Unlikely love

Gabrielle, is a girl who is kind and loving she is a sweet person and loves her best friend more than anything she is a swimmer and loves music and playing the guitar she is a tomboy and gets good grades shes adored by everyone and her and her big brother matt, are really close because there parents are divorced. Its the start of the new school year and the badboy of the school if off kissing all the girls and hitting on them....again. she hates harry but what will happen when he realizes he loves her?? will he win her over??


10. My new movella! check it out!

ok! so i put my new movella up and im pretty proud its WAY better then this sand i think you guys will enjoy!

BLURB: Emma Ray was a young happy life loving girl! her best friend samantha a loving mum and step farther but that all changed the day her mother and step farther had a fight, from that day forward it all changed. her mother died in a car crash that night, emma was in the car too but she survived. her step farther took her in he wasn't all that bad, except when ever she broke a rule she would get hit multiple times, she blamed her self she was still happy i guess but the twinkle in her bright blue eyes was gone. one day her step farther got back from work and she was in her room doing homework when he burst in angry she shot up from her bed then he looked her up and down and walked towards her as a tear fell from her eye. all she could think about was the past few months the months she spent with harry and louis all the drama all the ups and downs and they knew everything about her except for this secret her step farther. he took another step farther took another step as she trembled.

so check it out its called "Forever and always" or just click on my user name and check out my movellas so love you all stay beautiful xx - Ella

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