a little bit, but at a closer distance.- she said, rubbing tears away from her eyes. I tried to rub her arm, but she walked away. –Please leave, I have work tomorrow and I’m tired- she said, not facing me. –I’m not gonna leave, I want to hear your story.- I said. –what story?! There is no story here! This isn’t story time!- she said angrily. –Fine, Danielle cheated on me, I caught her in my bed with another man. And in a way, you look like her. That’s why I’m always exploding on you.- I said.

She stayed quiet

It was a long silence between us.

I picked up her hearing aids and gave them to her.

-Put them on, your beautiful and they are what makes you unique.- I said

-No they make me a freak, they make people think I’m stupid- she said

-Your not stupid, look how far you’ve come. You can prove to those people and show them how successful you are.- I said. She turned around and faced me and hugged me. Then she broke down in tears. It hurt me that she was crying and I couldn’t bear to let her go.

My phone started buzzing, I took it out and I recognized the number. Dani. What does she want now? She always calls at the worst time.

I pressed ignored and turned off my phone while I continued to soothe Serena.

She must have gone through hell, especially in her childhood. I can’t imagine all the bullying that she went through.

Then she calmed down.

-Oh my God, I left your shirt a mess, please you have to at least let me wash it.- she said.

-No its ok, these tears were not of sadness, you were just letting go of anger.- I said, it made her smile.

-The food is ready, you should stay and try some. Besides I can use some company other than Apollo.- she said.

-I will gladly accept your invitation to dinner.- I said as I kissed her on the forehead.

She gasped.

Oh god did I do something wrong?

I think I should slow down next time

What if she has feelings for Harry and not me?

Why the hell did I have to mention Dani?

God dammit Liam, why did you say she looked like Dani?

-It’s ok, calm down- she said. –its not your fault-

she rubbed my arms. Her hands were soft and smooth, I didn’t want to let her go, holding onto her felt like I was holding onto something that was meant to be with me.


Later on in the Night, at Liam’s place

            Her food was amazing, now I know what real Mexican food tastes like.

But I cant believe she let guard down… In front of me… The last person she wanted to see her cry. Why hasn’t she told anyone that she wears hearing aids? I don’t think it’ll make her different from everybody else.

I walk to my bed and pass out.

I see Serena, she’s happy, and laughing. She’s out on a green pasture, riding a horse. She was wearing a beautiful white dress, with little flowers in her hair. Her natural curls were perfect. She looks perfect. But I can tell something was about to go wrong. The ground starts to fall apart, the horse is panicking and so is Serena. I tried running towards her, but I seem to be falling into the broken ground. I see the horse throws her off and she lands in the green grass. She’s not moving! I call out her name! She’s not responding! I picked myself up and ran to her. I see blood staining her dress. She looks at me and gives me one last smile. She whispers in my ear –Forever and Always- then she disappears. Everything goes black. She isn’t in my arms anymore. The only light there is, is in front of me and its bright. I run to the light hoping and praying that I’ll find her there. –Liam- I hear, I hear my name being called out everywhere. And its not coming from the light.

I wake up covered I sweat, and I checked the time. Its 3:13 am, god, why did I dream this?

I never have weird dreams…

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