Take Me to Another World

This is the story about a girl who is totally different from everybody else. She was born different. She was born deaf and had to wear hearing aids for the rest of her life. Then when she gets a job internship in London and meets different people and that’s when her life changes forever.


7. Harry



            What can I do to make her say yes to me? This girl is a tough one. I like it. I like having the chase, like playing games. Now two can play this game. Now the basket is only the beginning, now its time to make more plans. What does she like? Her favorite color is red, gold and sapphire blue, she likes to dance, she likes drink, A LOT, she’s good at her job, she likes her dog, she likes men who can cook… That’s it! I’ll go to the building and ask for an extra key! Now she likes spicy food, should I make her Chinese or Mexican? I think I’ll go for the Mexican, she probably hasn’t had that in awhile, especially since the food here in London is different. Now when should I go and cook for her? It has to be a special day… I’ll go next weekend! That way she still has time adjusting to London, then after dinner, I’ll take her out and surprise her with a song and I know which song. Next weekend is going to be perfect!


-Lad! Wake up! Wakey wakey! It’s a beautiful Wednesday and its time to finish recording our song!- Louis yells out as he jumps onto my bed. Why did I agree to let him to stay with me last night? I threw the covers over my head and stayed in bed. –give me five more minutes- I said. –No mate! It’s already going to be 8! We need to be there by 8:30!- Louis said, this time he pulled of my covers and my whole body just went cold! –Serena is going to be thereeee, you can stare at her while singing- Louis said in his best singing voice. –I’m going, I’m going.- I mumbled. I got up slowly and turned on the shower.


She’s going to be there

She’s going to watch me sing

I need to make sure I look my best


Geez why does my phone sound louder each day?

I got out of the shower and looked at who’s calling me

-Taylor! It’s over! Good riddance!

-Wait! I need to tell you something! It’s important!

-I’m not falling for it this time, Taylor! I was nice to you, and then you chose to humiliate me! luckily I didn’t say anything bad about you to the press! Trust me, I have a lot to say.

-You wouldn’t dare!

-Dare me, and I’ll do it

Then I hung up on her, when is she ever going to get it? I’m not her little puppet.

Finally we arrived to the recording studio.

There she is. She looks so beautiful. Who is she talking to? Liam?

Why is she talking to him?

Shouldn’t she be mad at him for exploding on her?

I go up to Serena and cover her eyes from behind.

-Guess who it is, love?- I said in my best American accent

-Hmmm…- she started touching my hands, then my face. Her hands smell like vanilla, sweet and soft.

Then she ruffles her hand through my hair.

-I believe this is the Harold Edward Styles- she said as she pulled my hands of her face and gave me a hug.

Her eyes are beautiful. They’re big, soft and brown, her lashes are so long and luscious, they’re just beautiful.

No words can describe this beauty.

I look at Liam, he’s pouting, and he doesn’t like what he sees.

-Harry, Liam, I believe you guys need to take your position by the mikes.- Simon says.

His voice interrupts my train of thoughts.

I follow Liam into the record studio, and I see Serena through the glass window.

I give her my best goofy smile, she smiles back and giggles.

Oh, how I wish I could hear her giggle.

The song for One Way Or Another starts, when I’m done singing my part, I see she is sitting down and moving to the music.

She looks so cute, sitting in a chair and dancing to our song.

I see Liam is looking at her, so I see that he has developed feelings for her.

He only likes her because she looks like Dani, except she doesn’t have that ridiculously wild hair, or that awkward nose and she is not to old either.

If he wants Dani, he should just get back with her already.

We all know he loved her and he had that special moment ready, but she just ruined it with that other guy.

Well, it looks I have competition and everyone knows that I won’t back down so easily…

When we finished recording to the song, I was the first one out and first one to stand next to Serena.

-Hmmm.. I must be Harry magnet- she says

-Yeah, you know you have all the things that just forces me to be glued to you.

- Your too sweet Harry, come here- she says as she motions me to lower my head.

She gives me a kiss on the cheek!


She’s interested!

I really want to make her mine, but I need to take things slow, I can tend to take things to far.

Then a door busts open.

-Where the hell is this new accountant?!- screams out this tall blonde woman.

-Umm.. That’s me. How may I help you?- she says

-My name is Sam Cahill, why the hell am I not receiving any checks from this company?- the lady screams out

-Mam, please follow me to my office and we can discuss this in a more private matter- she says calmly.

Her voice is beautiful, I love how she is handling the situation.

But this Sam Cahill lady is getting aggressive, it looks like she wants to hurt her.

-NO, I will not follow you, we are going to do this right here, right now!- Sam screams out.

I step in, -Mam, if you do not calm down, we will be forced to call the police and you will be arrested-

The lady calms down. –Fine lets go to your office- Sam says

-Please follow me- Serena says as she walked out the record studio.

-Please send security with her, we don’t want anything to happen to her- Simon says.

Good idea, we can’t lose her, she’s the best thing we’ve ever had.

God, its been hours and they still haven’t come out.

The doors burst open, the Sam Cahill lady looks flustered, her face red with anger.

I walk into the office, Serena looks calm and professional, organizing her papers.

-What was that about?- I ask

-Oh nothing, just some misunderstanding- she says, then she just falls into her chair.

- I can finally relax and sit down.- she says

- What’s wrong?-

-It’s been a long day and this lady didn’t make it any better-

-You know what? You deserve a spa day!- I offered

-Nonono, I’ve only been here for two weeks, I can’t take a spa day.-

-You don’t need to take a day off, we have one inside the building! And its free!- I say, giving her my goofy smile

she giggles, her giggles are so cute.

-I don’t know what I would do without you Harry- she says

-no need, your doing a lot for us.- I say

I get up and give her a quick kiss on the cheek and run out.

I bet you she wasn’t expecting that, and neither is Liam.

I want it to be next weekend already! I already have everything perfectly planned out! This has to go perfect!

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