Unlikely love

Gabrielle, is a girl who is kind and loving she is a sweet person and loves her best friend more than anything she is a swimmer and loves music and playing the guitar she is a tomboy and gets good grades shes adored by everyone and her and her big brother matt, are really close because there parents are divorced. Its the start of the new school year and the badboy of the school if off kissing all the girls and hitting on them....again. she hates harry but what will happen when he realizes he loves her?? will he win her over??


7. Getting closer

Gabrielle`s P.O.V

I like my life, actually i love it. everything is perfect! i got home from school and threw my bag down next to the door and slowly walked up the stairs i grabbed the handle on my door and turned it so it opened, i slammed the door and sat on my bed lazily i reached into my pocket and pulled out my phone a checked my texts. i had a a couple of texts from charlotte and harry, same as always, i replied to charlottes first it read: hey gabs, whats up? are you and harry dating yet? i laughed and rolled my eyes this was exactly what i was expecting but yet i seemed shocked almost, i felt my cheeks burn up as i replied.

ME: No charlotte i dont know why your asking, dont be so stupid! haha xx :P

CHARLOTTE: Its so obvious! your meant to be stop denying gabs! seriously! and im not stupid, if anyones stupid its you! xx

ME: oh shut it! haha maybe one day but right now, NO! and lets just agree to disagree, hm?

CHARLOTTE: fine…ill see ya later xx

I put my phone down and walked down stairs, "Hey Matt, whats for dinner?" he looked at me and rolled his eyes "Really gabs?" he chuckled "Yes really im hungry!" he got up and walked over to the fridge and got out various ingredients "Pasta ok?" he asked me already starting to cook "it doesnt really matter what i say does it, you've already started to cook" he looked at me and chuckled "no not really" i hoped on the counter and got out my phone checking twitter. about 10 minutes later matt spoke up "So, Gabs i hear you've become friends with harry styles" i looked at him confused "yes does that matter?" he looked at me and pressed his lips together "well, i think you should sty away hes only ever trouble i know those kind of boys" i started to get annoyed "matt, save it. im not dating him hes just a good friend and i dont think im hungry anymore" he looked at me like 'are you kidding me' "matt hes really nice and sweet just give it a rest, pleas" he leaned on the counter "sweet? nice? i wonder what planet your from" he rolled his eyes and continued to cook i just walked up stairs i looked at my phone  "Shit!" I mumbled id forgot about harrys texts. 

Harry: Hey ya babe, look i know you dont like me but we can at least hang out yeah? not a date or anything but im going to the movies, would you like to come? 

i giggled slightly and nodded pressing my lips together and started to type.

Me: Oh of course its not a date and yeah i know its late but is the offer still available?

Harry: of course! see you in 10?

Me: Woah! calm down i need to change! say 15?

Harry: ok! ok! ill be there 15…sharp.

i just laughed and put my phone away walking to my wardrobe, i picked out white high waisted shorts, a light blue tank top with black converse, i brushed my brown wavy hair letting it fall naturally over my shoulders, i then applied some light make up and putting some black eyeliner on my water line bringing out my dark, yet bright blue eyes i applied some lip gloss, grabbed my phone and bag then walked out the door. as i was opening the door matt said something "Where are you going?" i rolled my eyes without turning around "Im going out with Ha- Charlotte" i could feel him staring " be back by 10 please" i nodded and walked out the door slamming it behind me and walking over to harrys car "mind if i hop in" he chuckled and nodded i then got in and he pulled out of the driveway it was silent, but not awkward. "Harry?" he looked at me "yeah gabs?" i bit my lip and fiddled with my thumbs "if you want, only if you want you can classify it a date only if you want though" i started to feel my cheeks burn as i fiddled with my thumbs.


I was shocked, but happy did she really just say that? shes been pushing me away and 'Friend Zone-ing' me this whole time. was this a dream? no, it couldnt be i realised i needed to say something but what? "Yeah i want to, so can i call this a date then?" she looked at me and smiled "yeah" she said while nodding. i literally wanted to jump! i was so happy! FINALLY! we arrived at the movies i quickly ran around and opened the door for her "there you go" i said smiling and taking her hand "Oh thanks harry" she hesitated before holding my hand back "Gabs, are you ok?" i asked "Yeah, just this is the first real date ive been on so.." i just smiled "dont worry, dont even think about the fact its a date! just enjoy!" she smiled and nodded as we walked into the cinema i got some tickets to a random film Gabrielle chose but i didnt care i just watched her, ok i know this sounds creepy but she was just so, so perfect her blue eyes twinkling and half smile and her wavy brown hair falling over her shoulders ok yes i just though about what i said mentally. im a creep! but i cant help it…the movie ended and we walked out of the cinema "so, do you wanna go home or get some dinner?" she looked at me and laughed "Wanna go through the drive through" she smiled shyly as i chuckled "Mcdonalds?" we both laughed and walked to the car, we got to maccas and i ordered 2 cheeseburgers i pulled into a parking space and started eating,"Harry, remember the car crash right?" i looked at her weirdly of the sudden topic change "well, yeah of course" she looked at me almost happily "so you were there the whole time with me, even though the 2 people in the world i love the most weren't" i just nodded, i had no idea what to think i was just so so i dont know what to think anymore does she like me back? no. i just i needed to take her home i needed t think i-i just AHH! she as messing with my head! just some stupid girl! grrr! "Harry?" "What!?!?" i shouted a bit too loudly, why was i even mad? she just put her head down and stayed quiet. "i think i like you harry, actually harry i like you" she turned bright red and looked out the window. "Gabrielle, you know i like you" she looked at me blankly so i took my what felt like only chance, i kissed her. our lips moving in sync i put my hands on her waist as she tangled her fingers in my hair, i just simply smiled. 

*AUTHORS NOTE* ok guys this chapter is probably my best yet! i love the support and commenting and liking literally means the world! ill update in the next few days xx ~ Ella 

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