Unlikely love

Gabrielle, is a girl who is kind and loving she is a sweet person and loves her best friend more than anything she is a swimmer and loves music and playing the guitar she is a tomboy and gets good grades shes adored by everyone and her and her big brother matt, are really close because there parents are divorced. Its the start of the new school year and the badboy of the school if off kissing all the girls and hitting on them....again. she hates harry but what will happen when he realizes he loves her?? will he win her over??


8. Ill never hurt you

~NEXT DAY~ Gabrielle's P.O.V 

I woke up the next morning, i was tired yet extremely happy i checked my phone as memories came flooding back from last night, a small smile appeared on my face as i thought of it all, the movie, the hand holding, the kiss, the feeling of his lips on mine it was all so nice so good.i enjoyed thinking about it but then i snapped back into reality as i heard matt knock on my door. i quickly jumped opening it, "Hey Matt" he had a frown on his face "What?" i asked worried "you know what" he said sounding annoyed. i looked at him with confusion. "My best mate, Ryan was at McDonalds last night.."i looked at him with my mouth open i though to myself 'SHIT! CRAP! AHHH!….UH-OH….. "Matt its not what you think so just leave it alone"  i could see he was frustrated " No! im not leaving it alone i toldd you he will only hurt you! break your heart! and then go behind my back and make out with a guy you know i hate an-" he stopped and this little argument was starting to annoy me! "please! tell me you didnt go further then making out" i looked at him shocked then extremely annoyed "Oh my god matt! we kissed not even made out ahh just get out of my room i dont wanna see your face i dont know why your intruding on MY life! so just leave it alone ok?…jesus" I pushed him out, slamming the door and collapsing on my bed ah this was so annoying now i had to tel everyone and watch them go 'gabrielle hes a bad boy you can do better' and then others like charlotte 'ohhhh i told you so your so cute omg stand together i want a pic! or even a video? oooh' i could already feel this day was going to be bad and it hadnt even started! and right now i just wanted to be with harry i did! i dont know why on earth but i did….strange. i realised i was running late for school i groaned and rolled on my side as my phone beeped: 

Harry: Ello babe! i miss you and its only been 10 hours! meet me at school ar do you want me to pick you up? id be happy picking you up.

Me: woah harry calm ya farm! it was one kiss lets not go too fast! and i think ill just drive myself matts a bit off this morning, sorry xx

Harry: ok babe see ya later! :) xx

i smiled at the text and threw it on my bed. i rushed around the room looking for an outfit, i decided on my black skinny jeans and a white nirvana tank top. i chucked them on and put on some light make up. powder foundation, blush, eye-liner, mascara and lip gloss, i then packed my things running down stairs grabbing a juice and walking out to my car and drove to school. as i pulled up to the parking lot there were a group of girls standing around well, obviously harry nothing changed i laughed to myself as i walked into the school passing the crowd "GABRIELLE!' i heard a familiar voice call, i felt a pair of arms rap around my waist as i spun around to see harry "Hey there sexy" he said with that dumb smirk on his face i just giggled and kissed his cheek but he wanted more of course the lips i laughed against his lips as we pulled away from the kiss. "imma go see charlotte and get my stuff ok babe" he smiled and nodded, i looked behind him and saw brittany and Kat 2 of the cheerleaders staring at us frustrated "uh harry" i said moving my head towards  Arianna & kat "Shit" he mumbled under his breath "what?" i asked blankly, he just ignored me and walked over to them. 

                                                                                      Harry's P.O.V

I was horrified because 2 days before i kissed gabrielle, i got with Emily, the head cheerleader. i was so ashamed but she classified me has "her man" i hated it i wanted gabrielle. but i was with emily and gabrielle right now this was horrible! "oh harry" i heard kat say with that ugly, stupid smirk on her face "what do you want" she looked at me and scoffed, then brittany spoke up "i hear your now dating Gabrielle Ray,hm?" she said raising her eyebrow i wanted to say yes, but i had no choice "No im dating Emily Logan not Gabrielle Ray" i said looking down, it pained me to say it and they could see too which was even worse! i knew emily would destroy gabrielle if she found out about us not me, gabrielle. she went from boy to boy i hated her but obviously i had no choice "Good" i heard kat say slyly i just scoffed as i felt emily walk up to me she looked at gabrielle with a smirk and flipped her off. "Hey Harry baby" she said pulling me down and kissing her as i un-willingly put my hands on her waist, kissing back. i heard quick foot steps and a locker slam i knew it was gabrielle she would be up-set b-but but, wait! noo buts! i dont want emily! i want gabs i pushed emily off me and ran around the school looking for gabs she was no where i sighed and sat under a tree. i felt myself being picked up by my collar roughly then thrown to the ground "HARRY FUCKING STYLES!" the voice shouted as i looked i saw it was matt, fuck i thought. "Matt stop!" he looked at me red "YOU HURT HER! YOU HURT GABRIELLE!" i heard soft sobs repeating 'stop matt, please' i looked past matt to find Gabrielle i shoved him out of the way and walked towards gabs pulling her into a tight hug she didnt hesitate just hugged back "how could you do that harry" she asked "it was before the kiss, i ended it i dont want emily i want you please believe me!" i pleaded as she shook her head. "please give me a chance" i begged again "shut up" she said and crashed her lips to mine i smiled agains her lips picking her up and spinning her around "ill never hurt you" i said whilst putting her down " promise" she said "yes of course, Gabrielle Ray i promise ill never hurt you!" i said and quickly kissed her again.

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