Unlikely love

Gabrielle, is a girl who is kind and loving she is a sweet person and loves her best friend more than anything she is a swimmer and loves music and playing the guitar she is a tomboy and gets good grades shes adored by everyone and her and her big brother matt, are really close because there parents are divorced. Its the start of the new school year and the badboy of the school if off kissing all the girls and hitting on them....again. she hates harry but what will happen when he realizes he loves her?? will he win her over??


6. is it love?

Gabrielles P.O.V

At about 2 pm everyone drove home, i said good bye smiled and went to clean up. Then i got a text from harry "There is a new movie out wanna see it?" i just laughed and rolled my eyes "look styles stop trying to ask me out im not stupid ya know".I put my phone away and began to clean up all the popcorn crumbs ,bowls ,blankets and pillows i was finished after 30 minutes so i decided to take the movies back to the shop.i chose to walk today the sun was out and it would give me good thinking time too, as i walked i thought about last night it was loads of fun i was glad to spend time with them again. I also realised harry always seemed to make me laugh....with whatever he said stupid or not, it was a good thing though at least i think it is.i realised i was falling for him, i tried to stop myself but it was useless, i was not going to act on it though and just hoped the feeling would pass by....eventually.



i woke up to a car horn outside my window, i laughed and rolled my eyes and ran downstairs to see what he was doing he was in a silver audi. "harry what are you doing here?" " oh nothing seeing if you wanted a lift" he quietly said "you do realise i have my own car, right?" "yeah i know" he just shruged "ill be out here for 10 minutes if you want a lift" he smirked and got in the car i got ready. i skipped the shower today, and chucked on a white tank top yellow shorts and a yellow blazer with white converse and just left my long brown hair to fall around my shoulders. i grabbed my phone,keys and bag and walke out see harry staring at me, i just laughed and got in his car "good morning mr. styles" i said happily he just smiled and drove off. the car ride was quiet but it was not awkward. when we got to school louis and charlotte were at it again, we were running late so we had to go straight into class it was an english test, Great i rolled my eyes and got to work.

Harrys P.O.V

I loved gabrielle.....i truly did.....it just happened and she was starting to warm up to me to which i always smiled about. i scribbled a few things on the english test and gave it in, it was lunch time and the canteen line was massive so me and gabrielle stood there for nearly the whole of lunchtime. we were standing there for about 10 minutes then she rested her head on my shoulder i could not help but smile this was not just a crush anymore this was love.....

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